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Marketing the Gospel without Losing Your Faith with Wes Gay

The Cause+Effect Podcast

Wes Gay is a StoryBrand certified guide who helps businesses and churches across America clarify their messaging in order to better connect with their audience. He joins today’s episode to discuss how you can best share your message through effective marketing for greater impact.


26 Aug 2021

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Episode 18 - Wes Gay

New Releases (audio)


19 Jun 2021

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Episode 18 - Wes Gay

New Releases


19 Jun 2021

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162: How to Cut the Jargon and Speak Clearly with Wes Gay

Voice of Influence

Wes Gay is a writer, entrepreneur, and marketing consultant. He is a StoryBrand Certified Copywriter and Guide, helping businesses clarify their marketing message and strengthen their position in the marketplace. While this is Wes’ second appearance on the Voice of Influence podcast, he and I originally connected because I was looking for help with my own marketing efforts. In this episode, Wes and I discuss what the “curse of knowledge” is and why all experts should be aware of it, why every expert needs to have empathy when it comes to their audience if they want their marketing efforts to truly resonate with them, the importance of giving yourself time and space to think, why it’s crucial that you’re empowering your audience rather than talking down to them, why you want to be as specific as possible when it comes to who the audience you’re trying to reach, the value of creating one central idea you want to communicate, his tips for determining what the central idea should be, his take on how Dr. Fauci handled the topic of facemasks in the recent pandemic, why you should have a clear villain in the stories you share with your audience, and more. Learn about how our Team Performance System and Personal Brand Strategy can Help You Serve Well and Sell More at  www.voiceofinfluence.net   Read the transcript here:   https://www.voiceofinfluence.net/162 Give and receive feedback that makes a difference! Register for our 20 minute Deep Impact Method video course here:  www.voiceofinfluence.net/deepimpact


13 Oct 2020

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3 Steps to Create an Irresistible Lead Magnet w/ Wes Gay

Little Fish Podcast

To start building a relationship with a potential customer online, offer value in exchange for their email address. It’s called a lead magnet. In this episode, experienced content creator and agency owner, Wes Gay shares his tips for creating an irresistible lead magnet that your prospects will love.Episode Resources:The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Lead Magnet: https://hirewayfinder.com/littlefishSubscribe at TheLittleFishPodcast.com to get FREE Downloadable Resources for every episode!


1 Sep 2020

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[Feature Friday] StoryBrand Guide Wes Gay on the Importance of Empathy, Clarity, and Generosity in your Business - The ROI Online Podcast Ep. 17

The ROI Online Podcast

Wes Gay became a StoryBrand Guide—and later Agency—after being fired from his job at a church during a leadership transition period. Though churches frequently have casualties of a turnover season, he was permanently branded with a “Scarlet Letter F” after the event. No job wanted to consider him, regardless of his skills and talent. With little more than a strong admiration of Donald Miller, a loaf of bread, peanut butter, and some bananas, Wes traveled to Nashville to take the StoryBrand Marketing training when it first came out. A natural on stage due to his background in the church and learning from successful pastors, Wes knew his strengths and was able to use them to help gain traction in his career. Of the lessons he’s learned, Wes has great advice to offer: Generosity is a competitive advantage. Show your authority rather than just talk about it. As much as you can, put people first. Empathy is one of the greatest skills you can practice for your business. And, Find the right balance between the short and long term gains for your business.One of the ways Wes got started was by being generous with his advice. He’d offer solutions to people’s problems before asking them to pay for his time or effort. Generosity allowed him to demonstrate his authority and get three clients right off the bat. By putting people first, he’s able to find his customers where they are and work with people who want to listen to his advice and hear his solutions. Wes knows you have to think about your business from the lens of the consumer to be able to reach them and help them. Wes understands the importance of finding a balance between the short and long game of running a business, which, after growing up around peanut farming all his life, he describes as the difference between farming and running to the grocery store. Though you can always run to the store to get a bag of peanuts, and sometimes it’s necessary to bring in immediate income, you should also be planting seeds so that you can gain revenue in six, nine, or twelve months from now. A long-term healthy business knows how to do both. Wes’s job, as he describes it is to do for his clients “what they do for the people, which is: help them figure out the path they need to go.” He gives them an outside perspective so everyone can stick to what they’re good at and reach the level of success they’re striving for. Thinking of starting your own podcast? Buzzsprout’s secure and reliable posting allows you to publish podcasts online. Buzzsprout also includes full iTunes support, HTML5 players, show statistics, and WordPress plugins. Get started using this link to receive a $20 Amazon gift card and to help support our show!Support the show (https://cash.app/$stevemfbrown)


24 Jul 2020

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Wes Gay | Finding Clarity in Life

Capacity with Davey Hatcher

On this episode I interview Wes Gay. He is the owner of Wayfinder, a StoryBrand Certified Agency, He’s helped more than 100 organizations say the right things to their customers. Using the StoryBrand Framework, they create the right messaging. From non-profits to billion dollar brands, Wes has written more than 200,000 words designed to attract more leads, close more sales, and grow. Wes is also a Forbes contributor and public speaker.  Connect with Wes at https://www.wesgay.com/ Connect with Davey: Instagram: @DaveyHatcher Facebook: DaveyHatcher On the web: www.daveyhatcher.com

1hr 2mins

22 Jul 2020

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EPISODE 24: How to Effectively Communicate During Uncertain Times - Wes Gay

The Church Engagement Podcast

Church Leaders have been navigating the past several months trying to adapt to the ever-changing state of the country.  It can be difficult to effectively communicate with your congregation when we don't know how long any of this is going to last. Wes joins us on the podcast this week to share some helpful strategies when it comes to communicating with your church through the next several transitions you will face. You do not want to miss this week's episode of The Church Engagement Podcast! Connect with Wes: Instagram: @WesGay https://wesgay.com/ COVID-19 Resources: faith.blackbaud.com/covid-19 This Podcast is brought to you by Blackbaud Faith Solutions. Learn more at: faith.blackbaud.com Music provided by: app.SoundStripe.com


1 May 2020

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Uncertain Marketing in Uncertain Times: A Conversation with Wes Gay

Everybody Brands with Brian Sooy

In this episode of the Everybody Brands Podcast we have a conversation with Wes Gay about how we should define a brand and what a marketer or business owner focus on now, especially in uncertain times: branding or marketing. Wes Gay is the founder of Wayfinder and a StoryBrand Certified Guide & Copywriter. Wes’ experience as a former pastor gives him the empathy and credibility to help leaders create a clearer message for their companies using the StoryBrand Framework.Wes worked in churches and nonprofits for 10 years, including running a thrift store.  Wes began his journey to entrepreneurship the way many of us do: He had been unemployed for about six months and couldn't get anywhere after coming out of a difficult kind of church experience. Little did he know three and a half years later being a copywriter and marketing consultant would become his real job. While Wes and Brian approach their work from different backgrounds, both guide companies integrate and implement the StoryBrand framework, a storytelling and marketing model that is proven to help any business or brand to create clear messaging and grow through consistent implementation.Wes and Brian talk about how we should define a brand and the interplay between the disciplines of branding and marketing.“How we talk about ourselves in the verbal version of branding is something that a lot of smaller and big businesses struggle to figure out. Most branding agencies only focus on the visual stuff. How are you going to talk about yourself in a way where people care, and people understand either the problem you solve or the solution you provide?”Connect with Wes Gay atWesGay.comWes Gay on LinkedInThis episode is brought to you by Websites Made Simple.  Download a free ebook, 8 Things Every Website Needs to Engage Customers, to find out what simple changes you can make so your website helps you grow your business and make more money.


29 Mar 2020

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What churches can learn from brands about social media w/ Wes Gay, Ep. 115

The Seminary of Hard Knocks Podcast | Church Communications, Marketing, and Social Media

THE SEMINARY OF HARD KNOCKS PODCAST with Seth Muse and Meagan RansonChurch Communications | Marketing | Social Media Wes Gay says we should pay attention to what major brands are doing on social media, not what major churches are doing. Do you agree? Find out the reasoning behind this idea on episode 115 of The Seminary of Hard Knocks podcast! LINKS Storybrand Wayfinder AgencyWes on Twitter OTHER GREAT LINKS Podcast gear! Seminarystuff.com is live!88 Ideas for Church Social Media Posts *Affiliate links mean I may receive a small commission on your purchase at no extra cost to you. Follow Seth:

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25 Feb 2020