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Brad Montgomery

Over Fifty and F'ing Funny

Our guest Brad talks about his journey from magician at renaissance festivals to keynote speaking at conventions. Brad's been an entertainer since his teens, and he actually trashed his plans for law school to be a magician. Great chat with Brad.

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12 Mar 2021

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Guest interview with Brad Montgomery

The Michelli Experience

This week's guest is Brad Montgomery. Brad teaches people how to use emotional & social to boost performance, creativity, innovation & profits. He turns typical meetings into transformational events using, the power of encouragement. Other speakers TALK about happiness. But Brad SHOWS them how to harness the power of happiness in hands-on experiences that they’ll remember and implement. For more about Brad, visit https://www.bradmontgomery.com​. Originally aired as a video live stream on Thursday, Feb. 11, 2021.


15 Feb 2021

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The People Side of Business with Keynote Speaker Brad Montgomery

The Leadership Habit

The People Side of Business with Brad Montgomery Full Transcript Below: Intro: Hi, everyone. It’s Jenn DeWall, and on this week’s episode of The Leadership Habit, I sat down with Brad Montgomery, and here’s what you need to know about Brad. Like you, happiness expert speaker and author Brad Montgomery believes happiness pays. It makes […] The post The People Side of Business with Keynote Speaker Brad Montgomery appeared first on Crestcom International.


13 Feb 2021

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School Of Laughs

Brad Montgomery teaches people how to use happiness to boost productivity, creativity, innovation & profits. He turns typical meetings into transformational events using the power of happiness. Oh, and he’s pretty funny. Brad has transformed audiences in all 50 states and on four continents. His clients include Microsoft, Verizon, the FBI, the CIA, and the IRS (where he withheld 30% of his best strategies.) Brad specializes in using humor, interactivity, sound, music and visuals to ignite audiences so that they can use happiness as a tool to improve their lives and their jobs. BRAD MONTGOMERY SHOW NOTES Not the typical comedian childhood Starting magic in junior high Performing at renaissance fairs Doing 140 shows in just 3 months Changing the temperature of the room The advantage of being a keynote speaker Helping people think in different ways Using coaches to get better at your craft And a whole lot more! LEARN MORE ABOUT BRAD MONTGOMERY Website: https://www.bradmontgomery.com FOLLOW ON FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/bradlaughs WATCH ON YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/user/BradMontgomery1 VIEW ON INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/bradmontgomerylive/ FOLLOW ON TWITTER: https://twitter.com/bradmontgomery SPONSOR SPOTLIGHT:  This episode is brought to you by Patreon supporter JOHN P. SMITH and CLUB 52. Club 52  is a one-year program designed to challenge you to get bigger, better and more bookable. You will be prompted to examine your material, performance and business practices via email each week.  Visit www.SchoolOfLaughs.com/Patreon for more info today.


1 Nov 2019

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Just because you’ve got wisdom doesn’t make you old! – Brad Montgomery

40 Plus: Gay Men. Gay Talk.

“I look up to you because you are older and wiser! You have so much wisdom.” Ok! God, I feel old now. Or you could say, “Wow what a compliment!” Depending on perspective, some of us guys take that as a kick in the gut, and others of us take it as a badge of honor and respect.My buddy and fellow professional speaker, Brad Montgomery, throw down about the battle of aging and being seen as older wiser, and even not having all the answers!About BradLike you, happiness expert, speaker and author Brad Montgomery believes:• Happiness Pays.• It makes business-sense to invest in the “people-side” of business.• Speakers should be engaging AND have a useful message.Brad combines all of these ideas — and a ton more — into everything he does on stage. He’s a very funny guy with some very relevant ideas about how to improve ourselves and those people around us. And…he’s funny. (Yeah, we said this twice.)He’s a …• Business Owner• Author• Blogger• Idea guyBut he’s also one of the funniest business speakers out there. His keynotes and “Expanded Keynotes” (which is a fancy way to say “Longer keynotes that include some experiential, hands-on learning experiences” … which is a fancy way to say “Audience Participation On Steroids That Helps People Remember and Learn”) use an out-of-the-box blend of humor, wisdom, audience participation, music, and even confetti in order to keep the learning on high.He believes:• Motivational speakers should deliver tactics we remember and implement.• The era of “canned” speakers is over.• Your organization craves a speaker who can connect, who can have a conversation, and who can be relevant. They crave somebody who is authentic. Somebody who is funny.WebsiteHey Guys, Check This Out!Are you a guy who keeps struggling to do that thing? You know the thing you keep telling yourself and others you’re going to do, but never do? Then it’s time to get real and figure out why.Take the 10 Reasons You’re Not Making Your Bold Move Quiz and stop playing it safe. Grab it here at rickclemons.com/10reasonsFor a real, deep-dive, one-to-one coaching session where we make things happen to get you out of your own way, check out my Fear Busting Discovery Session that comes with a real, no questions asked, money-back guarantee. Check it out at rickclemons.com/discovery-sessionBreak free of fears. Make bold moves. Live life without apologiesP.S. get your free My Bold Life Manifesto, right here - rickclemons.com/manifesto/


21 Jun 2019

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Episode 42: Using Simple One-to-One Video in Your Business - Brad Montgomery

Video Sales Strategies: The BombCast

Brad Montgomery, a motivational keynote speaker, joins us on the BombCast to talk about how he's using simple one-to-one video in his business.


12 Oct 2018

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Ep. 32: Brad Montgomery - Lessons While You Laugh

The Journey with Gina

In this episode, we're talking with the funny and humble Brad Montgomery. He shares his nuggets of wisdom, advice on how to deal with discouragement as an entrepreneur, and why gradual growth might actually be very sustainable. Listen for my favorite nugget about our "bucket of failures." Find him on Twitter @Bradmontgomery Follow him on Instagram @BradMongomeryLive Or on Facebook @Bradlaughs https://www.bradmontgomery.com 


3 Sep 2018

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067: Brad Montgomery - Humorist and Living in the Moment

Everyday Mindfulness Show

Discover how Brad's life and career has been about doing what he does best, working on that skill intensely, and being open to where that takes you. While we typically hear experts say, "You have to have a plan and follow it ferociously", Brad gives a different possibility to consider. You will hear host Mike Domitrz and Brad challenge each other throughout this fun and thought-provoking discussion.Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


16 May 2018

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5: Developer Health with Brad Montgomery

It Depends

In this episode, Jesse and Daniel sit down with developer and athlete Brad Montgomery to discuss staying healthy to enable a rewarding career. They give specific examples of incorporating nutrition, exercise, and ergonomics into your routine. ##Things Mentioned Memphis Python User Group Memphis Technology Foundation Tech Camp, November 5th, 2016 FedEx Institute of Technology, University of Memphis DevSpace, October 14-15th, 2016 For more information, check out our website at http://clearfunction.com. Follow us on Twitter at @clearfunction.


23 Sep 2016

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252: Brad Montgomery: A Man Who Swings Everyday In The Search Of The Sweetspot

Business Coaching with Join Up Dots

Todays guest is a man who likes nothing more than having a laugh in both his personal and business life.Throw into the mix his love of inspiring people, communicating at a high level, and leaving a lasting impression on everyone that he meets and you get the flavour of what he is all about.Starting his career in the form of corporate entertainment, he would wow the crowds across America and on the huge cruise ships, with humorous commentary and magic tricks.He knew that he could be funny and entertain, but could he combine the fun with the message?Could he strengthen his proposition by tackling the issues that business struggle with, all the time still keeping to his authentic self.Well he has done just that by starting "Laugh-O-Nomics"....yep that's a proper word, and now speaks on a range of subjects, but loves nothing more to discuss happiness at work.As he says "Happy people have, on average, 31% higher productivity; their sales are 37% higher; their creativity is three times higher.” and companies are missing a trick.They haven't quite grasped the fact that people having a good time, keeping moral at a high level, and working hard is the best thing that every company can have on their premises.The days of setting huge targets and cracking the whip to ensure that it all gets done should hopefully now be a thing of the past?So does he find that the hardest people to bring round to his hugely valuable message are the middle managers of the world?And when did he realise that all his talents had come together to take him into the motivational speaking world and flourish whilst he is there?Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots, with the one and only Brad Montgomery.


5 Jan 2015