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Sitting Down with the Coffee Princess - with Kelli Maxwell

Real Talk With Roman

This week on Real Talk, we get real with Kelli Maxwell, she went from working in corporate America to starting a princess event company, then selling that to move into marketing, podcasting, and now launching a podcast, Campfire Hour, and coffee company which she runs that create whiskey coffee, coffee rubs, and more. In this week’s episode, we talk about how she started her own business, how she went from princess to coffee company CEO, and we dive deep into marketing and the importance of collaboration in everything. We even dive into some of the brand issues and she gets real on what you “actually” need to be successful in marketing!This conversation is great for anyone who has a business is looking to start a business or even someone who just has a social media page. The way we present ourselves is something we all must focus on currently with social media.   Connect with Kelli on the following platforms: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/campfireblendcoffeeco/facebook: https://www.facebook.com/campfireblendcoffeeco/Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kelli-maxwell/Website: https://embermg.com/ If you like what you heard be sure to subscribe, comment, and share with others. Connect with Real Talk on the following Platforms:  Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/realtalkwithroman/Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/realtalkwithroman/Twitter: https://twitter.com/realtalkwithromYouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCu7Qir_0qdwHHQieIp47dTg As always, Thanks for watching, and keep it real.


5 Nov 2020

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022: Are your Social Media Marketing Efforts Authentic, or Salesy? with Kelli Maxwell

Marketing and Sales, Over Cocktails

Are your marketing efforts authentic? Or do they come across as salesy?Do you sound like everyone else? Or are you original?Tune in to my latest podcast with marketing agency owner and small business entrepreneur,  Kelli Maxwell as we pull back the curtain on what actually makes your social media marketing work.It's not gimmicks, it's not the latest trend...it's consistency, authenticity, and being true to the brand that you need to build.Show Notes:That hard sell that old-school marketers love is something that modern consumers can smell as soon as you open your mouth. Modern marketing on social media requires an entirely different approach to selling.For Kelli Maxwell from Ember Marketing, helping local businesses grow their businesses using social media marketing means that she’s focused on:●       Providing authentic connections to other people●       Using a brand persona to build authority and trust●       Being authentic and entertaining●       Collaborating and not competingKelli’s never even spent a dime on advertising her own marketing company, but she has so much business that she can turn away clients that aren’t a good fit. In addition to her entrepreneurial podcast Campfire Hour and her social media marketing company, Kelli also recently launched a whisky coffee company. Using, yep, you guessed it, social media marketing, Kelli is able to reach her audience across the U.S. from her home in Montana.  If stepping into social media marketing is something you’d like to try to boost your brand persona, connect with Kelli Maxwell on LinkedIn to learn some more tricks and tips for authentically connecting with your audience.  You’ll Learn:●       What “collaboration over competition” looks like in marketing.●       The boundaries Kelli puts in place to protect her clients from competition with each other.●       How to create a personal brand for your social media accounts.●       Kelli’s best tool for collaborating with other entrepreneurs.●       Should you focus on your brand first, or selling as much as possible as soon as possible?Mentioned in this Episode:MarketingandSalespodcast.comThe 7 Secrets to Selling More By Selling LessShoot me a question on Allanger.comCampfire HourKelli Maxwell on LinkedInCampfire Blend CoffeeCampfire Blend Coffee on FacebookCampfire Blend Coffee on Instagram


21 Oct 2020

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Kelli Maxwell and Kyle Taylor of the Campfire Hour Podcast

The Talking Llama Podcast

Throw a rowdy crew from Montana together with some whisky, coffee and microphones and you get the Campfire Hour Podcast. Today's Guests are Kelli Maxwell and Kyle Taylor from the Campfire Hour Podcast. The Campfire Hour Podcast is about changing the local culture and celebrating entrepreneurs who are doing big and bold things. They support teamwork and their mantra is collaboration over competition.We talk about their interview and production process and their editing and process workflow. Until recently, they recorded all of their interviews in-person. That's right, they traveled all over their region to bring the show to their guests. They pick one recording day per month and record all of their episodes on that day for the entire month.Other Podcast Mentioned: On the Blue Line Podcast with Wayne MulderCheck out The Campfire Crew below:www.campfirehour.comhttps://www.facebook.com/campfirehourpodcast/https://www.instagram.com/campfirehour/Stay up to date on all the Talking Llama happenings at www.talkingllama.comBecome a patron: https://www.patreon.com/talkingllamamedia.Share the podcast: https://talkingllamapodcast.captivate.fm/listenInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/ianroth1/Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ianroth1/Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGwOcjYut0Gw4MNkElYcr-A?Stay confident. Stay creative. Speak your legacy.


21 Jul 2020

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206 - Whisky & Coffee with Kelli Maxwell

It's No Secret with Dr T.

You do not need to be a whisky or coffee fan to enjoy this episode, all you need to have is a love of taking action when required and a little entrepreneurial spirit, and that is exactly what my guest Kelli Maxwell has.  Kelli Maxwell is from Billings, Montana, and she is the host of a highly successful podcast called Campfire Hour. She also owns a local marketing business, which is how whisky coffee was developed. Why wait until you have thousands of listeners to try and monetise your podcast with sponsors, why not develop your product and be your the show sponsor.  On this episode we discuss: How she set up a collaboration between a local whiskey distiller and coffee roaster. Brilliant. Jumping in with both feet when you have an idea Knowing your target market Developing the Whisky Coffee brand - This roast is hotter than your mom Why start a podcast? It was a great way to have a voice in the community. Perfect for celebrating new and young entrepreneurs in the community It was an ideal way to hit a new audience every week Finding your voice and finding your message and start adding value to people Monday Morning Tip It's all about 'Collaboration Over Competition. Ask people, how can I help you?  If you have any questions about this episode, please email me at tf@tysonfranklin.com.  Subscribe To My Newsletter If you'd like to be updated with my EVENTS and other activities, please sign up to my NEWSLETTER. I promise not to spam you with BS emails.  Podiatry Business Coaching  One-on-one business coaching and mentoring is the fastest way to get the results you want for your podiatry business. Please send me an email at tf@tysonfranklin.com and let's see if I can help you grow your podiatry business in 2020.   FREE DOWNLOAD: First 16 Pages of My Book – It’s No Secret There’s Money in Small Business. If you're a Podiatrist you may prefer to order my first book; It's No Secret There's Money In Podiatry.  Bonus: 12 Secrets to Get More People Through Your Front Door. Podcast Reviews If you enjoy listening to this podcast, it will put a big smile on my face if you left a review on iTunes, or wherever you like to listen to podcasts.


5 Apr 2020

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Campfire Hour: Coming Up Short- Get to Know Kelli Maxwell

Campfire Hour

In our second episode, learn all about Campfire Crew member and host Kelli Maxwell.  With a diverse background in coaching cheerleading, owning a princess party company and working as marketing director of a financial firm, hear about how Kelli grew to where she is today and her plans for the future. 


13 Mar 2019

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Episode 4: Grow Your Brand with Kelli Maxwell

legacyladies's podcast

In this episode of Legacy Ladies, I introduce you Kelli Maxwell, creator of Thought Leaders Marketing and Branding Group. She's created six figure businesses and is here to help you with brand strategy and content creation. 


17 Oct 2018