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#22) Anne Frank’s Story in the Secret Annex

Nadine’s Vocal Jewish Journal

Shalom! In this twenty second episode of “Nadine’s Vocal Jewish Journal,” I talk about Anne Frank’s story including her upbringing, her time spent hiding in the Secret Annex in the Netherlands, and the events that followed the discovery of the hiding place by Nazi police. Anne Frank is  famous for her diary, which she wrote during the two years that she spent hiding from the Nazis along with her sister, Margot, her parents, Otto and Edith, the Van Pels family, and Fritz Pfeffer. Listen to this episode to become educated on the history of the family as well as the hardships that they went through during the Holocaust. It’s extremely important that Anne Frank’s story has been spread all over the world and that her diary has been translated into 70 languages to ensure that such horrific events never happen again.Please subscribe and drop a rating & review! I would love to hear some feedback!You can follow my instagram @nadine.litvak and DM me with any suggestions or feedback! You can also send me an email at nsl2003@hotmail.com!


7 Jan 2022

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[S5E3] The Anne Frank Center with Diana Serhal | The Holocaust

Seeking Refuge

Today we talk with Diana Serhal, a graduate assistant for the Anne Frank Center (AFC) at the University of South Carolina. Diana worked at the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam and moved to Columbia, SC, to develop the AFC here. We discuss Anne's life, the Franks' journey as refugees, and the power of an individual story to communicate important history. The Anne Frank Center at UofSC is the first and only permanent partner site in North America to the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam. The other permanent sites are in Berlin, Germany and Buenos Aires, Argentina. You can learn more about the AFC, including how to set up a tour, here: https://sc.edu/study/colleges_schools/education/partnerships_outreach/anne_frank/index.php You might even have Diana as your tour guide! To learn more about the Anne Frank House, the Secret Annex, and the lives of the Frank family, check out their website here: https://www.annefrank.org/en/ Liked this episode? Let us know! Subscribe and leave us a review below! Connect With Us If you or someone you know would like to share their personal refugee story, send us an email at seekingrefugepodcast@gmail.com or connect with us on any of these social media platforms: https://twitter.com/refugepodcast https://instagram.com/seekingrefugepodcast https://fb.me/seekingrefugepodcast Our Team: Claire Mattes (Host, Producer) Saanvi Somani (Editor) Victoria Halsey (Editor) Aidan Thomason (Producer) Diana Clark Esha Hegde Anusha GhoshPatrick Anderson Emily Jensen Raeva Bali Music: Opening Track: Ketsa - Where We Are (http://bit.ly/2nKJWaW) Closing Track: Above and Below - Never Forget (http://bit.ly/2nNfw7Q) This podcast is powered by Pinecast.


1 Nov 2021

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Anne Frank. the Diary of A Young Girl. 28 March 1944

The diary of a young girl

Thursday, 28 March 1944


8 Aug 2021

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Radio BrendoMan #406 – My Brother And Me: Cracker Barrel Anne Frank

Radio BrendoMan

Carson and Brendo are joined by comedian Dan Weber (What’s More Metal podcast) as they discuss Nights 7 and 8 of the Portland’s Funniest Person contest. Thanks for listening and tell your friends!


15 Jul 2021

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Episode 54: Cannes #3 with Amy Taubin on Annette, A Chiara, Where Is Anne Frank?

The Last Thing I Saw

Welcome to The Last Thing I Saw, with your host, Nicolas Rapold. We are back talking about the highlights of the Cannes film festival with critic Amy Taubin. Last time we talked about the Velvet Underground and now we move on to another musical selection, Annette, the new film from Leos Carax, starring Adam Driver and Marion Cotillard. We also devote some time to two movies that haven’t been talked about as much in the frenzy of the festival’s first week: A Chiara, from Jonas Carpinagno, and Ari Folman’s newest animated feature, Where Is Anne Frank. You can support this podcast and read show notes with links at:rapold.substack.comOpening music: “Monserrate” by The MinaretsPhoto by Steve Snodgrass


10 Jul 2021

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Anne Frank: Part 2

Never Forgotten Moments in History

Part 2 of Anne Frank I go over some fun facts about Anne Frank. Also, talk about the daily routine that the families that were in hiding in the Secret Annex had. Sources Used: Home. (2020, December 14). Retrieved January 10, 2021, from https://www.annefrank.org/en/


10 Jan 2021

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Part 1: Anne Frank and The Secret Annex

Never Forgotten Moments in History

This episode is part 1 of 2 about the Holocaust and the experience Anne Frank and the other 7 people that were in hiding with her experienced during the second world war. I will talk about the people inside the Secret Annex, and what happened to them during World War II. Come on and take a listen to my episode and let's learn all about it.Sources Used:“Home,” December 14, 2020. https://www.annefrank.org/en/. 


2 Jan 2021

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The Diary Of a Young Girl by Anne Frank

Lit Society: Books and Drama

Forgoing a theme this week, we're doing a COVID Quarantine check-in. How've you been? How's your mental and physical health? Let's talk about it. Then, on to our book: One vibrant, confident young german girl is successfully navigating her way through adolescence when her country revokes her citizenship, leaving her a stateless pariah. She is to suffocate her dreams, pause her life, and restrict her waking hours to the exhausting aim of survival, living day after day in a series of rooms behind a bookshelf, never knowing if this will be the last day of her life. Her name is Anne Frank. The Book: The Diary of a Young Girl. Find Alexis and Kari online: Instagram — www.instagram.com/litsocietypod/; Twitter — twitter.com/litsocietypod; Facebook — www.facebook.com/LitSocietyPod/; and our website www.LitSocietyPod.com. Get in on the conversation by using #booksanddrama.

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29 Oct 2020

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Moment #741—Anne Frank: Belieber?

Top Jewish Moments

This episode of Top Jewish Moments analyzes moment number 741—when Justin Bieber wrote in the Anne Frank House guest book that he hoped she'd be a Belieber.


9 Oct 2020

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46: Eva Schloss: Anne Frank's stepsister, "I forgive the Nazis"

Jonny Gould's Jewish State

Today’s guest is Anne Frank’s stepsister, Holocaust survivor and world renowned speaker, Eva Schloss.Support Jonny Gould’s Jewish State:Paypal: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_donations&business=BW4GZLQCCL29Y&item_name=Podcast+production+¤cy_code=GBP&source=url Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/jonnygould?fan_landing=trueKofi: https://ko-fi.com/jonnygouldFind Jonny on Social Media: https://twitter.com/jonnygould https://www.facebook.com/jonnygouldshow https://www.instagram.com/jonnygouldEva Schloss, step-sister of Anne Frank, forgives the Nazis.Aged just 11, her happy family life in Vienna was cancelled as the Germans annexed Austria, turning the populous against the Jews in an instant. She describes this national mood change as “unbelievable”. Non-Jewish friends suddenly shunned her and her older brother was severely beaten by classmates. With her family, she fled for her life through Belgium and Holland, as the Nazis mercilessly hunted Europe’s Jews.Young Eva had to adapt to new schools, languages and countries and was bullied by fellow children and even teachers. Eventually, betrayed by a Dutch underground agent, she was captured and sent to Auschwitz. In 1945, barely alive, she was rescued with her mother by Soviet troops.Her father and brother were killed.But the 91-year-old survivor says, “Forgiving is most difficult because the human consciousness has a hard time living in the present”. She’s on a mission to talk for her family and the millions of others, senselessly slaughtered by the Nazis and their European accomplices during World War II.Eva is now a prolific speaker around the world on the horrors of the Holocaust and knows what true forgiveness means.Could you forgive like she has? With sincere thanks to my good friend Rabbi Yosef Vogel and his Centre for Jewish Life for this incredible interview opportunity and you’ll hear Yosef towards the end of the interview with his rabbinic insights. LISTEN TO THE REMARKABLE EVA SCHLOSS🎧Can you help keep this voluntary service going? If you’ve listened to a few episodes and eagerly anticipate the next one, follow this link to donate. Buy me as little as a cup of coffee at https://ko-fi.com/jonnygould 🙏


25 Sep 2020