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Hansel and Jason - "Shattered, Parts 1 and 2" w/ special guest Jessica Svendsgaard!

Baywatch Watch

Mitch suffers a life-changing injury that almost certainly will never be mentioned again. An assassin hunts a child. Stephanie does chores. Hobie uses Pepsi as a motivational tool. Join Zach, Charlie, and special guest Jessica Svendsgaard for yet another two parter that plays fast and loose with episode structure. We'll talk the mini clip show, the lack of security at the rehab facility, and Mitch's seemingly years-long recovery from temporary paralysis all on this week's episode of Baywatch Watch!

1hr 20mins

17 Jun 2021

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Episode 35 – Mario Party 4 with Jessica Svendsgaard

Call Me By Your Game

There’s nothing that tests the bond of friendships and humanity quite like a round of Mario Party, and today we’re finally going to tackle it once and for all. This one goes out to all the dice rollers, mini game winners, and star stealers out there. We’re joined by bird savior and hilarious comedian Jessica Svendsgaard to discuss Mario Party 4 (2002) for the Nintendo GameCube. Conner sits down to hear of Jessica’s memories of playing this game with her musical theater friends in high school, they discuss how no matter how far ahead you are there’s a looming threat of the game being turned upside down, and Jessica even shares with us a thorough powerpoint detailing what it means to choose your Mario Party character. Actions 9/2/2020 Supporting Black Lives – Email ListRegister to vote – Vote.orgSupport your local progressive candidates and hold them accountableNithya Raman – LA City Council Candidate for CD4Los Angeles Residents, check out the LA podcastSupport your LA unhoused Neighbors – Streetwatch LA Super NPC Radio – PatreonWebsite: callmebyyourgame.comThe Show – @callmebyyourgamepod (Instagram)Jessica Svendsgaard – @svendsgaard (Twitter) @fatcuckbaby (Instagram) @Jessica-Svendsgaard (Venmo)Conner McCabe – @conner_mccabe (Gram/Twit), twitch.tv/conziscool69Jeremy Schmidt – Video Games: a Comedy Show

1hr 25mins

2 Sep 2020

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Alex and Fiona are joined by stand-up comedian and medical doctor Jessica Svendsgaard to recap a lost episode consisting of her personal pantasy pasketball, some league and Disney news, as well as a brand new installment of One Gotta Go (to Eventually Reopen Society).  What a journey! Sponsor: Mrs. Juice's Almond Juice MUSIC: Miami Nights - Extended Theme Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 Licensehttp://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/


25 May 2020

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Episode #15: 2 v 1 Date - Jessica Svendsgaard & Pallavi Gunalan & Christine Medrano

Falling In Love with Leah Lamarr

On the “Falling in Love with Leah Lamarr” Podcast, Leah sets up 2 single friends on a date to see if they fall in love in real life. She interviews her guests individually, and then brings them together to explore the "36 Questions That Lead to Love", which is followed by 4 minutes of uninterrupted eye contact. After gazing into each other's eyes, they go on a date to further investigate their connection. They individually wrap up with Leah to discuss if they'd like to continue dating the other guest. If it's a confirmed "yes" from both parties, Leah brings the couple back onto the podcast to review how the relationship is unfolding. It’s intimate, it's vulnerable and it definitely goes there. Join Leah each week to learn valuable insight into the dating world and to see who falls in love! On this episode, they discuss dating as bisexual women, comedy, addiction, having a Savior Complex, giving up a PhD, being a bird owner, polygamy, the difference between dating men and women and much more! IG: www.instagram.com/FallingInLovePodcast (@FallingInLovePodcast) LEAH LAMARR (HOST): IG: www.instagram.com/LeahLamarr (@LeahLamarr) Twitter: www.Twitter.com/LeahLamarr Website: www.LeahLamarr.com IMDb: www.IMDb.me/LeahLamarr JESSICA SVENDSGAARD (GUEST): IG: www.instagram.com/FatCuckBaby PALLAVI GUNALAN (GUEST): IG: www.instagram.com/PallaviGunalan CHRISTINE MEDRANO (GUEST): IG: www.instagram.com/ChrissyMeds Theme Song by: Lily Kershaw IG: www.instagram.com/LilyKershaw (@LilyKershaw) Recorded at The World Famous Comedy Store: www.instagram.com/thecomedystore (@thecomedystore) If you fell in love with this podcast, please like, share, rate and subscribe! Welcome, you Lovebirds!  _____ Additional Music: Track: Want You — Vendredi & Sterkøl [Audio Library Release] Music provided by Audio Library Plus Watch: https://youtu.be/o32YDL3_7Wo Free Download / Stream: http://alplus.io/WantYou

2hr 7mins

30 Apr 2020

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Adam Sandler Scam with Jessica Svendsgaard

Lizard People: Comedy and Conspiracy Theories

Sandler? More like SCAM-DLER. Eh, we'll workshop that. Anyway this week we talk with improviser and true delight Jessica Svendsgaard about the great Adam Sandler caper. See, there's a theory floating around Hollywood that Sandler's production company Happy Madison is a front for an embezzlement scheme so devious it could only come from Tinsel Town. Is the Sandman the lovable goofball we all think he is? Or a cold-hearted hustler who only cares about money (and friends)? You're about to find out!


16 Aug 2019

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Cast Away (2000) With Will Hines & Jessica Svendsgaard

You've Got Hanks

WILSON! We've made it to the 2000s, and the Tom Hanks movie, Cast Away (2000). I'm joined by the very funny Will Hines (@willhines) and Jessica Svendsgaard (@svendsgaard) to talk about this stressful movie of a FedEx employee who gets stranded on a deserted island. With the physical change Tom had to go through for this movie, it's no wonder he got another Oscar nominee. We talk about who we would want when stranded on an island, why Tom Hanks has a hard time playing bad characters, and take a which character are you quiz. Ugh, I'm still just heartbroken about Wilson. Let me know what you think of this movie, @youvegothanks.  — SHOW INFORMATIONInstagram: Instagram Twitter: Twitter Subscribe: Apple Podcasts Subscribe: Spotify

1hr 3mins

9 Aug 2019

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Jumanji (w/ Allyson Phillips and Jessica Svendsgaard)

Improviser's Cut

On this weeks episode I was joined by Allyson Phillips and Jessica Svendsgaard and we improvised the original Jumanji. Lots of time travel and exotic animals on this one. In our version of Jumanji, the shoe accident at the factory was a lot bigger and had serious ramifications on the plot of the movie. Also Vin Diesel makes an appearance. Check it out!

1hr 4mins

19 Jul 2019

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Punchline (1988) With Richelle Meiss & Jessica Svendsgaard

You've Got Hanks

A movie starring Sally Field and Tom Hanks? You would think we were talking about Forrest Gump, but no, we're talking Punchline (1988) this week with standup comedians Richelle Meiss (@reeshmeese) and Jessica Svendsgaard (@svendsgaard). This is The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel long before Amy Sherman-Palladino even thought up Gilmore Girls. Whether you think it's funny or not, you have to admit this movie has a killer cast with Field, Hanks, and even John Goodman. Wow, let us know what you found funny about this standup comedy movie @youvegothanks.  — SHOW INFORMATIONInstagram: Instagram Twitter: Twitter Subscribe: Apple Podcasts Subscribe: Spotify


22 Mar 2019

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Jessica Svendsgaard // Teenage Pranks // Paul Manafort Is Going to Jail

The Biggest Scoop

Heyyy listeners....we are soooo sorry!! We promise we did not forget about you. We simply had a wedding last wkd (love!), and we all know how important it is to celebrate love in these uncertain times (light!!)! Speaking of, we simply LOVE our BAE guest Jessica Svendsgaard (Adele Dazeem, TNT, Wild). Plz just tune in for her wisdom on difficult issues like dating and doinking, the criminal justice system, the unending nightmare of presidential treason, and very more!

1hr 4mins

11 Mar 2019

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Getting Dumped with Jessica Svendsgaard

I'm a Disaster

Getting dumped sucks!! Jessica Svendsgaard (comedian, improvisor with The Interns, Wild, and Del Taco Talk Show Host) bravely talks us through her first break-up experience, and, in a word it Continue Reading →


29 Jan 2019