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Ep. 142: designer Sophie Donelson

How to Decorate

We kick off this week talking about some possums and raccoons, flower power, and getting our storage until control. Then, we are joined with fabulous previous guest and design expert, speaker, consultant, and former editor of House Beautiful, Sophie Donelson. Sophie talks with us about her latest essay in the New York Times about why we don’t need our house to be perfect for Instagram, recommendations for picking out a paint color, and what life is like for Sophie in Montreal during this stay at home time.What You’ll Hear On This Episode: Trials and triumphs about good ole neighbor Jim and his possums, labeling and storage containers, cottage cheese, and sentimental yard maintenance. More about the English and French decorating in Montreal, and the amazing views Sophie sees in her community. What are homes can do for us, and how we can have a loving and less combative conversation between ourselves and our homes. What lead Sophie and her husband to Montreal, and the pros and cons of living in a big city. The inspiration behind Sophie’s essay in The New York Times, “Self-Quarantine is No Time For An Instagram-ready Kitchen.” We have more flexibility and bandwidth to make our home comfy for our own needs, and not so much for the sake of it being pleasing or impressive to others. Sophie recommends experimenting with the design and flow of a room and reminds us we are not locked into one way of design in our homes. Get your one little perfect corner and you can branch out from there. It’s never all going to be perfect. The decision making behind her beautiful lavender walls. Why having a designated playroom and sleep room has been a life and sanity saver. Mentioned In This Episode: House Beautiful House & Home @sophiedowSophie DonelsonSelf-Quarantine is No Time For An Instagram-ready Kitchen Big Books Small Talk Justina Blakeney Ikea Bunk Bed Decorating Dilemma: Caroline’s painter used oil because it’s harder and more durable than latex. You can get a beautiful finish with brushing, it is just labor-intensive. A semi-gloss will be easier to clean, and if you are getting it professionally done have them spray it and use oil. If you are capable, patient, and thorough enough to do it yourself - good for you! Luckily this plan is easy to put into action! Sophie would recommend going to the hardware store to find some aluminum pails with some pebbles on the bottom. The rug is so important to make it feel homey and to collect the space together to make it feel one vibe. We love the natural charm of the ceiling and we wouldn’t change it! Sophie’s favorite trick for a bedside table is to use a bracket because it can fit your phone and a glass of water. Plants could help up the comfort level, and vintage rugs that don’t necessarily match could look great and also elevate the room.  

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19 May 2020

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Sophie Donelson: House Beautiful

Style Matters

Clear and critical thinking.  You don’t always get that when talking about the world of interiors. It’s not just about a pretty picture, folks. Creative and thoughtful design can’t be underestimated and there isn’t enough of it these days. Sophie Donelson, former Editor-In-Chief of House Beautiful brought her keen eye to the pages of this magazine in a way that we all will miss. Luckily I got to talk with her before she left to pursue other things. And I can’t wait to see what she’s up to next!


5 Nov 2018

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Ep. 30 with House Beautiful's Sophie Donelson

How to Decorate

When we were in New York for Miles Redd's launch party, we got the chance to stop by the House Beautiful offices and have Editor in Chief Sophie Donelson on the podcast! She tells us what makes a home beautiful, what projects make it into the magazine, and we test her interior design knowledge!What You'll Hear on This Episode:We play a little pop quiz where I test Sophie, Taryn, and Karen's knowledge of design and interior designersWe talk about editors' letters and how Sophie writes hers. Does she wait until the last minute?We ask Sophie what in her mind makes a house beautiful?Why a house does and doesn't make it into the magazineWhat the House Beautiful team does to a home when they come to shoot itWe talk about how purple is making a comeback -- yes, purple!Sophie tells us what she thinks has changed about the way people decorate their homesWe talk about paint colors and how to pick them


15 Aug 2017

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Interview with Sophie Donelson: Editor-In-Chief, House Beautiful Magazine

Ravishly.com's Podcast Series

Gerry Strauss of Ravishly.com interviews Sophie Donelson, the new Editor-in-Chief of House Beautiful Magazine, the nation's oldest and best-known interior design magazine. Since taking the role earlier this year, Sophie's artistic vision, stylistic sensibilities and passion for her job have taken House Beautiful to new heights.


3 Dec 2015

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