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Krystle Wright : Photographer, Director, Adventurer

Into the Wee Hours Podcast

Well, in the intro to this podcast, Sarah and Kristen said they would be elevating the voice of the everyday adventurer. Instead, they jumped in at the deep end with an awesome conversation with world class Australian Adventure Photographer and Director, Krystle Wright. Sarah and Kristen speak to Krystle from her current home base on the Sunshine Coast, before she embarks on a solo mission across Australia to one of her dream locations, The Kimberley, in her newly decked out LandCruiser. Sarah and Kristen talk all things solo and team adventure; risk; travel; the “5 types of fun” and the reset that the global pandemic has offered a typically nomadic, international professional photographer and adventurer. You can find Krystle online and see her incredible work at @krystlejwright on Instagram and www.krystlewright.com

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27 Jun 2021

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Pushing the limits of photography: Krystle Wright

Talking Australia

Regarded as one of the world’s leading female extreme adventure photographers, Krystle Wright is always pushing the limits of her craft. Also a cinematographer and director, she gave up city living to pursue her dream and hasn't looked back. Her personal desire for adrenaline and passion for paragliding almost cost her her life in a serious accident in Pakistan in 2013. On this episode she talks about the reward of going the extra mile for a great story or image, and she shares how draining her profession and lifestyle can be at times and how she had to readjust to being stuck at home and unable to travel the globe during the pandemic. This Episode of Talking Australia is hosted by Liz Ginis (Managing Editor Digital at Australian Geographic) and produced by Ben Kanthak (www.beachshackpodcasts.com). You can also follow us on Instagram @australiangeographicSee omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

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15 Jun 2021

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Hell woman Krystle Wright joins Christian, Tony and Carwyn for a chat.

International Award Winning Landscape Photographer Christian Fletcher and Carwyn chat to some Lightminded Friends.

Hell woman Krystle Wright joins Christian, Tony and Carwyn for a chat.


3 Sep 2020

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Ep 17 - Krystle Wright - Following Your Passion

Axing The Future

In episode 17 you’ll learn how following your passion can bring so much joy you just can’t verbalise it, and why you need to believe in yourself and throw yourself 100% into life.

16 Aug 2020

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PRIDE: The Podcast Episode 19 ft. Krystle Wright

PRIDE: The Podcast

Happy PRIDE week, PRIDE fam! We’ve got another amazing interview for you today. Join us as we talk with LA based singer/songwriter, Krystle Wright, about the BLM movement, what inspired her to write our very theme song, and other juicy topics. --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/pridethepodcast/message


23 Jun 2020

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Episode 38 - Krystle Wright

Snap Shots

Episode 38 - Krystle Wright Krystle is one of Australia's most well known Adventure and Extreme Sports photographers and was one of the main inspirations for me to start this podcast. So I was super excited to sit down to chat with Krystle about her career!  Krystle has worked with National Geograpghic, Canon, Outside Magazine, GQ, The Huffington Post and the list goes on. She's shot just about any adventure/extreme sport you can think of and she's chased storms through the American Mid West! Needless to say she has done some amazing things! You can find Krystle on instagram @krystlejwright or on facebook by searching Krystle Wright Photographer.  There will also be a new website being launched soon so make sure you check that out too! www.krystlewright.com


7 Apr 2020

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Room to Play: Adventure Photographer Krystle Wright

She Explores

Krystle Wright is an Australian adventure photographer who's worked really hard to make a name for herself taking risks and creating images all over the world: base jumping in the arctic, storm chasing in the American West, free diving with orcas, wandering the desert in Morocco. As she looks ahead to the new year, she's welcoming rest and building more room in her life for play. Featured in this episode: Krystle WrightHosted by Gale StraubSponsored by Stio, Smartwool , and RitualJoin the She Explores Podcast community on FacebookVisit She-Explores.com & Follow Us on InstagramResourcesKrystle Wright: Website & InstagramFilms Mentioned:Chasing MonstersWhere the Wild Things PlayWhere the Wild Things Keep PlayingShe Explores Landing PageSponsors and Discount CodesSmartwool: Learn more at Smartwool.comStio: Get 25% off at checkout with code 'EXPLORE' when you shop at Stio.comRitual: Get 10% off your first three months subscription by heading to Ritual.com/exploreEpisodes air weekly on Wednesdays-- subscribe wherever you listen so you never miss an episode.Music is by Swelling, Josh Woodward, Lee Rosevere, Kai Engel, and Meydan using a creative commons attributions license.


6 Nov 2019

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Krystle Wright - Semi-nomadic, adventure sports photographer with a passion for extreme expeditions!

Tough Girl Podcast

Krystle is an adventure sports photographer from Queensland, Australia, although she now lives a semi-nomadic lifestyle in her quest to capture and present unique moments from extreme sports, expeditions and adventures across the globe.  Driven by a passion to capture the most unique perspective not yet thought of, Krystle is willing to travel to get the shot. Whether that’s camping on a frozen fjord for a month in the extreme cold of the Arctic, or hanging out with 23 BASE jumpers paragliding in the Karakoram Range in Pakistan. Krystle consistently brings attention to the demanding adventures and landscapes that the public is rarely fortunate enough to be exposed to. During this podcast Krystle share more about her passion for travel and photography and how she gained the skills necessary to do this job. She share the challenges of being on the road for 11 months out of every year and how she maintains her physically and mental well being. Krystle also shares top tips and advice for you to ensure you are living your most full life and going after your dreams. She also talks passionately about her Plan A and why that’s the only plan she has.  Show notes Growing up on the sunshine coast Where her love of travel comes from Being inspired by National Geographic Not having the money to go travelling at 18 Her love of photography and where it came from  Loving the outdoors  Life after university and why university was so frustrating!! Being interested in sports photography How she started to add travel into her work Starting to build a network over 4 years while being based in Sydney How she made it happen  Looking for true, gritty, raw adventure Saving every dollar possible to afford to travel Preparing for the Arctic for a month Keeping camera’s working in extreme conditions The challenges while out on expeditions  Dealing with team dynamics and the importance of communication Going paragliding in Pakistan  Women in adventure photography Travelling constantly  Missing having a home and having a base Trying to reset the balance Getting into free diving Trying to stay mentally and physically well when travelling so much Leaving her stuff in a shipping container with her grand parents What’s on the bucket list?! Advice for other women who want to step outside their comfort zone Only having a Plan A and making it work Social Media Website - www.krystlewright.com Instagram - @krystlejwright   


16 Jul 2019

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VR Shorts Episode 10: Krystle Wright / Photographer, Director, Canon Ambassador

Visual Revolutionary

Adventure photographer, director, filmmaker, Canon ambassador, and all around bad ass Krystle Wright returns to the podcast to talk about her three most current short films "Chasing Monsters", "In Perpetual Motion", and "A Restless Peace" (Links Below).  Make sure to check out Krystle's original appearance on the show back on episode #52 to hear the story of how she got started.  During this conversation we discuss what it was like trying to create three new films for Canon over the course of three years, putting together creative teams and knowing how to let them help guide her in expressing her own vision, what it was like chasing storms through "Tornado Ally" with the most recent guest of the show Nick Moir, trying to create films that have more space to breathe and interpret the imagery instead of always needing to let the audience know what you are saying, her thoughts on the current state of "like driven" content on social media, and what's next for her as she continues to evolve as an artist.   To Learn More About Krystle Wright Visit: https://krystlewright.com And Follow Her on Instagram At: https://www.instagram.com/krystlejwright/ Links to all Three Films Chasing Mosters https://youtu.be/6cCBfClDGxo In Perpetual Motion https://youtu.be/4tyqnA4Bo5I A Restless Peace  https://youtu.be/uy5XHBqEAIQ


28 Jun 2019

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Planet Service Announcement Episode 2: Krystle Wright

Planet Service Announcement

James talks to photographer, director and activist Krystle Wright about being a woman in a male-dominated profession, the pitfalls of political correctness, Internet hate, using creativity to tell conservation stories and the forthcoming follow up to her viral film sensation Where the Wild Things Play.


19 Jun 2019