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Kelly LeVeque | Be Well By Kelly

The Good Life with Stevie & Sazan

Did you know there's a science behind good health and your eating habits? Ever wonder why you just ate a meal and you're still hungry an hour later? If someone told us 10 years ago that eating healthy could be an intuitive thing we would have laughed in their faces. That was until we met Kelly LeVeque from Be Well By Kelly. Kelly is Hollywood's hottest holistic nutritionist, wellness expert and health coach. Her best selling book BODY LOVE shares her secrets for losing weight, attuning ourselves to our bodies' needs, and freeing ourselves from food drama forever. Just ask her celebrity clients like Jessica Alba, Jennifer Garner and Chelsea Handler, to name a few. This is an episode that will leave you feeling GOOD on the inside and out!


16 Jul 2021

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[WELLNESS] Ep. 185 The Secret To Having More Energy w/Kelly LeVeque

You Turn Podcast w/ Ashley Stahl

What health habit is holding you back from success? This week Ash talks with Kelly LeVeque a clinical nutritionist, celebrity health coach, and best-selling author about how to manage blood sugar in order to elongate success and energy. What you eat, and when can make a major impact on how you think and feel throughout the day. Kelly walks through very simple, yet highly effective habits you can create around your food in order to sustain your blood sugar and not hit those energy slumps that leave you exhausted. It seems like there is a new magical diet, superfood elixir, or strategy for hitting optimal nutrition and health. Well, Kelly is here to break down the science behind these and offer you a long-term solution to eating well and feeling great. Whether you are curious about gut health, food sensitivity, what fad diets are right for you, or simply looking to improve your overall wellness, this episode is packed with knowledge and actionable advice. Listen in as a gift to your body! In This Episode, You Will Learn: How to reduce hunger cravings and eat meals that leave you feeling fuller longer. What the fab 4 foods are, and how to eat them at every meal. Nutritional tools to reduce inflammation, elevate your energy and get proper sleep. What healthy fats are, and how to incorporate them into your diet. The truth about artificial sweeteners and alternatives to flour. ALSO… Want to boost your focus with unique, inspiring music? Download the Endel app today!  Endel is an app with mood music and soundscapes that are scientifically proven to help you focus, relax and sleep.  Try Endel for FREE for 1 month: use the code 'YOUTURN' at code.endel.io. I would love to hear what sounds you enjoy most! Additional Resources: levels.link/kelly Body Love By Kelly LeVeque Body Love Every Day By Kelly LeVeque Where You Can Find Kelly LeVeque: https://kellyleveque.com/ Be Well Podcast IG: @bewellbykelly


23 Jun 2021

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107 | Mastering Your Blood Sugar & Cutting Cravings with Kelly LeVeque

The Optimal Body

Find yourself craving too often? Confused about carbohydrates and what to focus on getting on your plate? Wondering about juice cleanses and fasting? Kelly unpacks it all in this interview. Having always had a deep-rooted passion for nutrition, Kelly found her place in the nutrition field advocating for the importance of education as the primary means to allowing healthier choices. She dives into her FAB four approach and the importance of mastering blood sugar, regulating hormones, and optimizing well-being. Moreover, Kelly explains the mechanisms behind fiber and bloating, the influence of prebiotics and probiotics,  how to best source them, and offers her tips to manage bloating. Finally, she offers her perspectives on juice cleanses, presents the research on intentional fasting, and discusses the relation between intermittent fasting and the circadian rhythm. Ultimately, she provides her top tips to promote digestion, metabolism, and energy! Tune in. We also mention the GeniusMobility Supplement in this episode. In this Genius x DocJen collaboration, the supplement contains all-natural ingredients with superfoods known to have joint supportive, stress balancing, and anti-inflammatory benefits based on scientific research. Dose your joints with the nutrients it needs to soothe pain and move with ease. Click here to get your very own: https://www.amazon.com/geniusmobility What You Will Learn In This Interview with Kelly LeVeque: 4:06 – What drives Kelly’s Passion? 8:59 – Education & Empowerment. 10:08 – Kelly’s Fab Four. 14:16 – Eating optimally in the mornings. 17:55 – Cellular Carbohydrates. 19:29 – Is Sugar Addicting. 22:35  – Testing yourself with Blood Sugar. 24:19  – Fiber & Bloating. 28:36  – Starchy Vegetables & Probiotic/Prebiotic Foods. 34:40  – When to add starchy carbohydrates to your diet. 37:47  – Juice Cleanses & Detox. 41:55  – Research on Fasting. 47:51 – Courses & Opportunities with Kelly. About Kelly LeVeque: Kelly LeVeque is a holistic nutritionist, wellness expert, and celebrity health coach based in Los Angeles, California. Be Well grew out of Kelly's lifelong passion for health, the science of nutrition, and overall wellness. Guided by a practical and always optimistic approach, Kelly helps clients improve their health, achieve their goals and develop sustainable habits to live a healthy and balanced life.  Items mentioned in this episode include: Kelly’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bewellbykelly Kelly's Podcast: https://kellyleveque.com/be-well-by-kelly-podcast Kelly’s Courses: https://www.kellylevequecourses.com/ To learn more about Ashley and view full show notes, please visit the full website here: https://www.docjenfit.com/podcast/episode107/ Thank you so much for checking out this episode of The Optimal Body Podcast. If you haven’t done so already, please take a minute to subscribe and leave a quick rating and review of the show!--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/tobpodcast/message


2 Jun 2021

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Kelly LeVeque - Meat Is The New Kale. Eating For ENERGY & ADD/ADHD. Why Meat Is a Superfood & And Balancing Blood Sugar Is Everything. Preparing Your Body For PREGNANCY So You Have SuperBabies.

The Angie Lee Show - Ready is A Lie

What should you eat for more ENERGY?! It’s time to go to “meat” church with Celebrity Nutritionist, Kelly LeVeque! In this episode I chat with the one and only Kelly LeVeque all about: How to optimize your body for pregnancy Blood sugar balancing & tracking Fab 4: Protein, Fat, Fiber, Greens - why each are crucial to support a natural blood sugar curve Why red meat is so important for your health Inflammatory oils: what they are and why they are so bad for you Fab 4 smoothie for kids! Buckle up, because this episode is PACKED with juicy deets on how to eat effectively to feel like the best version of yourself! @BeWellByKelly www.MySoulCBD.com www.DrinkLMNT.com/AngieLee www.BeeKeepersNaturals.com/AngieLee


3 May 2021

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419. A Holistic Approach to the Body and Home with Kelly LeVeque

Almost 30

As females, our plates are full – with spiked-up hormones, food drama, mommy pressures, and family dynamics. No one understands this more than Kelly, and she encourages her clients to check in with their mental well-being as much as their shopping list. Her Body Love Journal is a beautiful opportunity to reflect on your relationship with food and celebrate life’s little treasures along the way. We love chatting with Kelly LeVeque – an OG guest and supporter of the podcast – and just marinating in her nutritional knowledge. Today she delivers the facts on clean water, salt intake, gluten, non-dairy milk – and how to deal with your partner’s penchant for pizza. Proper body nourishment goes beyond food. Kelly unpacks how she released the mental residue from a traumatic birth and how non-science-based healing modalities transformed her life and approach with clients. In short, you can gulp all the green juice you want but can’t truly fill your cup without releasing energy/trauma and pain that’s carried subconsciously in the body.  We also talk about:Our relationship with foodHow to tackle mold damage in the homeHigh-quality water and hydration benefits Processing grief and traumaPreparing the body for pregnancy and birth Embracing science and spirituality for self-careMotherhood pressuresAligning with your partner on wellnessKelly’s Body Love Journal Gluten, non-dairy milk, and making healthy choices Find more to love at almost30.com!Resources:Website: kellyleveque.comInstagram:@bewellbykellyBuy: Body Love: A Journal: 12 Weeks to Practice Positivity, Create Momentum, and Build Your Healthy Lifestyle Sponsors:LMNT: Claim a free LMNT Sample Pack (you just need to cover the cost of shipping) by visiting DrinkLMNT.com/Almost30Function of Beauty | Visit functionofbeauty.com/almost30 to save 20% off your first orderMonday.com | Sign up for a free two-week trial at monday.comHu Kitchen  | Visit hukitchen.com and use the code ALMOST15 for 15% off your next purchase. SAKARA | Go to sakara.com/almostsakara and use code ALMOSTSAKARA for 20% off your first orderAlmost 30 is edited by Crate Media

1hr 37mins

20 Apr 2021

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Kelly Leveque: Body Love, Blood Sugar Balance, Protein Powders, Pregnancy + Picky Eating Kids

The Art of Being Well

If you are looking to learn how to transform your health in a positive way, look no further than this week’s episode when leading functional medicine expert Dr. Will Cole talks with Kelly LeVeque. Kelly is best-selling author, a holistic nutritionist and wellness expert who wants to put the power of proper nutrition back in your hands. Kelly and Will discuss ways to ditch cravings, eat nutritiously and bring the positivity into our daily eating habits to boost health and wellbeing. Kelly also dishes on the four food ingredients things that can balance blood sugar and transform your relationship with food. There is something here for everyone as Kelly and Dr. Will Cole discuss how to help children try new, healthy foods and the right foods to incorporate to optimize health during pregnancy. Kelly’s vibrant and optimistic approach to nutrition and wellness is life-changing. If you are looking to change the way you view food and the potential it holds, you cannot miss this episode. To learn more go to: drwillcole.com/podcast www.AthleticGreens.com/willcole  to get your FREE year supply of Vitamin D and 5 free travel packs today. www.DrinkLMNT.com/ArtofBeingWell  to claim your free sample pack today, you just cover the cost of shipping. www.Beekeepersnaturals.com/willcole  for your FREE two-week supply of B.Immune Propolis Spray, you just pay $5 shipping. Produced by Dear Media

1hr 3mins

8 Apr 2021

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60: Getting Serious About Pregnancy Nutrition w/ Kelly LeVeque

Master Your Health Podcast

Health and nutrition should always be a priority, but especially when it comes to pregnancy. Kelly LeVeque aka @bewellbykelly is a holistic nutritionist and celebrity health coach who specializes in pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, and post-pregnancy nutrition. In this episode, Kelly shares lots of tips for good nutrition and overall health in all stages of pregnancy.  In this episode you'll learn: -How breastfeeding can affect energy and hunger  -What you can do pre-pregnancy to help with the process  -Which type of foods are most important for healthy pregnancy -About heme iron vs non-heme iron  -About the importance of thyroid health for pregnancy  -What foods are rich in folate  -Why red meat can be beneficial, especially during pregnancy  -About ALA, DHEA, and more  -Some better tasting ways to incorporate organ meat like liver -What to look for in a quality prenatal supplement -When to start taking a prenatal  -Recommendations to help with nausea during the first trimester -The importance of healthy fats during pregnancy  -The role blood sugar can play in pregnancy  -Some things men can do to help with fertility  -Important things to know about breastfeeding -How much cooking at home more often can improve your health Where to find Kelly: Instagram @bewellbykelly | FaceBook | Twitter  Books by Kelly: Body Love & Body Love Every Day KellyLeVeque.com 


4 Mar 2021

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#211: The Fab 4 Pregnancy with Kelly Leveque

"Doctor Mom" Podcast

On today’s episode, Steph interviews Kelly LeVeque, holistic nutritionist, celebrity health coach, and the best-selling author of Body Love and Body Love Every Day. Together, they walk you through the most important foods and nutrients to consume during pregnancy and postpartum. They share strategies they used during their own pregnancies (and recommend to their clients) to navigate morning sickness, cravings, and other common pregnancy complications. Kelly also shares her top tips for setting yourself up for a smooth postpartum. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with what to eat and are looking for some “light structure” when it comes to meal planning, this is a must-listen! Topics Discussed: How to navigate morning sickness and cravings How to get back on track after a rough first trimester Overcoming mom guilt Common misconceptions about prenatal nutrition How to set yourself up for a smooth postpartum Show Notes: 10% off Kelly’s protein powder with code DOCTORMOM10 Kelly’s podcast episode with Huberman Labs @bewellbykelly kellyleveque.com Listen to today's episode on our website Kelly LeVeque is a holistic nutritionist, wellness expert, celebrity health coach, and the best-selling author of Body Love and Body Love Every Day. Her deep desire to help her clients, her passion for human nutrition, and her curiosity about how and why the body works drive Kelly to diligently study the latest research, evaluate competing theories and use this information to make individualized recommendations for her clients. Most importantly, Kelly’s practical and always optimistic approach to nutrition and wellness helps her readers improve their health, achieve their goals, and develop sustainable habits to live healthy and balanced lives. Kelly’s website serves as a resource for her readers to find the latest research and rationale behind important nutrition principles, as well as delicious recipes and recommended products to fuel them well. In 2020, she launched the Be Well By Kelly Podcast to further provide listeners with her nutrition and wellness wisdom, and to introduce them to other health professionals with a wide array of experience and insights. With the desire to provide her coaching expertise to the public, Kelly developed the Fab 4 Fundamentals course, in which she simplifies the science of nutrition and empowers participants to confidently take charge of their health. She has expanded her nutrition curriculum to include a second course, Fab 4 Pregnancy, to provide moms-to-be with the wisdom, encouragement, and thoroughly researched recommendations they need to nourish themselves before, during, and after pregnancy. Additionally, Kelly released the Be Well by Kelly Protein Powder to round out the Body Love toolkit. This protein powder harnesses the power and benefits of simple yet wholesome protein and can easily be used in one of Kelly’s favorite tools, the #fab4smoothie. Through all of these resources, Kelly seeks to provide men and women with the tools they need to transform their health and their lives through nourishing whole foods and body-loving practices. This Episode’s Sponsors BUBS' commitment to excellence begins long before the product lands on your doorstep with sustainably sourced products like Collagen and MCT Oil Powder that are free of gluten, soy, nuts and corn.  Visit BUBSnaturals.com for 20% off your entire order on any BUBS naturals product, use code DOCTORMOM20.  Discover for yourself why Needed is trusted by women’s health practitioners and mamas alike to support optimal pregnancy outcomes. Try their 4 Part Complete Nutrition plan which includes a Prenatal Multi, Omega-3, Collagen Protein, and Pre/Probiotic. Use code DOCTORMOM to save 20% off your first order at thisisneeded.com. INTRODUCE YOURSELF to Steph and Dr. Elana on Instagram. They can’t wait to meet you! @stephgreunke @drelanaroumell Please remember that the views and ideas presented on this podcast are for informational purposes only.  All information presented on this podcast is for informational purposes and not intended to serve as a substitute for the consultation, diagnosis, and/or medical treatment of a healthcare provider. Consult with your healthcare provider before starting any diet, supplement regimen, or to determine the appropriateness of the information shared on this podcast, or if you have any questions regarding your treatment plan.

1hr 11mins

5 Jan 2021

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65. Bonus Episode: Kelly LeVeque on Whiskey & Work

Be Well By Kelly

In celebration of Be Well By Kelly hitting the massive milestone of 2 million downloads, we’re releasing two bonus episodes this week, sharing interviews I did on two other podcasts. This interview first broadcast on the Whiskey & Work podcast, where my friend Kelsey Murphy and I both open up about emotional experiences we’ve had in 2020 and give a sneak peek into our personal lives. This is a conversation about what’s truly important in life.You will learn about...The events that started 2020 for usMaking difficult decisionsShifting your priorities and making space for the things that matterGiving people the shortcuts instead of the scienceThe difference between writing a book and making a courseThe importance on editing and narrowing downResources:Listen: Whiskey & WorkConnect with Kelly:kellyleveque.comInstagram: @bewellbykellyFacebook: www.facebook.com/bewellbykellyBe Well By Kelly is a production of Crate Media


27 Nov 2020

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64. Bonus Episode: Kelly LeVeque on Off The Record

Be Well By Kelly

In celebration of Be Well By Kelly hitting the massive milestone of 2 million downloads, we’re releasing two bonus episodes this week, sharing interviews I did on two other podcasts. This interview first broadcast on the Off The Record podcast, where host Annie Tevelin, founder of the beauty and skincare line SkinOwl, dug in deep into my birth story with Sebastian, which went far differently from how I ever expected.You will learn about...A day in my life as a newborn momTelling the story of Bash’s birthThe takeaway from that experienceThe factors that contributed to my successSilencing the negativityBeing forgiving and gentle with yourselfMy fab fourResources:Listen: Off The RecordInstagram: @offtherecordwithyouConnect with Kelly:kellyleveque.comInstagram: @bewellbykellyFacebook: www.facebook.com/bewellbykellyBe Well By Kelly is a production of Crate Media

1hr 13mins

25 Nov 2020