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#39 - Creatives Lead with author Eric Brown

Ministry At Scale

In episode 39 we spoke with Eric Brown, author of the book Creatives Lead. The idea for this book came from his own personal experience as he shifted from a doer and implementer to a leadership role he realized how different those skill sets are. In his time in leadership positions, he became intentional about helping others grow and noticed that it is common for talented people who are used to doing the work struggle to make the transition to leaders. That generated a passion in Eric to build this framework.Be sure to listen to the full episode to get all the insights Eric shares on leaderships, growing leaders, and more, and there's a special offer at the end!Resources:Creatives Lead by Eric BrownFree excerpt of Creatives LeadThe Cure for Groups - TrueFace ministriesTwo Roads - Robby AngleIntersection by Milan Gunther

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2 Sep 2021

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Episode 8 | MFC CollectiveConversations | Eric Brown

Multifamily Collective Podcast

Urbane Apartment's Founder Eric Brown and I caught up last week over a hot cup of coffee.   Back in 2007 plus/minus - Eric, myself, and several other Multifamily friends would spend countless hours on Twitter and other emerging social networks debating the finer points of property management and marketing.   Eric would later join my small team of guest bloggers contributing to the MultifamilyCollective (fka ApartmentHacker). His articles were lightning rods as most spoke counter to the tried and true way of doing business.   In this episode, we reconnect some of the dots. It's a wide-ranging and unscripted conversation!   I hope you enjoy listening as much as I did hosting the season!  Grab a fresh cup and dive in!--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/mike-brewer/messageSupport this podcast: https://anchor.fm/mike-brewer/support


27 Jul 2021

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Becoming Cultural Architects w/ Eric Brown

Becoming Conscious

Eric Brown is the steward of Phoenix Culture and an all-around fascinating dude. He’s on the leading edge culture design, creating systems for embodied awakening, and truly doing what it takes to combat the meaning crisis. We Talk About:DAOstop-down and bottom-up stewardshipPhoenix Culture the call to action for those who are willing to play the biggest gameon designing and enacting a civilization-level transformation so that we can continue to play the human gamea collective co-collaborative fusion of the mind and heartwhat does it take to show up and play the game? the self-actualized man as the scaffold to steward the collectivewhat is stopping some people from showing up and playing?ie: ecology of practicesartists as a way to steward the collective towards a bright future to re-enchant life and the globeto create compelling visions of the futurethe neccessity of themon re-aligning our collective with what we're actually trying to do success?being?heart?Top down control is unnatural.Create Self-Sovereign individuals ready to become Cultural Architects.Provide aspiring architects with thetools, technologies, training, culture, contexts, and support they need to continue their evolution and growth towards becoming Architects of Culture.ecologies of practices religious technologiesthe psycho-technologies, repeatable processes to allow us to transcend our mind and move into beingthese have been scattered and they are everywhere.phoenix culture = holistic ecology of psycho-technologiesHedonic Engineering: Building a Psycho-Spiritual Growth Stackpheonix culture as the generative step towards the emergence of new religions the religion of tomorrow - ken wilbera decentralized religion based on a new shared metaphysicsthe myth of the self made man we are all part of systems so how could we individually be the ones that created all our successwhat are we actually searching for? heartintuitiontrauma is a lack of completion of an energetic cycle in the body it's not conceptual whatsoeverListen to what life wants to do next. Listen to the calling of my heart. Listen to the rhythm of the cosmos. So I answered the call. I went to a river, sat down, and listened.on intuition and listening to the heart 👆the fear of death / social exclusion and this is entirely based on the definition that you have of yourselfcreative evolution on the fundamental nature of the creative evolutionary processas the fundamental process of life itselfEmergence is not chaos. It’s creative evolution. 🧬open-ended questionswhat slowing down looks like?how do you steward the collective intelligence towards creative evolution on the individual and collective level within a DAO Get full access to Becoming Conscious at becomeconscious.substack.com/subscribe

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18 Jul 2021

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Leveraging the Post-Pandemic Market with Eric Brown

The Small BizChat

Eric Brown is a Serial Entrepreneur and CEO of Urbane Apartments, a fun and hip collection of living spaces in the suburbs of Detroit. He is a pioneer in digital marketing and urban housing development. Eric founded Urbane Apartments in 2000 and has built and developed over 16,000 market-rate apartments on a national scale. He oversees new business, general operations, and corporate branding and is recognized as a vanguard and cutting-edge social media marketer in the multi-family housing industry. In today's episode, Eric shares how the pandemic affected his property business and the personal impact COVID-19 has had on him. We explore the effects of the pandemic on small companies in America and how business concerns have changed for Eric because of it. Eric shares how the labor market has improved because of the pandemic and the key to building profitable businesses. He also shares how he has focused on personal development over the years and how he uses his system for six priorities every day in his company. “We don’t like uncertainty, but at the same time, opportunity is always in uncertainty.” - Eric Brown This week on SmallBizChat Podcast: How the pandemic affected Eric’s business The personal impact of the pandemic for Eric The impact that the pandemic has had on small businesses in America Business concerns Eric had before the pandemic and his concerns now Why the labor market is better after COVID-19 The key to Eric’s success in building businesses How Eric focuses on his personal development to help his business Eric’s system for his six top priorities every day Resources Mentioned: Book - Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki Podcast: The GaryVee Audio Experience Vcita Book - The Law of Success by Napoleon Hill Connect with Eric Brown: Urbane Apartments Urbane Apartments on LinkedIn Urbane Apartments on Instagram Urbane Apartments on Facebook Urbane Apartments on Twitter Eric Brown on LinkedIn Become Your Own Boss Book GIVEAWAY! The 2020 pandemic has been so hard on America’s small businesses - and America in general. If you’re ready to start your dream business, then look no further! I’m currently giving away 1,000 free copies of my best-selling book: Become Your Own Boss in 12 Months. This book has helped over 100,000 people like you to start, build, and grow their small businesses… and now it’s your time to shine. All you have to do to get your hands on a free copy is head over to www.beginmybiz.com/freeoffer to sign up for your free offer. You only pay shipping. Let’s End Small Business Failure - Together! Thanks for tuning into this week’s episode of the SmallBizChat Podcast - the show on a mission to improve small business success. If you enjoyed this episode, head over to Apple Podcasts, subscribe to the show, and leave us a rating and review. Help us spread the word and end small business failure by sharing your favorite episodes with your friends and colleagues on social media. Visit our website or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, or YouTube for more great content, tips, and strategies to improve your small business.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


9 Jun 2021

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Episode 131 Friday Recap with Eric Brown

939 Sports

Colin and Eric Brown go over this week in sports and give you our predictions --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app


28 May 2021

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Ep. 20: Eric Brown from @DoingTheFavor

You Know It’s Fake, Right?

The other half of @DoingTheFavor is here! Much like his podcasting partner Barry Frost, I met Eric Brown through podcasting. I saw twitter going crazy over this show called “Doing The Favor” so I had to check it out! I am glad I did, it quickly became one of my favorites! Eric is a huge fan of wrestling, so let’s see how he responds to that question we all hate. You Know It’s Fake, Right? @Brianbreakerodr on twitter@brianbreaker on Instagram ProWrestlingTees.com/brianbreaker Bbph.redbubble.com Whatamaneuver.net Patreon.com/Bbph (if decide to support me and Bayn with production costs to produce these shows)Also check out Breaker and Bayn’s Power Hour every Sunday! Available wherever you get your podcasts!

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24 May 2021

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Episode 122 Coastal Carolina SS Eric Brown

939 Sports

Colin interviews one of the best college shortstops right now in Coastal Carolina infielder Eric Brown--- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app


28 Apr 2021

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Sn. 2 Ep. 22 The Mouse, The Bird, and The Sausage (Ft. Eric Brown)

Brothers Grimmprov: The Podcast Show

Today we play with a good friend and fellow improviser Eric Brown! Hope you enjoy todays episode and check out Erics podcast Boat Fight! Get ready for our 2 part season finale starting next week. Whatdoya think it'll be? We'll give you a sticker if you get it right.


12 Mar 2021

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Eric Brown On Pressure To Become Pookie & Ray Ray, Evangelical WS, Babylon

Phillip Scott Audio Experience

Eric Brown joins us to discuss his upbringing, non-conventional church, evangelicals, and Babylon.--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/advise-media-network/messageSupport this podcast: https://anchor.fm/advise-media-network/support


31 Jan 2021

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Ep 29: Presence through sensational experience with Eric Brown

Joyfulness Broadcast

He is back! Eric is back for this awesome rif on a whole bunch of inter-related topics. Our theme for this lengthy episode is departing from the realm of conceptual thinking and being more present with what is via the realm of sensational reality. This is also quite a practical one where you're sure to learn something good to help in your quest for peace, joy, and truth. Enjoy!

1hr 34mins

7 Nov 2020