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Hour 2: NFL Draft Day 2 and Matt Taylor

Sports Rush with Brett Rump

Top players available for the NFL Draft day 2, voice of the Colts Matt Taylor joins to discuss Kwity Paye, second round options and the Aaron Rodgers saga, and Leo softball player Sim Spahiev joins to talk about her season, last season being cancelled and her future plans.


30 Apr 2021

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Smalltown Sportstalk - Matt Taylor breaks down Carson Wentz to the Colts

Smalltown Sportstalk

The voice of the Indianapolis Colts, Matt Taylor, joins Andrew and Jonah to talk about Carson Wentz officially being traded to the Indianapolis Colts.


13 Apr 2021

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91. Entering the Age of Aquarius with Matt Taylor

Your Wellness Journey

I think we have all felt a significant transition or emotional switch over during the past year for a boatload of reasons. One of those reasons may have been written in the stars millenniums ago as we recently moved into the Age of Aquarius. What is this age? What does it mean for you? How is this currently impacting your day-to-day life? This is what Matt Taylor, karmic astrologist, I discussed in this episode for you. To learn more about Matt, you can visits website, or on Instagram or Facebook.  Wishing you so much love and light, Dear Friend - Marla To join Marla's Wellness Insiders' email group, you can follow the link here. See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


1 Apr 2021

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Tales of weather with BBC's Matt Taylor

For the love of weather

Matt has probably appeared on your television at least once over the last twenty years bringing you the national weather from the BBC Weather Studio's. What you may not know about Matt is that away from the green screen he is one of the funniest people we have ever met. His journey into weather and onto the television screen was down to his friend's Mum showing him an ad in the newspaper. Matt's love of weather is infectious and we hope you enjoy this episode as much as we enjoyed recording it!


31 Mar 2021

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The ACL Podcast 003: Matt Taylor of Tracksmith

A Continuous Lean.

Knox Robinson —the coolest guy in running—in the New York Pioneer Club collaboration capsule.Tracksmith is interesting to me because of how it has managed to take inspiration from history —to embody the aesthetics of a heritage brand— while simultaneously being completely forward-looking and modern. I’ve seen a lot of brands try to do this and it almost never feels right. Tracksmith took the good parts of archival running and modernized it to create an inclusive, fun, New England-centric brand that seems to know itself (and its customer) very well. I would guess that everyone wrote-off the brand initially when they considered it was going up against Nike and all of the massive companies that dominate athletic apparel. What was obvious to the Matt Taylor, who founded the brand in 2014 with Luke Scheybeler, was that there was an unrepresented group of runners who didn’t seem to connect with the big brands. That’s where Tracksmith’s boutique approach fit right in. Matt Taylor ran track & field at Yale. He later worked on running for Puma. Scheybeler is also a Rapha co-founder and he helped both brands establish a strong initial visual and creative presence. Tracksmith pairs technical details with classic Ivy-inspired design elements in a way that’s easy to describe, but hard to actually execute. Beyond design, the focus of the product is highly functional for both the casual and elite runner. Matt’s collegiate running experience and the brand’s New England roots have both shaped what Tracksmith is today from a design perspective. Tracksmith fills a void for amateur runners with a technical yet classic aesthetic. It’s important to disclose that I do marketing consulting with Tracksmith. I want to be completely transparent about that and it’s not something I am trying to hide. Doing this story was my idea and no one at Tracksmith pushed for this even a little bit. I have been pressured by clients in the past to write stories and I have always politely declined. That’s not what I am about and if you look back at the partnerships I have done in the past I am extremely transparent about conflicts of interest. I work with Tracksmith for the same reason I did this story, because I like the brand and believe in the people there.Tracksmith is a DTC brand that’s going for longevity and quality first. In that regard, it’s one of the exceptions to the rule when it comes to DTC companies. So many start-up brands solve no real problems and seem to only exist because of performance marketing. Matt talks about that a little bit in this interview with Colin Nagy on LeanLuxe. The way Tracksmith’s product, image and core values align in such a cohesive way stands out to me. That’s why the brand has activated such a passionate community in the same way that Rapha does. That’s a massive accomplishment especially in the face of the competition that exists in running. We recorded this chat in the fall and our conversation was wide ranging. We did cover a lot of important stuff like how to build a brand, sustainability in fashion and who makes the best pizza in New Haven. It’s all in there, I hope you enjoy. The ACL Podcast is more of an add-on to the newsletter than a full fledged podcast. You can listen in Spotify or on Apple Podcasts directly if you prefer that to Substack. If you enjoy this edition, please consider subscribing and sending to a friend who you think would like this. I appreciate your support. Thanks to Al James for lending me his music. The song is: Hard Working Dogs by Dolorean. This is a public episode. Get access to private episodes at www.acl.news/subscribe

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17 Jan 2021

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Smalltown Sportstalk with Matt Taylor (Voice of the Indianapolis Colts)

Smalltown Sportstalk

The radio-voice of the Indianapolis Colts joins the show to discuss the Colts' regular season and breaks down this weeks playoff matchup against the Buffalo Bills.


8 Jan 2021

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#34: The Age of Aquarius and the 7 Key Shifts of 2021 with Matt Taylor

The Temple Podcast - with Edward Pike & Guests

In this episode Edward speaks with Matt Taylor, coach, astrologist and founder of the Matt Taylor Experience. Matt shares a wealth of wisdom and insight into the coming year of change and transformation, and how we can best navigate these unprecedented times. The 7 key shifts of 2021: Receiving information from new and elevated sources Seeing truth and deception more clearly from your own intuition Facing collective fears and judgments Dealing with painful past and past life memories Focussed spiritual work for well-being, harmony and healing Getting out of our comfort zone to find balance Dealing with new forms and ways of life, including out of space About Matt Taylor Matt Taylor has nearly 15 years experience  with a refined range of tools, technologies and techniques that result  in rapid soul-level transformation and tangible shifts so that you move  your life from the get-go. His consciously created session options bring  you immediate clarity, transformation and certainty plus heighten your  confidence, power and perseverance so you can reveal your purpose and  fulfilment. Links Website: www.thematttaylorexperience.com Instagram: www.instagram.com/thematttaylorexperience


6 Jan 2021

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Matt Taylor - Tackling Defence


From knowing your opponent’s key stats to studying their star players, preparing your team’s defence is as vital as their offence game. Today we speak with Wallabies defence coach Matt Taylor about his life, career, and what he does to develop a dogged defensive line. After touching on his professional highlights, we chat about his time coaching in Scotland and how he landed his job at the Wallabies. From there, we discuss his relationship with attack coach Scott Wisemantel and coach David Rennie. Matt shares insights into his defensive plan, what information he uses to develop his strategy, and which aspects of the Wallabies’ performance he aims to improve. We unpack how Matt adapts his plans on the pitch before we dive into his team’s coaching structure. As head coach David Rennie is a New Zealander, we ask Matt whether coach nationality impacts player patriotism and pride in wearing the jersey. Matt’s answer emphasises the importance of culture fit over nationality, along with why he believes David Rennie is the perfect coach for the job. Near the end of the episode, we explore the Wallabies role in reaching the grassroots game and how they are restoring faith in Australian rugby. Tune in to learn more about what Matt is doing to bring confidence back in the defensive aspects of the Wallabies. •    Introducing Wallabies defence coach Matt Taylor. •    Exploring Matt’s experience coaching in Scotland.•    Hear about Matt’s current work at the Wallabies. •    Insights into Matt’s strategies for developing a team’s defensive capabilities. •    Why head coaches need to recognise the importance of a side’s defence. •    Which defensive areas the Wallabies need to improve.•    The stats that defensive coaches use to formulate their defence plans.•    How players adapt their defence plan during a game. •    Why the Wallabies have brought more young guns into the team.•    We discuss the Wallaby coaching structure and team.•    Whether nationality impacts the ability to instil patriotic pride in wearing the jersey. •    Matt shares his opinions on why David Rennie is the ideal Wallabies head coach.•    How the pandemic has affected the Wallabies' plans to connect with the grassroots. •    Winning fanbase and restoring confidence in Australian rugby. “As a defensive coach, you have to study your opponent’s attacking stats, their star players, their speed of ball, what phases they score their tries in — it’s a big melting pot.” — Matt Taylor [0:12:04]  “One thing that’s impressive about David Rennie is he’s not afraid to give the young guys a go.” — Matt Taylor [0:17:01]  “As long as you understand the culture, your coach’s nationality doesn’t matter. There wasn’t an Australian coach that could have taken the role of Wallabies coach as well as David Rennie.” — Matt Taylor [0:21:54]  Matt TaylorWallabiesGlasgow WarriorsScottish RugbyDave RennieScott JohnsonScott WisemantelWorld RugbyEuropean Rugby Champions CupPremiership Rugby


16 Nov 2020

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Tom Allen breaks down the year thus far for IU Football and looks ahead to this weekend against Michigan State, Matt Taylor reacts to a loss against Baltimore and what that means on a short week versus the Titans

The Dan Dakich Show Podcast

00:00 – 22:36 – The Head Coach of Indiana Football Tom Allen speaks with Dan about their success thus far into the season. Tom talks about the process of bringing in recruits to IU and some of the strengths of the Michigan State team that they are playing this upcoming Saturday. Tom breaks down how they work on takeaways in practice on how well that has translated to gameday.  22:37 –  37:53 – Dan talks about which of the Colts rookies have over and underperformed. He also speaks on his thoughts on the draft overall and if Colts fans should still be celebrating the draft class. Dan felt bad for the Jets 37:54 – 45:57 – Dan speaks on some of the new roster moves for the Colts. Is it time for the Colts to move on from Rivers If they lose this Thursday vs the Titans. 45:58 – 1:11:11 – Jason Benetti and Dan talk about Tony Larussa and his DIU offense. Dan and Benetti speak about Dan’s friend sending emails off of his iPad to all sorts of celebrities in his contacts. Benetti is a fan of Luke Fickell and expects Cincinnati to continue to roll in an upward direction this season. How much should Notre Dame be docked for beating Clemson without Trevor Lawrence and does Benetti think Clemson would have won had Trevor played. 1:11:12 -1:25:22  – Mike Chappell thinks the Colts have a champion level defense, Dan and Mike break down how the offense is holding this team back. Mike is disappointed in the running game thus far and talks on how the running game impact Philip Rivers. Mike thinks that the offense does not have enough firepower and that T.Y. needs to step up and stretch the field. 1:25:23 – 1:33:37 – Dan looks at the impact COVID has had on Wisconsin and how that would impact IU’s football season. 1:33:37 – 1:56:53 – Matt Taylor and Dan look at the Colts schedule thus far and what the rest of this season has left for the Colts. Matt is hopeful for a victory on a short week against the Titans he speaks on the factors of a Thursday Night Game against a division rival coming off a loss. Matt brings up the question of why the Colts lack so many home primetime games. 1:56:54 – 2:11:46 – Dan says that the Colts need to win this Thursday or else they could put themselves in a tough position in the second half of the year. He also touches on the lack of weapons in the offense and the lack of mobility of Philip Rivers. 2:11:47 – 2:17:13 - Dan spoke with Jimmy Cook and he gave his JCook Parlay of the Day. They touched on the MAC Football games for the night. See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

2hr 17mins

10 Nov 2020

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BARI BANTER #8 - Matt Taylor


From over 200kgs to hiking mountains, Matt's story has it all! From finding love within the weightloss Surgery community and having a beautiful baby, to understanding the habits that got him to the point he required surgery through the public system! Matt has taken this new opportunity by the horns and is one of the stories that shows just what is possible when you use this tool to its full capabilities.Follow Matts journey on instagram atwww.instagram.com/matty.t_fatboyslimFollow Shan and Lita atwww.instagram.com/Shannons_storywww.instagram.com/finding_lita_xor see updates atwww.instagram.com/baribanter


12 Oct 2020