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Shannon Riter Osborn — How to Find Your Voice Again

Stand to Serve

Shannon began her career with the Division of Criminal Investigation where she worked for nearly 15 years. While she initially loved her job and excelled as a special agent, she grew complacent and before she knew it she had “lost her spirit”.It wasn’t until Shannon met her husband, Kevin, in 2013, that she realized how happy life could be outside of her demanding job. Although she struggled with the decision to leave DCI, Kevin and his “you’re not going to fail” attitude was ultimately the catalyst for her leap into the unknown.Once Shannon left DCI, she was able to “let go of some of her type A personality,” as she put it. She started gardening, learned how to cook, and learned how to sew from her retired next door neighbor. However, the transition wasn’t always easy for Shannon. “I really had to work to stay focused on my path, and not let either judgment that was there or that I was creating in my mind affect me otherwise.”After some soul searching, Shannon realized she still wanted to investigate and decided to start her own private investigation business. In March of 2016, Shannon began her business, RO Investigation and Research, LLC. She worked hard by knocking on doors and putting herself out there. “It started off with a couple of attorneys giving me a call and a chance and it really just snowballed from there.”In this episode, Shannon unpacks some of the awkward beginnings of her business, her favorite parts of being her own boss (along with the biggest challenges), the beautiful individuals who changed her life and encouraged her along the way, and how she defines success for herself. This conversation is inspiring and has so many incredible takeaways…you don’t want to miss it! Listen to the episode now!

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16 Jul 2018