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#25 Kirsten Lewis: Be patient

The Image Salon Podcast

Kirsten Lewis is one of the world's best documentary family photographers. A non-conformist who seeks to find her own way. This conversation was recorded in February 2020 at WPPI.Moments to listen for: You're not getting to the picture fast enough because you're not willing to slow down.  - 15:53 “Shoot a lot. Keep practicing let your guard down. Don't be afraid that you're too close, or you're not good enough, or you're influencing the scene. Just be yourself within that moment and learn how to be a really good observer. I recently came up with this phrase that came out as I was working with a student, I think it not only applies to photography but to life. I said 'You're not getting to the picture fast enough because you're not willing to slow down', and I think in life, that's the case too, you're not getting to the answer fast enough because you're not willing to slow down.” Picture making isn't always about pressing the shutter - 17:24 “Picture making isn't always about pressing the shutter. In fact, I think that's only 10% of being a good photographer. I think being a good photographer is being a good human being. It's being empathetic. It is being sensitive to situations. The best photographers are the ones that are able to take in every element of a scene and ask themselves what do I want to say about what's happening in front of me?”  Be patient. Good wine takes a long time to age - 29:58 “Good wine takes a really long time to age. I feel the same way about life in general. You have to give yourself time to continue to mature and grow as a human being and your work as an artist. You have to give yourself grace and patience, that it's not going to happen overnight. Sure, you can learn all the technicals, but that doesn't make you a great storyteller. In my opinion, there are many out there that are beyond proficient in terms of execution and the crafting of a picture. But I'm not inspired by their work because they haven't exhibited patience in terms of actually becoming a photographer and thinking about what that means. In terms of injecting themselves in their work”--- Image Salon is a Montreal-based photography & retouching studio. Your hight touch creative partner. Outsource without compromise. Imagesalon.com Music and Sound Production by Philip Creamer


5 Nov 2020