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Join The Future Spotlight with Zack Kaplan | AfterShock Monday

The Comic Source Podcast

Jace chats with writer Zack Kaplan about the recently released Join The Future TPB. Zack talks about building this story as a look at technology and security versus tradition and freedom. Not looking at is a political issue but something much more personal. It doesn't get much more personal than Clementine Libbey having to grow up in a hurry while seeking justice for the loss of her brother, her father and her town itself. There's a lot to unpack in this one and the guys dive into all of it. Plus they chat about the incredible art from Piotr Kowalski and Brad Simpson.


18 Jan 2021

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Join the Future with Zack Kaplan

Creator Talks Podcast

Celebrate the New Year with this special bonus interview! The last interview with writer Zack Kaplan was on my 12th episode. Zack returns to Creator Talks to kick off 2021 by discussing his latest trade paperback Join The Future (Aftershock Comics).  It is a Sci-Fi Western about ultra-modern megacities rewarding millions of their citizens with a completely funded life, with every need met, from food to housing and healthcare, in order to compete in an economic power struggle in which population is key.      We talk about Join The Future and the artists Zack has collaborated with on all his comic book series.   Zack's prior work Eclipse (Top Cow 2016), Port of Earth (Top Cow 2018) and The Lost City Explorers (Aftershock 2018) have been optioned for TV series development. I ask Zack, are comics getting optioned for television really that common? As I learned in our first interview Zack loves to play poker.  How much of Poker's strategy is based on psychology, i.e., reading the other person? In Zack's opinion, has any book or film portrayed a realistic game of Poker ? How would Zack re-write a script for game of Poker for a James Bond film? Zack also answers nine fun questions I ask including: What's his beef? What is his guilty pleasure? When did he take a risk? Creator Talks Theme Song: "Jazz Relax" from LoopsLab Creator Talks logo by The Design Punk Please rate and review Creator Talks on Apple Podcasts More about Join The Future


1 Jan 2021

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Zack Kaplan

Comics For The Apocalypse

Every Monday, comic book writer, Samuel George London, interviews interesting guests about what comics they'd take into the apocalypse.Sponsored by ComicScene magazine, this week's guest is comic book writer and insightful individual, Zack Kaplan.---Zack's Links---https://zackkaps.com/ https://twitter.com/zackkaps---ComicScene Links---https://comicscene.org/ https://getmycomics.com/comicscene---Apocalyptic Links---https://twitter.com/SamuelGLondon https://soundcloud.com/comicsapocalypse https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/comics-for-the-apocalypse/id1448698111 https://open.spotify.com/show/2ri0g2yoyBKxX4x0IKYkCl https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/sgl/access-denied-0/


14 Jun 2020

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Episode 143: "Join the Future" With Special Guest Zack Kaplan

Jake and Tom Conquer the World

Joining Jake and Tom once again is comic scribe Zack Kaplan!  He swung by to discuss his latest book, the western inspired sci-fi tale, "Join the Future".  Listen in as he talks about how growing up in a small town & a love of westerns inspired his newest tale, and how being a "villain" is sometimes just a matter of different points of view,  Be sure to buy "Join the Future" at your favorite comic shop, or online here!  And be sure to help Jake and Tom in their quest for world domination by rating them highly on Apple Podcasts, sharing their stuff with your friends, and by following them on social media!  Also check out Tom's guest spots over on "Someone's Favorite Movie Podcast" (hosted by friend of the show, Randy Perkins), and don't forget support all the great shows brought to you by the guys' partners in internet radio, Geeks Worldwide! Copyright 2020 Thomas Coe, Jacob Wilson & Zack Kaplan Intro By HAB Cover Art By Villain Archives


22 Mar 2020

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Ep 306 - Join The Future: Zack Kaplan Interview

Down And Nerdy Podcast

The future is now! We're talking to writer Zack Kaplan about his new story, Join The Future from AfterShock Comics. How does he blend both a future society and a western lifestyle? What future tropes did he want to avoid? What can he tell us about Clementine Libbey? Hear all of this, and an update on his TV projects as well! JOIN THE FUTURE #1 IS AVAILABLE NOW! Castlevania Season 3 has arrived, and you can also hear our SPOILER FILLED review this week! We also have a ton of nerd news to discuss with The Batman's Batmobile revealed, The Last of Us coming to HBO, The Magicians ending and SO much more! Plus you know we had to review Strange Adventures #1 from DC. Sponsored by iD Tech Camps! Go to www.idtech.com/dnpod today to reserve your child’s spot and receive $75 off! Get more info on us at www.downandnerdypodcast.com

1hr 6mins

6 Mar 2020

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Zack Kaplan Join the Future Interview

Galactic Dads Podcast

SPOILERS!: Zack Kaplan discusses his new book, JOIN THE FUTURE #1, on this episode. He dives deep into the characters and scenes. He also mentions what it means to him to have kids he can share comics with, and the status of his previous works and their transition to film.


4 Mar 2020

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Spotlighting Special Interview with Zack Kaplan Creator of Join the Future.


Spotlighting Special Interview with Zack Kaplan Creator of Join the Future.@zackkapswww.zackkaps.comThank you to SPONSOR popuptee.com/ USE PROMO CODE SUNSPOTSCOMICS and get 25% OFF ON YOUR ORDER!!! @popuptee #popuptee www.popuptee.com/- Theme song Singer Nick Papageorge www.instagram.com/nicholas.dell/and his band Solution www.instagram.com/solution_band/Check out my Comic Book Zombie Destroyers!- ZD Sample Pages sunspotscomics.com/zombie-destroyersSpotlighting-Mention of Spotlighting interview with Comic Book Creators. Be a guest, email me at Chris@sunspotscomics.comHelp Support Sunspots Comics: sunspotscomics.com/support and Please Give us a short Positive review and 5 Stars on iTunes.Thank you for listening, PLEASE tell a friend. Be like water my friend.Links:- www.sunspotscomics.com/- www.instagram.com/sunspotscomics/- www.facebook.com/SunspotsComics/- www.youtube.com/user/topheelat- www.twitter.com/SunspotsComics- Itunes Podcast: podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/suns…ics/id994419341- Soundcloud Podcast: @sunspotscomics#comicbooks #podcast #comicbook #comicbookrecommendations #indiecomics #ncbd #free #comicbookpodcast #NewComicBookRecommendations #comicbookreviews #superheroes #scifi #starwars #comicbookmovies #comicbooktvshows #marvelcomics #imagecomics #dccomics #zombies #podcast #mandalorian #superman #butcherofparis #die #zackkaplan #aftershockcomics #thelostcityexplorer


26 Feb 2020

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“Eclipse”: Zack Kaplan on story development in comics

Slice of SciFi Radio

Zack Kaplan's maxi-series "Eclipse" from Image/Top Cow Comics concluded in 2019, 16 issues spread over 4 story arcs, now collected in 4 graphic novels to make it a fast way to devour this scifi-thriller story.Are short run comics series more likely to inspire you to buy on a whim? Let us know! Call 602-635-6976 and leave a message, send Summer an email, or in the comments below!

1hr 6mins

28 Dec 2019

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Talking Eclipse – One on One with Zack Kaplan Top Cow Thursday: The Comic Source Podcast Episode #886

The Comic Source Podcast

In this episode we discuss; Talking Eclipse – One on One with Zack Kaplan Top Cow Thursday The Comic Source Podcast Episode #886 Jace chats with Zack Kaplan, creator of Eclipse, as the series come to a close. Join them … Continued The post Talking Eclipse – One on One with Zack Kaplan Top Cow Thursday: The Comic Source Podcast Episode #886 appeared first on The Comic Source Blog.


6 Jun 2019

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Creative Credit - Episode #003 - Zack Kaplan!

The LanternCast: A Green Lantern Podcast

Join Host Chad Bokelman for episode three of the show dedicated to showcasing the talents across the Comic Book Industry. This episode Zack Kaplan talks about Eclipse, Port of Earth, the Lost City Explorers, Nightwing, breaking into the industry after a decade or pitches, and so much more! All of this and YOUR listener feedback!

1hr 7mins

23 Apr 2019