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Interview with Jim Glover, EndeavOR New Mexico


On today's episode we had the pleasure of chatting with Jim Glover of EndeavOR NM, an outdoor recreation business alliance based out of New Mexico. We chatted with him about EndeavOR and what they do in the New Mexico area, as well as the Farmington Road Apple Rally Mountain Bike Race! Check out EndeavOR at https://www.endeavornm.org/ 


18 Aug 2021

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#39 How to engage and support the front line in continuous improvement, with Jim Glover.

Enterprise Excellence Podcast with Brad Jeavons

Proudly brought to you in association with S A Partners, a world-leading business transformation consultancy.IntroductionJim Glover, Shingo Award Winner and Group Continuous Improvement Manager  has been involved in Enterprise Excellence for over 30 years, coaching and leading organisations to Shingo prizes. Jim's team focuses on building a stable platform to support everyday continuous improvement. SummaryThe three steps for achieving a continuous improvement culture. Daily visual management system. Visual information and systems that people have to tap into and interact with to make better decisions. Problem-solving on root cause at all levels. Identify waste and problems and root cause to find the systemic reason for the occurrence of the waste, gaps, loss.Creating standardised work.If you're looking through the lens of standardised processes, the waste will jump out. Allow the employee to find the waste and to learn how to improve their work. Inflate your employees and their ability for them to buy-in to their work every day. This culture for continuous improvement is Jim's ideal.Jim’s LinkedIn Profile: linkedin.com/in/jim-glover-b2387169Email: Elija7@bigpond.net.auKey Takeaways1. Recognise the power of learning by doing at the front line where value is created.  It doesn't matter if your front line is a sales team, finance team in an office, software development or warehouse team; the same applies. Spending time where value for customers is created and learning by doing with the front line team is extremely powerful. Jim gave some great insights on how to go about this; making it visual, understanding the root cause, standardising work and coaching and practising with the team as frequently as possible focused on a challenging goal.2. Learning from inspirational sporting coaches and applying the same principles to business: challenging goal, helping each player, teamwork, culture. The second key takeaway for me was the conversation with Jim on the quality of some of our sporting coaches, both in the big leagues and also weekend sport with our children. The skills these coaches have built to focus their team on the challenging goal motivate them towards this. Learn by observing where the sport is being played and helping each player reach their potential to help the team ultimately—leading culture and behaviour both good and bad to sustain and improve teamwork. It is awe-inspiring; there is so much we can learn from these coaches that would help us in our organisations.Quotes04:20min I suppose in many matters, Toyota saved my life or saved my career. They were the ones that were, in fact, they were brutal. They were insistent about continuous improvement and standard work, and those basic fundamentals of stability were just drummed into everybody who provided parts to them. So I learned so much. They simply dragged me through Just in Time, TPS, to always standardise and always improve, to banish waste, understand what it is. LinksBrad is proud to support many Australian businesses. You can find him on LinkedIn here. If you’d like to speak to him about how he can help your business, call him on 0402 448 445, or email bjeavons@iqi.com.au. Our website, with a full article is www.bradjeavons.com/podcastSA Partners


14 Jun 2021

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38. Setting Records on Human-Powered Vehicles & A High Performance Cycling Coach Meet Jim Glover

Secrets From The Saddle: All things Cycling PODCAST

JIM GLOVER High-Performance Cycling Coach, is an NCCP (National Coaching Certification Program) Level 3 certified cycling coach and a ChPC (Chartered Professional Coach). He was the first Level 3 in Ontario in 1995, and the first ChPC for cycling in Ontario in 2006. The ChPC designation is the Olympic-level designation in Canada.  He took his first coaching course in 1979.YOUTUBE Interview: https://youtu.be/0Fv_8D42GKwIn the 1970’s – 1980’s Jim broke national records in the 15km, 40km, and 80km individual time trial disciplines. In 1980 Jim was part of the long list selection for the Moscow Olympics.Jim Glover still holds the world record standing start 4,000 meter pursuit record on a velodrome for HPV (Human Powered Vehicle) that he set in 1985 and the HPV world record flying 200 meters for conventional position bike that he set in 1986.  These world records have been in place for over 20 years.In the 1990’s Jim had the honor to coach and mentor Gord Fraser.  He also coached Gord to hold the Official Canadian National 15km Individual Time Trial record. Pretty good for the winningest North American Born sprinter!Today, Jim coaches athletes all over the world using the telephone and internet. These athletes have reached new Peak Performances through his coaching.  Jim has coached World Age Group Champions, North American Champions, National Champions, Provincial Champions, in many age categories, in cycling, duathlon, and triathlon.www.peakperformancepro.cahttps://www.facebook.com/jim.glover.75470https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLQtUSkyBiT-cPJ4nE9IMrAhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/jim-glover-49a56215/4hr Cycling Skills Intensive Workshop: Stop wasting energy with poor pedal stroke form on the trainer this winter.Promo Code $50 Off: pedalFebruary 26 @ 1pm ESTRegister here: https://www.cyclingskillspro.comSecrets From the Saddle HOST and CREATOR: Sylvie D'AoustFOLLOW Me on Social MediaIG: https://www.instagram.com/sylviedaoust_cyclingLinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/daousttrainingsystems/FB: https://www.facebook.com/DaousttrainingsystemsTIKTOK: https://www.tiktok.com/@sylviedaoust_cyclistYOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/c/SylvieDAoustWorkoutsCyclingCoaching


1 Mar 2021

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Lucky to be alive: the amazing, truth telling life story of singer-songwriter Jim Glover, and the Kafkaesque nexus of American culture, the CIA, JFK, George and Barbara Bush, J. Edgar Hoover, Allen Dulles, Phil Ochs – and that’s just for starters! China Rising Radio Sinoland 200612


NOW IN 22 DIFFERENT LANGUAGES. CLICK ON THE LOWER LEFT HAND CORNER “TRANSLATE” TAB TO FIND YOURS! By Jeff J. Brown Pictured above: Yesteryear and today. Left, two of singer-songwriter Jim Glover’s albums from the 1960s, No Need to Explain and Outsider. On the right, Jim and his lady friend, Jean Hewitt, at a recent...

2hr 26mins

12 Jun 2020

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E74: Jim Glover - CSM Sport & Entertainment

Unofficial Partner Podcast

Today’s podcast is a conversation about sports agencies: what they do, how the current shutdown is going to change that and the longer term opportunities and threats they face.CSM’s Jim Glover has been working agency side since he started at IMG’s golf client division in the 1980s before he set up Lighthouse Communications in 1994, for clients including Heineken, GlaxoSmithKline, and Land Rover. That business was sold to Fast Track in December 2005, which in turn was acquired by Chime Communications Plc in 2007. Jim was CEO of CSM Sport & Entertainment for 5 years before taking on the role of Deputy Chairman in 2015, overseeing a range of businesses that comprise CSM, such as Fast Track, Essentially, Iluka, the JMI motorsport business and the design agency Icon.The interview took place two weeks ago.


19 May 2020

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Authors: Harvey A. Saltz, Jim Glover, Gayle Redfern

Author Talk

AuthorTalk Radio order of interviews for the 3/12/11 show: 5:00 PM EST1. “It’s a New World, Retirement”; by Harvey A. Saltz2. “Mad Man”; by James Glover3. “Ancient Wisdoms”; by Gayle Redfern


12 Mar 2011

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Authors: Jim Glover, Gayle Redfern, and Bonnie Diraimondo

Author Talk

AuthorTalk Radio order of interviews for the 3/5/10 show: 5:00 PM EST1. “Mad Man”; by Jim Glover2. “Ancient Wisdoms”; by Gayle Redfern3. “Any Mother’s Daughter with HPV”; by Bonnie Diraimondo


5 Mar 2011