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81. Giving Every Ounce of Attention with Sara Brown Events


Anthony Bollotta and Alex Apostolidis are joined by Sara Brown (Sara Brown Events) on this week's Bollotta-Fide. Sara discusses her event work that focuses on corporate award recognition and marketing programs like the Cox Top Tech Awards and how their success and decision to plan the event again are often based on ROI and Statistics. Get to know Sara's fun side with the NEW segements: RAPID 10 INTERVIEW QUESTIONS and the FIDE-FIVE. Hear about how Sara started her business in a nontraditional way and how she manages and balances her business and life. ENJOY!Submit questions on the form at www.bollotta.com/podcastFollow @BollottaEntertainment on InstagramFollow @sarabrownevents on Instagram or www.sarabrownevents.comBollotta-FIDE could use your help. Please answer this survey: https://stats.blubrry.com/s-85335/getting_started/


27 Aug 2022

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The Silmarillion - Chapter 8: Of the Darkening of Valinor (with Dr. Sara Brown)

That's What I'm Tolkien About

Being the one hundred and forty-seventh episode in which Ungoliant is the OG girlboss, Feanor continues being a teenager, and it’s not a good day for Tulkas (or really anyone). That's What I'm Tolkien About is a proud member of WBNE. For more information, go to https://wbne.org/ The Show: Twitter - www.twitter.com/tolkienaboutpod Instagram - www.instagram.com/tolkienaboutpod Facebook Group - https://www.facebook.com/groups/3043311089030739/ Merch - https://bit.ly/3yELYc3 Patreon - https://www.patreon.com/tolkienaboutpod/ Cover art by Vashaun Brandon - https://www.instagram.com/vashaundesigns/ Mary Clay: Twitter - www.twitter.com/mcwattsup Instagram - www.instagram.com/mcturndownforwatt Sara: Twitter - https://twitter.com/AranelParmadil Website - sarabrown.academia.edu Signum University lectures - https://www.youtube.com/c/SignumUniversity Resources, Articles, Etc. -  Race in LOTR and Tolkien’s Works: https://docs.google.com/document/d/11ExziJbBteK8eJn9xgrjm17P23Vg_Ucm8rAyYAkm9yc/edit Potterless: Anti-Semitism in Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and Fantasy w/ Eric Silver - https://www.potterlesspodcast.com/episode-161 


3 May 2022

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#12 Sara Brown - Being Queer, Privileges and Porn Literacy


Sara Brown (she/they) is a queer human, performer, actor, dancer, and director working in live performance, theatre, and cinema, based in Barcelona, Spain. She's the art director of the multidisciplinary platform IL MONSTRO (former PLEASUREisPOWER), exploring pleasure, desire, sexuality, and gender through different art forms and live events. As a part of it, she's currently producing and directing IL MONSTRO - A Freak Show!, a long-form performance combining contemporary dance and cabaret, theatre and acrobatics, on the conflictual relationship between “normals” and “queers” – is reconciliation even possible?  Sara is also a writer interested in sexual politics, gender, and how these are told by the media. She advocates for a more positive and honest approach to sex, encouraging more porn literacy in schools and less stigma on sex workers’ work.00:00:15 - Childhood, growing up. Good and bad experiences. 00:22:00 - IG post discussion, LGBTQ label, abusive behaviour, what queer means for Sara, 01:04:30 - Public talks in school and being outed in an Italian newspaper about her work in porn. Support the show

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13 Mar 2022

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Ep. 31: "Qatherine is Qamp" (Catherine: Full Body w/ Sara Brown)

Gay for Play: A Video Game Podcast

This week we're joined once again by our friend Sara Brown: an iconic comedian & cosplayer who you may have previously heard on our Persona 5 Royal episode! She's back to talk about yet another ATLUS game, the super stylish, puzzle horror RPG Catherine: Full Body.  And much like Persona 5, this cult classic misses the mark pretty heavily in regards to how it handles LGBT representation. (CONTENT WARNING for transphobia in this game that we discuss at length about halfway through this episode) We chat with Sara about Catherine's portrayal of straight culture, muse on authorial intent when it comes to characters with shitty opinions, and how ATLUS's attempt to course correct its transphobic content in the game's remake (Catherine: Full Body) resulted in a product arguably more problematic than the original.PLUS Laurence talks about Boyfriend Dungeon & the online discourse that has developed since the game's release, and Eric talks about his recent Vegas trip and his experience at Omega Mart, Meow Wolf's newest interactive art exhibit in Sin City. It's a jam-packed episode that'll leave you on the EDGE of your seat. Enjoy!Follow Sara (@saraisnotfamous) on Instagram and Twitter, and check out her show, Super Dating Simulator on Twitch!========EMAIL US at gayforplaypodcast@gmail.comJoin our lil pod community & support the show by joining our PATREONFOLLOW GAY FOR PLAY!Twitter: @GayForPlayPodInstagram: @GayForPlayPodTwitch: twitch.tv/gayforplaypod (Catch our streams on Saturdays at 1pm Pacific!)Intro and outro music by Connor Marsh (@connorjmarshmallow)Show art by Nick Adams (@nickadams.art)Special thanks to our patrons: Blueberri Mary, Elijah Punzal, & Martha Turner <3MUSIC THIS WEEK:"Silent Sheep" by Shoji Meguro"Tomorrow" by Shoji Meguro

1hr 33mins

27 Aug 2021

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Ep 7 - Style and size inclusivity with Sara Brown

We Bloom

Episode 7 – Style and size inclusivityThis week we chat to phenomenal designer, influencer and size inclusive brand consultant Sara Brown @sarabrowndesign We jump straight into the boundaries between style and trends, how we grow and develop our unique styes and how Sara is challenging size inclusivity.We focus on how brands can start the process of making clothes available for more people and their need to do so much more. We scale it back and discuss how universities should teach the next generation of designers how to design, grade and make clothing that fit size and disability requirements and celebrate Sara’s journey. Love Sian and Rach x


20 Apr 2021

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Ep. 10: "Jazz IS Persona Vibes" (Persona 5 Royal w/ Sara Brown)

Gay for Play: A Video Game Podcast

Hey oomfs and besties!! This week we're joined by Super Dating Simulator's Sara Brown to talk about PERSONA 5 ROYAL: Atlus's critically-lauded JRPG about living the life of a Tokyo high schooler who moonlights as a monster-fighting "phantom thief" crusading against injustice. (It's very anime.)It's a game all 3 of us love dearly... even though it misses the mark pretty heavily in terms of positive LGBTQ+ representation. So we get *into* it! We chat about why high school teachers dating their students is Bad™, commiserate over the protagonist's lack of gay romance options, and how Futaba Sakura is definitely mining crypto and robbing hedge fund managers blind! (we stan!!)We also chat about the game's themes of found-family, the struggle for justice, and its nuanced portrayals of masculinity. Despite its flaws, we love these troublemaking Tokyo teens to bits and we're so excited to finally dig into this massive game!Follow Sara (@saraisnotfamous) on Instagram and Twitter, and check out her show, Super Dating Simulator here! Their interactive comedy show streams live on Twitch once every month!=================================FOLLOW GAY FOR PLAY!Twitter: @GayForPlayPodInstagram: @GayForPlayPodEMAIL US at gayforplaypodcast@gmail.comFIND US!Eric Solis:Instagram @eric_of_the_sunTwitter @eric_of_the_sunLaurence Turner-Cordova:Instagram @afroman76Twitter @afroman76 Intro and outro music by Connor Marsh (@connorjmarshmallow)Show art by Nick Adams (@stickartams)MUSIC THIS WEEK:"Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out There" by  Shoji Meguro, Vocals by Lyn"BAR にゅぅカマー" by Shoji Meguro"Beneath the Mask -rain, instrumental version-" by Shoji Meguro

1hr 30mins

4 Feb 2021

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Ep. 71 - Neon Genesis Evangelion with Sara Brown

I Think You'd Be Into It

Look, I'm not even gonna sugarcoat it: This episode is about Neon Genesis Evangelion, which is like a whoooooooole thing, and I can't blame you for being intimidated by it if you haven't seen it. That being said, our guest today, Super Dating Simulator's Sara Brown (@saraisnotfamous) does a really really good job of making this wet and wild world feel super accessible. We go deep on the show's history, how a modest animation budget led to some amazing battle scenes and even more amazingly static non-battle scenes, and the sheer cosmic horror of End of Evangelion.Plus, one do Netflix one better and actually end our episode with Fly Me To The Moon. Your move, NOTflix!

1hr 13mins

11 Jan 2021

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12. Are you...DTZ (down to zoom)? Part 2 (feat. Sara Brown)

h.e.r.LIFE Blogcast

Welcome to part 2 of our DTZ (down to Zoom) episode with Sara Brown. The ladies dive right into their topic of group Hinge dating via Zoom. First (02:16), Sara gives us a rundown (pun very much intended) of her neighborhood hottie. Then (06:40), Emma kicks off a discussion about the best ways to maintain Hinge conversations after that initial match. At (08:43), the ladies discuss Hinge’s brilliant “Date from Home” selection feature. Hear as Sara makes her first home match LIVE on air! Sara gives us a tour of her Hinge profile at (12:04), running through her photos and prompts, and telling the others what gets the most traffic from Hinge guys. Finally, at (15:05), the h.e.r. team gets into it: Group dates on Zoom! The girls discuss how the idea came about, then (16:39) they give the play-by-plays of a few standout dates thus far. At (18:06), guys from those dates weigh in with their rankings of the experience. You don’t want to miss what they have to say! At (24:52), it’s time for … wait for it … the Long Island Boys. Describing this dynamic was one of the hardest things tackled on the blogcast thus far. As Rachel put it, “the fever dream continues!” Before they wrap up, the ladies play a round of Xs & Os: Snapchat Boy Edition. Listen in as they discuss dealbreakers and dealmakers on everyone’s favorite app. To end it all, Sara Brown pitches her idea for what’s sure to be an instant success:  The Zoom Crush Party. Who would you invite??


26 Apr 2020

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11. Are you...DTZ (down to zoom)? Part 1 (feat. Sara Brown)

h.e.r.LIFE Blogcast

This week, Sara Brown joins h.e.r. for a two-part episode to talk all about the group Hinge dates that are becoming all the rage!  To start, Rachel kicks of h.e.r. reflections with the story of how Kelly Ripa got a hold of her final paper (03:36).  Then, Emma will walk us through the Too(t)sie Slide (08:44).  At (16:11), Rachel responds to a blogcast critique she received via Hinge.  Glad to know we're getting constructive criticism!  Next, the ladies dive into this week's Content Catch Up (16:11), hitting everything from Kim Kardashian West: The Justice Project, to RHOBH, to Girls Gotta Eat.  A brand new segment pops up at (33:55): Swoon of the Week! Who will they pick??  Be sure to tune in next week, when the girls really get into the group Hinge profile and weekly Zoom group dates.  It's sure to be a wild discussion!  As always, thank you for listening! 


19 Apr 2020

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34: Leaving your corporate career after burnout with Sara Brown

The Sunday Soother

What happens if you’re in a long-term corporate career, you’re super successful, but you’re burned the hell out, and you dream of leaving to do … uh… something, anything else? Sara Brown did this. She is a Sunday Soother reader who emailed me a few months ago to say my journey of leaving my corporate career to start my own thing — and all my reflection along the way — resonated with her. After a nearly 20-year successful career in corporate PR and communications, Sara realized she was desperately burned out and she just… left. I wanted to interview her to hear her story as I think the Soother community — and the world at large — are in a moment right now where we’re wondering if our careers are what we want to, or need to be, doing with and for ourselves.Things Sara and I talk about:The surprising ways burnout looked like for usWhat it feels like to leave your job when you’re almost 40 and not sure where to go nextHow we both decided to make these decisions and leap How our careers were so crucial to our identities and self-worth, and how we are working to unwind thatOur favorite astrological tool Resources mentioned in the episode: Designing your LifeEzra Klein workism/burnout episode Buzzfeed burnout article The Pattern astrology app The Cut: The Ambition Collision Wit & Delight: My Only Goal This Summer is Doing NothingVice: If You Don’t Want to Have Kids, You Don’t Have to Want a Career InsteadDuke: "Love Your Job? Someone May be Taking Advantage of You - Passion Exploitation"Sara's info: Instagram: @littlebrownsaraWebsite (work in progress!): 


22 Mar 2020