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A Conversation With Michael Manring (Windham Hill Records)

Notes From An Artist

To paraphrase Dr. Winston O’Boogie (John Lennon speaking of Chuck Berry and the art of rock and roll) – if you want to call solo bass by another name…call it… Michael Manring! A fretless virtuoso, Manring brings the instrument to places hitherto unknown, unexplored, and untried – until now. Working his virtuosity on the fretless with a myriad of tonal and textural effects and alternative tunings, Manring is a genre unto himself. Self-effacing, gracious, insightful, humble, and humorous are just a few of the adjectives to describe this conversation with Mr. “Manthing.”Michael Manring Playlist


8 Jun 2021

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TalkingBass Episode 3 - The Incredible Solo Bass Work Of Michael Manring

The Talkingbass Podcast

This week, Ellen O Reilly sits down to talk bass with one of the greatest bass soloists of all time: Michael Manring.   Michael is a unique voice in the world of bass playing and has been at the forefront of solo bass composition and performance for over thirty years with his highly melodic and eclectic bass style.    Michael makes use of every conceivable method for creating music on the instrument by way of altered tunings, various techniques and additional gadgets like the ebow.    He’s released many solo albums resulting in countless awards and it only takes a brief hearing to realise that Michael is a true artist, creating soundscapes and beautiful compositions that are light years from the stereotypical pyrotechnic displays you might find on many an Instagram post. You can follow Talkingbass on social media: Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/TalkingBassVideo Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/talkingbasslessons


5 Mar 2021

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Brad Apple visits with bassist, Michael Manring, about his music career, recordings, and more!

Acoustic Music Talk with Brad Apple

Bassist Michael Manring visits with Host, Brad Apple, about his music career, recordings, and more!--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/brad-apple/messageSupport this podcast: https://anchor.fm/brad-apple/support


26 Jan 2021

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Michael Manring and his amazing bass

Hug It Out America Live

Can't wait to talk to Michael Manring. What the man can do on a bass guitar is astounding. Listen as we talk about his music, his life, and even play some of his songs.

1hr 26mins

8 Jun 2020

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Michael Manring - Everyone Loves Guitar

Everyone Loves Guitar

Michael Manring is one of THE most passionate players I’ve ever met, and in fact, passion is the driving factor in pretty much everything he does. Stories about leaving Berklee early - with their blessing… playing with Henry Kaiser, Michael Hedges, Alex Skolnick… the dark side of touring solo all over the world, the upside of being a misfit, integrity, compassion, responsibility… becoming more accepting, his obsessions, and much more. Incredibly honest interview with a very warm soul. In a world where people say they are “different,” Michael is truly a different player. The way he plays bass, and the way he hears bass guitar is unlike anyone I’ve ever seen or heard. A solo artist who’d released 7 solo LPs of his own, played with Michael Hedges for years, was part of the Wyndham Hill house band, and has played on hundreds of stages all over the world and on hundreds of records. Subscribe https://www.everyonelovesguitar.com/subscribe/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EveryoneLovesGuitar/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/everyonelovesguitar/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/ELovesGuitar 

2hr 2mins

9 Dec 2019

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509: Joe Zon, Michael Manring, & Billy Gould

Contrabass Conversations double bass life

Today’s episode features Joe Zon of Zon Guitars plus Zon artists Michael Manring, Cody Wright, Bill Gould, and Jeff Denson. Dan Robbins joined the panel with his Ibanez 6-string and array of pedals and effects as well. Topics include: how Joe Zon got into the business, and how he and Michael Manring first met the stability that carbon fiber necks provide the signal chain from bass to amp how to prioritize gear upgrades differences in various types of pickups and how they affect tone Listen to Contrabass Conversations with our free app for iOS, Android, and Kindle! Contrabass Conversations is sponsored by: Kolstein Music The Samuel Kolstein Violin Shop was founded by Samuel Kolstein in 1943 as a Violin and Bow making establishment in Brooklyn, New York. Now on Long Island, over 60 years later, Kolstein’s has built a proud reputation for quality, craftsmanship and expertise in both the manufacture and repair of a whole range of stringed instruments, and has expanded to a staff of twelve experts in restoration, marketing and production. Robertson & Sons Violins For more than four decades, Robertson & Sons has specialized in providing the highest quality stringed instruments and bows to collectors, professional musicians, music educators, and students of all ages. Their modern facility is equipped with three instrument showrooms as well as a beautiful Recital Hall available to our clients to in their search for the perfect instrument and/or bow. Upton Bass String Instrument Company Upton's Karr Model Upton Double Bass represents an evolution of our popular first Karr model, refined and enhanced with further input from Gary Karr. Since its introduction, the Karr Model with its combination of comfort and tone has gained a loyal following with jazz and roots players. The slim, long “Karr neck” has even become a favorite of crossover electric players. D'Addario Strings This episode is brought to you by D’Addario Strings! Check out their Zyex strings, which are synthetic core strings that produce an extremely warm, rich sound. Get the sound and feel of gut strings with more evenness, projection and stability than real gut. A440 Violin Shop An institution in the Roscoe Village neighborhood for over 20 years, A440's commitment to fairness and value means that we have many satisfied customers from the local, national, and international string playing communities. Our clients include major symphony orchestras, professional orchestra and chamber music players, aspiring students, amateur adult players, all kinds of fiddlers, jazz and commercial musicians, university music departments, and public schools. Contrabass Conversations production team: Jason Heath, host Michael Cooper and Steve Hinchey, audio editing Mitch Moehring, audio engineer Trevor Jones, publication and promotion Krista Kopper, archival and cataloging Subscribe to the podcast to get these interviews delivered to you automatically!

1hr 11mins

2 Aug 2018

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NEM#31: Michael Manring’s Limitless Bass Guitar

Nakedly Examined Music Podcast

Michael has played on 500+ recordings; he was the house bassist for the Windham Hill label in the '80s and has put out seven solo albums. He expands what electric bass can do by using many tunings, even retuning on the fly using a custom-built system, using his bass as a percussion instrument, and sometimes playing multiple basses at once. We discuss "Excuse Me, Mr. Manring" from Soliloquy(2005), and "My Three Moons" and "The Enormous Room," both from Thonk (1994). The opening music is "Thunder Tactics" from Unusual Weather (1986), and we wrap up with "Unclear, Inarticulate Things" by Attention Deficit from Idiot King (2001).Learn more at manthing.com.Hear more Nakedly Examined Music. Like our Facebook page.

1hr 13mins

18 Dec 2016

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Gear: Zon Michael Manring Hyperbass

Make Weird Music Podcast

The Zon Hyperbass is an incredible instrument and a feat of luthiery.


29 May 2016

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Interview: Michael Manring Interview

Make Weird Music Podcast

Michael Manring has advanced bass playing with his virtuosity, creativity, and extraterrestrial hyperbass.

1hr 7mins

17 Dec 2015

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The Tour Bus Music Show - Episode# 18 6/26/2011 - Interview And Music With World Renowned Bassist Michael Manring

The Tour Bus Music Show

In every generation, there is one…or maybe two bassist that changes the rules and for that matter the whole concept of what can be done on and with a bass guitar. The late great Jaco Pastorius was one of the masters of bass guitar that expanded the world of bass guitar with his astounding ability and talent. However, it was his student that took the bass to new heights and along with Joe Zon designed one of the finest and most unique bass instruments on the planet…The Zon Hyperbass, Michaels’ signature instrument. With it he continues to stretch the very boundaries of the bassists’ realm. Michael has had and continues to have an outstanding career having performed and collaborated with the very finest musicians in the world. He has performed every type of music from New Age to Rock and Jazz to Fusion. His solo work has been some of the most innovative music ever composed for bass guitar including a work entitled “ My Three Moons” off his album “Thonk” where he simultaneously plays three basses at once with remarkable prowess. We have included a link to the video of him performing this feat on our web site at www.audiosmaximus.com. In this episode of the this episode of  The Tour Bus Music Show we sit down with Michael for an in depth interview where we discuss his career and experiences such as his friendship and collaboration the late acoustic guitar master and performer Michael Hedges. We’ll also get inside his head where he shares with us his unique perspective on the bass guitar, life in general and what helped contribute to making him the remarkable bassist he is today. In a personal note, I am a bassist myself (T. Mic), Michael Manring has been one of my personal favorite bassists for many years and has had a profound influence on my own playing style. It was a privilege and honor to conduct this interview and I wish to extend my personal thanks to Michael Manring for taking the time out of his busy schedule to talk with me for this interview. You can find out more information on Michael Manring and current dates for his concerts and clinics on at www.manthing.com.

1hr 29mins

28 Jun 2011