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Biju Thomas: How to Eat Like a Pro Athlete

Eat In

Biju Thomas is a lifelong cyclist and self-taught chef. He's a co-author of the FeedZone cookbook and co-founder of SkratchLabs. Both ventures are staples for pro athletes of all kinds.We learn how to eat for performance like a pro athlete, what to keep track of to feel great every day, and a simple hack for cooking and eating in remote places.Check out Biju @bijuthechef on Instagram and Outside Magazine @outsidemagazine and OutsideOnline.com. This episode was edited by Libby Gemperline, and recorded in Kiln. To Join our digital workshops, check out our youtube, subscribe to our newsletter and learn more about Eat In go to CallieCavanaugh.com, follow me on instagram @CallieCavanaugh_ and email me at callie@nonnaeats.com. Please send any questions to CallieCavanugh.com/Questions. View our private chefs at NonnaEats.com and follow us on instagram @nonnaeats. 


18 May 2022

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VN Podcast, ep. 279: Cycling's celebrity chef Biju Thomas

VeloNews Podcasts

Well before he co-authored three Feed Zone cookbooks with Dr. Allen Lim, Biju Thomas was cooking for cyclists all around the world. He's been the chef for everyone from Lance Armstrong to Peter Sagan, and he's cooked in fancy hotels and in parking lots.Thomas is now the resident chef at Outside, the parent company for VeloNews and VeloPress, the publisher of the Feed Zone cookbooks.In this episode, Thomas talks with Ben Delaney about how he got his start in cycling and cooking, and he gives advice on what everyday riders should and shouldn't do when it comes to their food.


14 Oct 2021

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BTS-008 Streets Paved With Opportunity: A Conversation with Biju Thomas

Beyond Tech Skills

Imagine if your first serious IT job meant flying 24 hours straight halfway across the world … and you’ve never even been on an airplane before. Liron and Jim chat with their guest, Biju Thomas, on how he built a successful IT career after coming to the USA in 1995. We’ll share his tales of culture shock and his unique viewpoints during a 25-year journey of self-discovery.


19 May 2021

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WorkYogi Diaries Podcast #9 with Chef, Author and entrepreneur Biju Thomas

WorkYogi Diaries Podcast

Chef Biju is a lifelong entrepreneur, cyclist, and food industry pro who has worked his way up from scrubbing floors and dishes to being a food writer and co-author of the best-selling Feedzone Cookbook series with Dr. Allen Lim. Born and raised in south India, Biju found his love of all things food while growing up on a small family farm and cooking alongside his large family. Biju has been the executive chef to The Amgen Tour of California, The USA Pro Challenge, The Tour of Utah, The Nissan / RadioShack pro cycling team, BMC pro cycling team, Quickstep, and Dempsey Del-Piero Racing team along with numerous high-profile clientele globally. In 2014 Biju launched the Little Curry Shop restaurants in Denver which would go on to spread the message of bright, flavorful, and lighter South Indian-inspired food to Americans. Biju has appeared along with Guy Fieri on the Food Network's DDD, the show "Scraps" on A&E, dozens of local and national TV shows, podcasts, and is a sought-after speaker to businesses, entrepreneurs, and anyone needing a change of view.


2 May 2021

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Bring Friends & Family to the Table in a Way that Nourishes Life and Sport with Biju Thomas & Allen Lim


Lisa is joined by Biju Thomas and Dr. Allen Lim who talk about their third incredible book, Feed Zone Table: FAMILY-STYLE MEALS TO NOURISH LIFE AND SPORTS. This is a great conversation about food, health, culture, family, friends, isolation, and amazing recipes!Book description:In their third cookbook, Feed Zone Table, chef Biju Thomas and Dr. Allen Lim offer over 100 all-new recipes to bring friends and family to the table in a way that nourishes life and sport.Feed Zone Table will inspire your family-style dinners with a delicious line up of drinks, starters, main courses, side dishes, fresh sauces, and desserts. Biju rolls out easy techniques for making flavorful food that's fun to prepare and share. Enjoying dinnertime and eating well will nourish you, your family and friends--and your sports performance. Science shows it's not just what we eat that matters; eating together matters, too. Dr. Lim saw these benefits first-hand while working with professional athletes and shares new research on how social meals benefit everyone. Lim reveals why it matters--what science has to say about food, camaraderie, performance, and the pivotal role that the dinner table can play in an athlete's preparation. Sports are often an escape from life, but Feed Zone Table is a warm invitation back to the table. We perform best when we nourish our bodies and feed our souls. Bring great food and people together with Feed Zone Table and you'll feel the difference. Feed Zone Table brings over 100 new recipes to the popular Feed Zone series which includes The Feed Zone Cookbook and Feed Zone Portables. Included in the new Feed Zone Table: The Science Behind Social Meals  30+ Drinks, Starters, Sides, Salads, and Soups 35+ Poultry, Seafood, Pork, Beef, Lamb, and Bison Dishes 6 Meatless Dishes 40+ Sweets, Oils & Dressings, Sauces & Spices 15+ New Cooking Techniques Quick & Recipes, Nutrition Facts, Index


5 Apr 2021

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Fifth Sunday of Lent - Two-Minute Homily: Fr Biju Thomas

Archdiocese of Brisbane

Two-Minute Homily by Fr Biju Thomas for the Fifth Sunday of Lent 2021. "Our life on earth is so precious, we have to make it wonderful and glorify God by accepting the suffering for the goodness of others." The post Fifth Sunday of Lent - Two-Minute...


17 Mar 2021

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Ep 63- Biju Thomas- Talent Doesn't Matter: Rebuilding Through Life's Opportunities

The Strong Savvy Cyclist & Triathlete Podcast

2020 has proven to be a year of pretty big challenges, with lots of completely unexpected surprises. But it's also allowed us the opportunity to take a step back and deeply reassess what we're doing, what's working for us, and are we actually doing the things we need to do to get what's REALLY important to us.  Biju Thomas is known in the endurance sports world for his Feed Zone Cookbook, and Feed Zone Portables Cookbook, but he has a wealth of training and racing experience which he shares with us in todays episode. We talk about: Becoming a better person, not just cyclist/ triathlete The power of written lists & planning your days ahead of time Focusing on what you can control Riding "Analog" What small things will help you move forward TODAY? Why Sleep is really, really important Getting to know YOUR body, and how YOU need to train and recover Follow Biju: @bijuthechef Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bijuthechef/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/BijuTheChef Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/biju.thomas.1213 @mixnmatch / www.mixn-match.com @skratchlabs / www.skratchlabs.com Youtube channel:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Hj6FuUZCD4 Subscribe to the HVTraining YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/HVTraining Coach Brodie's Book “Strength Training for Cycling Performance” Sign up for the Strength Training for Cyclists Certification Insiders List --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/menachem-brodie/support

1hr 23mins

9 Oct 2020

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Thirteenth Sunday of Ordinary Time - Two-Minute Homily: Fr Biju Thomas

Archdiocese of Brisbane

Two-Minute Homily by Fr Biju Thomas for the Thirteenth Sunday of Ordinary Time 2020. "Give the center place to God, in our family. Love God more than, our dad, mum, and children." The post Thirteenth Sunday of Ordinary Time - Two-Minute Homily: Fr Biju...


25 Jun 2020

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Entrepreneur / Professional Chef / Restaraunt Owner / Biju Thomas

Big Feed up HQ

Biju Thomas is an entrepreneur, professional chef and restaraunt owner.I hope you enjoy this wide ranging conversation. Background: In 2009, Biju teamed up with sports physiologist Dr. Allen Lim to improve the everyday diets and performance nutrition of professional cyclists and their teams.Biju has cooked for dozens of elite professional cyclists, teaching them the craft of cooking. His Feed Zone series of books with Lim, The Feed Zone Cookbook and Feed Zone Portables, feature 225 easy, healthy recipes and snack ideas for an active lifestyle.The Feed Zone Portables book is a particular favourite of mine and it initially drew me into Biju’s work. Biju has designed the menus of many successful restaurants in Denver and Boulder, Colorado and has launched his own restaurant, Biju’s Little Curry Shop, in Denver’s RiNo neighborhood.Keep in touch with Biju because he is about to launch his own podcast. Quick note from me: As always lovely people if you like the show please share it with someone. Subsribe on SoundCloud / Apple Podcast / Spotify. Do me a solid and leave a review - it helps the show reach more people. Links and Resources:Biju on IG - https://instagram.com/bijuthechef?igshid=1wxrcko6approbijuthechef on Twitter / Facebook https://www.foodnetwork.com/restaurants/co/denver/bijus-little-curry-shop-restaurantCool show on FYI network / showcases Colorado - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jCl9UcAAOYQ Rice cakes video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e0osaNrjGvE Skratch labs - www.skratchlabs.comVelopress - www.velopress.com33 Fuel support the show:33 Fuel produce natural and powerful sports nutrition products Gain 10% off your first order with matt10 at checkout.https://www.33fuel.com/My favourite product at the moment is the Ultimate Greens Powder.


2 May 2020

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Open Mic with Mike Creed Ep 23 Allen Lim and Biju Thomas

Open Mic with Mike Creed

THIS EPISODE Mike gets together with Skratch Labs saveurs Allen Lim and Biju Thomas, and the trio talk about everything from soup to nuts (well, really, rice cakes to smoked barbecue). We learn some fascinating parallel immigration stories from Allen's and Biju's childhoods, and discover the early experiences that shaped their respective drives to succeed. The guys share stories about how they got their start in cycling, and reminisce about the seminal years together on the TIAA-CREF team.We learn from Allen Lim – whom Creed asserts actually invented the idea of "marginal gains" – that it's less about marginal gains and more about removing the limiting factors - the bottlenecks - to performance and training, and how those innovative principles became the foundation for not only Lim's methodology as a DS, but the very core tenets to this next adventure with Biju and Skratch Labs.Along the way we also get some funny stories about Creed using the Secret Salty Drink Mix sleeves as pixie sticks, as well as some special training involving holding your breath (really, it's science...).You're sure to find this engaging conversation a fascinating departure from what you might have expected.Open Mic with Mike Creed is sponsored by The Colorado Cyclist, Mike’s very first professional cycling team in 1998. Thanks to everyone at Colorado Cyclist for their support of Mike over the years, and a big thank you to them for stepping up and sponsoring the podcast and offering $50 gift cards to our Twitter contest winners. Please visit their website at coloradocyclist.com and give them a follow on Twitter at @Co_Cyclist to show your appreciation for everything they do for us.Be sure to call them at 1-800-688-8600 and mention the podcast for 15% off your purchase.

1hr 31mins

22 Nov 2013