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Mark Jeffrey - Tech Diplomat

The Law Business Podcast

A discussion with alumnus and Microsoft Tech' Diplomat, Mark Jeffrey about his experience of using law in the field of technology and international relations.


20 Jul 2021

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Mark Jeffrey on Cryptocurrencies and Private Commerce

The Every Day Novelist

Today special guest, author Mark Jeffrey, is on to discuss cryptocurrency and private commerce. The post Mark Jeffrey on Cryptocurrencies and Private Commerce appeared first on The Every Day Novelist.


11 Mar 2021

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312: Mark Jeffrey On The Importance Of Timing

The Pomp Podcast

Mark Jeffrey is the co-founder and CEO of Guardian Circle, a service tackling emergency response through a unique community approach. He's also a serial entrepreneur with five exits, a published author, and worked closely with some of the biggest names in tech including Jason Calacanis and Travis Kalanick.In this conversation, we discuss how emergency response can improve, why disbanding the police probably won't happen, what it has been like to work with some of Silicon Valley's most successful entrepreneurs, and the experience of building a company during COVID-19.=============================== Blockset by BRD is your hosted blockchain infrastructure. Blockset enables enterprises and developers around the globe to deliver high-quality blockchain-based applications in a fraction of the time, at a fraction of the cost. Using the services provided by Blockset, businesses can build professional custody solutions, accurate and near real-time portfolio management solutions, auditing platforms, commercial block explorers, and much more: blockset.com ===============================Crypto.com is the only all-in-one platform that allows you to BUY / SELL / STORE / EARN / LOAN / INVEST crypto all from one place. Join over 1 million users currently using the Crypto.com app. Download and earn $50 USD using my code ‘pomp2020’, or use the link https://platinum.crypto.com/r/pomp2020 when you sign up for one of their metal cards today. ===============================Pomp writes a daily letter to over 50,000 investors about business, technology, and finance. He breaks down complex topics into easy to understand language, while sharing opinions on various aspects of each industry. You can subscribe at pompletter.com


11 Jun 2020

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Guest #4 : Mark Jeffrey, 35 year Phoenix radio veteran

The Foxperience

Mark Jeffrey has been working in Phoenix traffic since 1985 and has done over a quarter million traffic reports since… and counting. Mark gave me my start in radio in 2017 and he’s a huge reason this show even exists. We sat down and talked about Mark’s amazing beer can collection, his background in radio, from the Connecticut School of Broadcasting to running Phoenix traffic for 30+ years, the state of media as a whole, and we take time to discuss the state of the country, from the protests and riots, to the coronavirus and upcoming election. marktraffic.com Goregirl.com Twitter: @MarkTraffic Episode: 0:01 - 8:55: Beer can collection 8:56 - 19:00: How he started in radio and ended up in traffic 19:01 - 29:15: How he ended up in Phoenix and what it was like working here as a traffic reporter then and a little about the history of Phoenix freeways (They’re not as old as you may think!) 29:16 - 42:52: Working in media and the media today 42:53 - 49:13: The changing of media, the arrival of social media and how it effects the industry 49:14 - 1:05:24: Podcasting’s arrival on the scene and what it means for terrestrial radio - Also, we talk about living in the age of content creation 1:05:25 - 1:17:39: Political correctness, bias & agendas, & the current state of media 1:17:40 - 1:44:56: We talk about current events and issues in the country - We discuss the protests and riots around the country and what it means for everyone, including those heavily interested in the 2020 election 1:44:57 - End: Where can you find Mark all over the interwebs?! This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/thefoxperience/support

1hr 47mins

9 Jun 2020

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Community Emergency Response w/ Mark Jeffrey

The Trip With Matt McKibbin

Join Matt McKibbin as he interviews Mark Jeffrey, the CEO of Guardian Circle about his community emergency response network. As COVID-19 has upended the lives of so many people all over the world our support and safety networks become even more important. Jeffrey created an app where you can connect with your friends, family or anyone and have them as your Guardians which in just one press of a button. Be a part of my Guardian Circle https://gcapp.co/a/3A7677 The Trip With Matt McKibbin has been brought to you by AMMA Healing Co. AMMA brings healing, balance, and wellness to our planet, by providing the highest quality hemp products. Get a 15% discount off your order using discount code "MATT". https://ammahealing.co/discount/MATT


21 May 2020

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Mark Jeffrey, CEO of Guardian Circle

The Silicon Valley Insider Show with Keith Koo

On this episode of Silicon Valley Insider, Keith Koo's guest is Mark Jeffrey, Award winning author and Co-Founder and CEO of Guardian Circle. Keith and Mark discuss how Guardian Circle strives to be a next generation "Life Alert" and the harrowing story of how Mark first conceived of the concept of creating community and incident response using blockchain technology. On this week's Cyber-tip, Keith discusses the rise in Ponzi schemes related to crypto currencies and how all "get rick quick" investments should be scrutinized whether in crypto or fiat currencies. Tune in to hear more! www.svin.biz Listen Fridays 1-2pm on 1220AM KDOW & Saturdays 10-11am 860 KTRB Silicon Valley | San Francisco Listen and subscribe to the "Silicon Valley Insider" Podcast ahead of time to make sure you don't miss this show. First airing is 1-2pm on 1220AM KDOW Download the podcast at 2pm Friday's For questions or comments, email: info@svin.biz Be sure to subscribe and listen to the podcast. You can also listen to past podcasts here: Castbox: https://castbox.fm/channel/The-Silicon-Valley-Insider-Show-with-Keith-Koo-id1100209?country=us iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-silicon-valley-insider-show/id1282637717?mt=2 Android, Spotify (and iTunes): https://omny.fm/shows/the-silicon-valley-insider-show Email us at info@svin.biz or find us here: www.svin.biz https://stitchengine.drishinfo.com/index.jsp?sId=15540&source=sh Artificial Intelligence, AI, Blockchain, Big Data, Data Analytics, Cyberrisk, Information security, VC, Venture Capital, Angel Investments, Fundraising, Capital Raising, Investor, Human Rights, Technology for Good, UN SDGs, Emerging Technology, #Patreon


13 Dec 2019

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Mark Jeffrey – Founder of Guardian Circle

The Rob McNealy Program

In This EpisodeIn this podcast, Rob McNealy interviews Mark Jeffrey, Founder & CEO of Guardian Circle, a crypto powered Community Emergency Response Network app.About Mark JeffreyMark Jeffrey is an award-winning serial entrepreneur and author with Harper Collins. His previous companies include The Palace (backed by Time Warner, Intel and SoftBank; sold with 10 million users) and ZeroDegrees (a business social network sold to InterActiveCorp / IAC in 2004 with 1 million users). He was the first CTO of Mahalo / Inside.com (backed by Elon Musk, Sequoia and others). He is also an early pioneer of blockchain technology having published BITCOIN EXPLAINED SIMPLY (2013) and THE CASE FOR BITCOIN (2016).About Guardian CircleGuardian Circle provides a community emergency response network. Mobile devices are used to create ‘flash mobs of help’ anywhere on earth. Six billion people have no emergency response.Four billion are unbanked. Guardian Circle + $GUARD cryptocurrency provide a way for citizens to help and reward one another.Guardian Circle’s API allows any manufacturer to plug any alert device into Guardian Circle: panic buttons, crash detection, voice interfaces, heart rate monitors, etc. Guardian Circle DISPATCH allows private security and private medical response to control a geofenced service area.LinksGuardian Circle Mark Jeffrey on LinkedIn


7 Nov 2019

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He knows TRAFFIC, and media, he’s the Traffic Dude - Mark Jeffrey

The Insurance Dudes

The World Famous Insurance Dudes chat with Mark JeffreyWe Are Insurance Dudes!!! We Are Here To Learn From All The Incredible Insurance Dudes And Dudettes We Speak With And To Pass The Knowledge Nuggets That We Learn To Our Dedicated And Amazing DudeNation!For All Things Related To Being An Insurance Dude or Dudette,  Incredible Tips, Amazing Tools, and Valuable Resources, Check Out The Insurance Dudes Hub!-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Who's Mark Jeffrey?Mark Jeffrey has been up in the air in helicopters and airplanes in the Phoenix skies since the early 80s.  He's an anchor, a reporter, and traffic director at KISS FM in Phoenix, and has a social media presence on Facebook.


4 Apr 2019

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#37 Unpacking the Disruptive Power of Blockchain - A Conversation with Mark Jeffrey

Momenta I Digital Thread

Mark Jeffrey is Co Founder and CEO of Guardian Circle, a blockchain-based startup focused on enabling people anywhere in the world to summon critical help from their smartphone. He’s an accomplished entrepreneur and CEO as well as a published author. Our conversation explores his path through technology, becoming one of the first podcasters to serialize fiction, the characteristics that make blockchain special and some of the key applications. We discuss the origins and goals of Guardian Circle, the ongoing regulatory challenges in the cryptoasset market, key distinctions between the NEO, EOS and Ethereum blockchains, and the obstacles to mainstream adoption of blockchain based applications. He also shares commentary on notables startups including Spotcoin, EOS Lynx and Neon Wallet.


28 Nov 2018

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Mark Jeffrey: Podcasting a novel and self-publishing

About the Author with Saul Marquez

Mark Jeffrey has always thought outside the box. He’s first and foremost an entrepreneur -- that’s his thing. So it wasn’t a surprise when he approached self-publishing differently than most.He gave his book away for free.But we’re not talking about Kindle-Daily-Special-free either (the Kindle hadn’t even been invented yet!). He read his novel in front of a microphone, turning it into an audiobook and then releasing it as a podcast. The result was an audience of over 2 million and an eventual deal with one of the biggest publishers in the world.For our pilot episode of About the Author, we’re speaking with Mark about how he wrote his book and then shared it with the world. Mark’s creative and entrepreneurial approach to self-publishing is an exciting story that’s sure to entertain creatives and inform soon-to-be writers.Follow Mark on Twitter @markjeffrey (https://twitter.com/markjeffrey)Follow Saul on Twitter @SAULMARQ (https://twitter.com/SAULMARQ)


8 Jun 2018