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Episode 100: Allison Ryan of Explore Ranches

Rural Revival

This week on the podcast we’re with Allison Ryan of Explore Ranches — a web platform of ranch rentals that Allison and her friends Jay and Jesse created that features incredible private properties and experiences and helps people connect to the outdoors. As someone who has always had a passion for the outdoors, Allison is sharing how Explore Ranches is providing a service to both land owners and visitors, and how they are creating interest in conserving and protecting some incredible wild places.You’ll love how Allison, Jay, and Jesse thought outside of the box to create Explore Ranches, and how they are opening up a new avenue to landowners through hospitality that allows people to exclusively experience these beautiful places.SHOW NOTES:Davis MountainsThe WithersDavis Mountains Nature Conservancy PreserveTall Rock ShelterFort DavisMcDonald ObservatoryChandler RanchHudspeth River RanchRanch 2810 MarfaMarfa, TexasDonald JuddRocker B RanchArmenderis RanchLlano Springs RanchChandler RanchTejon RanchLadder Ranchexploreranches.comFacebook: /exploreranchesInstagram: @exploreranches


23 Jul 2020

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20. Bekah Skaug & Allison Ryan - Home Decorator Series - 1

Kestrel Country Podcast

Part 1 in our Home Decorator Series features Bekah Skaug and Allison Ryan!  Allison and Bekah have a wonderful sense of humor, a keen eye for design, layout, and the comfort of a home!  This conversation was a hoot and we'll have to get them on again to share ideas, wisdom, and funny stories!Some tips from them; - Paint it white!- If you can't figure out what's wrong with a room, step back and take a picture.- Don't be afraid to ask for advice.  And you don't always have to take it!


28 Apr 2020

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Love Yourself First w: Allison Ryan

Andrea Dupuy Podcast

Hello Guys!Welcome back to another episode of Andrea's PodcastI'm so thrilled to share with you, my good friend and soul sister Allison Ryan.Allison is a Self-love coach, a powerhouse woman who is reclaiming her life back after the birth of her 2 daughters.Allison's mission is to empower women is reclaim their self-worth and the truth about who they REALLY are so they can live a life of deep peace, endless joy, and deep love - for themselves and for others! This conversation will inspire you to prioritize your needs above ALL, to honor yourself and to take responsibility for your wellbeing.Books mentioned on the Podcast:Journey Into Now by Leonard JacobsonThe Secret of the Shadow by Debbie FordLiving with Joy by Sanaya RomanRetreat information:Soul Charge Event Sept 21/22 2019: https://www.kristinasantiago.com/events/2019/9/22/soul-chargeAllison's Website:https://www.alisonjaneryan.comIG: @iamalisonryanAre you ready to transform your life?Join me on my 12 weeks transformation programWebsite: andreakawanodupuy.comIG: @andreakawanodupuy_Facebook: Andrea Kawano DupuyIf you feel moved by this podcast please leave us a review, a comment on iTunes, tell us what you think, what you want to hear more from me. I have a favor to ask, if you resonate with this message, please share the podcast with your friends or someone who will benefit from this message. It means the world to me. Thank you so much for spending your time with me today! Love,Andrea


14 Aug 2019

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Allison Ryan - Connecting People With Place

Mountain & Prairie with Ed Roberson

Allison Ryan is a West Texas native and co-founder of Explore Ranches, a company that connects its customers with spectacular private ranches throughout Texas and Colorado—some have described it as “AirBnB for ranches." For those seeking a truly unique outdoor experience, Explore Ranches offers access to private land that has rarely, if ever, been visited by the public. And for the ranch owner, Explore Ranches creates an additional revenue stream to support the costs of land ownership, encourage conservation, and reduce the likelihood of subdividing large ranches due to financial strain. Given the lack of public land in Texas and the financial realities of owning large ranches, Explore Ranches offers a welcome solution for both landowners and adventure-loving non-landowners. • Allison grew up in El Paso, Texas, in a conservation-minded family that valued time in the outdoors and understood the importance of land stewardship. Between her childhood experiences at summer camp in West Texas, time spent on her family’s ranch, and a love of fitness and wellness, Allison has a deep understanding of the many benefits of recreating in open spaces. But Allison is also familiar with the financial commitments of land ownership, and she understands first hand the need to identify new revenue streams in order to make ranch ownership financially viable. In fact, her family’s ranch, known as the Withers, is available on Explore Ranches-- it serves as an excellent case study that demonstrates the need that Explore Ranches fulfills for landowners. • If you listened to my recent interview with Allison’s co-founder Jay Kleberg, you may remember that we briefly discussed Explore Ranches. But in this conversation with Allison, we dig into the nitty-gritty details of the business—how the idea came about, descriptions of some of the available properties, and the challenges and opportunities arising from the small amount of private land in Texas. We discuss how Explore Ranches can be a useful tool for landowners, and why her family’s ranch was a prime candidate to partner with Explore Ranches. We talk about her childhood in West Texas, conservation lessons learned from her parents and grandparents, and some of her formative experiences in the outdoors. Allison also dives into her other career in the fitness world, and I veer the conversation completely off track by asking way too many questions about diet, exercise, and fasting—if you like any of my interviews with professional athletes, you’ll probably enjoy that part. And as usual, we discuss favorite books, films, and her most powerful outdoor experience. • Take a moment to visit Explore Ranches—there are links in the episode notes. And please enjoy this fun conversation with Allison Ryan. ••• Episode Notes: http://mountainandprairie.com/allison-ryan/ https://www.exploreranches.com/ http://mountainandprairie.com/reading ••• TOPICS DISCUSSED: 4:30- How Allison describes her work 5:50 - Overview of Explore Ranches 7:25 - Origin of the Explore Ranches idea 11:30 - Public vs private land in Texas 14:50 - Allison’s family ranch 19:30 - History of land stewardship in Allison’s family 20:45 - Childhood experiences in the outdoors 21:45 - Other ranches in the Explore Ranches portfolio 24:30 - Working with landowners 27:15 - Explore Ranches as a landowner tool 28:30 - Competitors? 30:00 - Criteria for ranches 31:30 - Biggest surprises in starting the business 33:50 - Future plans for Explore Ranches 36:00 - Growing up in El Paso 37:45 - School and early career 40:00 - Personal training 41:00 - Diet versus exercise 46:30 - Best single exercise 47:30 - Fasting 50:15 - Thoughts on social media 54:30 - Favorite books 57:15 - Favorite films 58:30 - Most powerful outdoor experience 1:00:30 - Favorite location in the West 1:01:00 - Request of the listeners 1:02:45 - Connect with Allison

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28 Dec 2018

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