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Tacoma Washington Mayor Victoria Woodards and more..

Urban Forum Northwest

Thursday, March 25 on Urban on Urban Forum Northwest Eddie Rye and Hayward Evans are joined by,*Tacoma Washington Mayor Victoria Woodards comments on he tenure as Mayor, comments on her priorities for the city, her achievements as mayor and her collaborative efforts with state and federal officials.*A'Leila Bundles is the Great Granddaughter of Madam C J Walker, the first Black Woman Millionaire in America who made her fortune with hair products. Ms. Bundles will be a participant in the Northwest African American Museum's Descendants Series on Sunday March 28 at 3:00 pm (PDT).*Sarah Sense-Wilson, Co Founder and Chair Urban Native Education Alliance comments on the status of the program serving native student in the Seattle School District.Urban Forum Northwest streams live at www.1150kknw.com. Visit us at www.urbanforumnw.com for archived programs and relevant information. Like us on facebook. Twitter@Eddie_Rye. This program will also air on Saturday 7:00-8:00 am (PDT).


25 Mar 2021

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Planning for the Future with Eric Lansford of Sound Financial Investments, Tacoma Washington

Planning For The Future

Eric Lansford joins us from Sound financial Investments. Eric talks about how family and values effect the way you plan for long term care. Building strategies that best suits your family and situation. Learn how feeding your financial health is like a Hive. to get a free copy of Eric's book "Don't go broke in a nursing home." call 800-267-4969


5 Nov 2020

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Tacoma Washington Weekday Club

Mr. Nice Guy

This week I sat down w singer/guitarist Logan Blatt-Prevatt and bassist Noah Turks of the progressive-experimental rock band Tacoma Washington Weekday Club. Their new album "thisishowisfeelstoalmostdie" is streaming everywhere and you can catch them at Bremen Cafe July 4th or at Cactus Club July 11th. We drank Redbull as we discussed their new album and its recording process, Radiohead, concept albums, singles vs. albums, and what their upcoming tour looks like. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/ben-slowey/support


21 Jun 2019

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March 8th - Tacoma Washington Weekday Club

88Nine: 414 Live

Tacoma Washington Weekday Club is a band from Waukesha, WI (not Washington), founded by Noah Turks and Logan Prevatt. They began in Prevatt’s basement in the beginning of 2016, then moved on to touring, then to writing. Merging Alternative Rock, Jazz, Experimental, and Emo, they create their own dark brand of music. With Vocalist/Bassist Noah Turks’ conversational, unorthodox style and Logan Prevatt’s cryptic realism, they’re breeding a new form of evolved emo for 2018.


10 Apr 2018

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ACP 063: Anthem Coffee and Tea in Tacoma Washington Pt. 2

The Audio Cafe: for Baristas, Coffeehouses, Coffee Lovers

INTRO: Part 2 of interviewing Bryan Reynolds from Anthem Coffee and Tea in Tacoma Washington. Last episode we talked about how you personally need to cast a vision for your employees to learn and model back to your customers. We also left off with a quote from a visual artist who worked with Bryan, talking about the great ambiance in the cafe, here is Bryan’s response to that quote. TIME 0:50 Levi: how did you build this culture? Bryan: it stems from his parents modeling this to him growing up, there was never a stranger to his parents, everyone was a guest. I wanted to make a cafe that had a different focus on customer service because my own first experience in coffee as a customer was an uncomfortable one. You can walk someone through the ordering process in a loving way, giving undivided attention and serve them well. Make the product worth coming back. TIME 3:05 Levi: “We wont be held accountable for how much we have done, but for how much we have done of what he asks us to do” the take away from that in a cafe would be if we want to make something cool like a fancy wall, how is that really going to improve the customer and employee experience? Do you have a lesson to share? Bryan: the first time we adopted a virtual punch-card system to ‘bring people back’ but it ultimately it created an entitled customer for a number of reasons. We learned from that and changed it to a pre-load punch-card which has worked even better. We have had many other things that we wanted to do but never even launched. But as long as we learn from this and ‘fail forward’ then we are being made stronger. Its far more of a risk to not try than it is to take a risk. TIME 8:15 Levi: “I know God will not give me anything I cannot handle, I just with He didn’t trust me so much” your first big fear must have been starting Anthem, but what is the next biggest fear that is around the corner for Anthem? Bryan: success can lead to failure just as much as remaining dormant can, what scares me is if we coast if we let off the gas pedal. I’m constantly keeping myself tethered to the core values helps from becoming distracted. There’s 60 of us on this team, there’s a lot of moving parts. Which is why we focus on “Better before bigger.” And it leads to ‘how do we make little things like waiting in line better?’ that question led to them creating a Anthem Coffee IOS app. A [customer] line is a good sign because it means there’s something worth waiting for, but finding a way to skip the line ads value to some customers. TIME 13:05 Levi: what is your 85/10/5 rule? Bryan: in the book Leading on Empty, the author unpacks this idea, there is 85% of what other people should be doing for you, 10% that you can train leaders to do, and 5% that only you can do. If you don’t take care of you then you can’t take care of others. I love conflict because what’s on the other side of it, which is unity. From the book “Leading on Empty: Refilling Your Tank and Renewing You Passion, by Wayne Cordeiro. TIME 17:40 Levi: who introduced you to coffee? Bryan: I was saving money for an engagement ring, so I started working at Cutters Point. I used to drink sweet sweet beverages (Black and White Hot Chocolate with Toasted Marshmallow) then a barista accidentally threw some shots into the drink (turning it into a mocha) and it was game-over, I loved the way it balanced the flavor and I was hooked from then on. TIME 19:05 Levi: the White Chocolate Mocha is the ‘Gateway Mocha.’ What did you think of that first sip? Bryan: I don’t drink sweet drinks as much, but I love an Espresso Macchiato, its like a mini-vacation for me. I love tasting different black coffees. TIME 19:50 Levi: decaf or tea? Bryan: I would go decaf. There’s something about the smell of coffee, it takes you away. My wife will brew a pot of coffee just for the smell in the house. OUTRO Glad you listened to these 2 episodes, some topics we covered that I enjoyed learning were: giving employees light responsibilities to free your time up teaching them lower risk tasks and testing to see where they’re sweet spot is. The small tasks is really part of setting up the “85/10/5% rule” and finding others to help handle 95% of that your workload. Do you remember that story of a customer loyalty program that had outstanding usage but went bust? Well its time to say goodbye, I’ll let Bryan send us off with this inspiration and challenge “Better before bigger.” Music in this episode by The Dirty Moogs, via https://starfrosch.com/hot-100/artist/the+dirty+moogs


14 Jan 2018

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ACP 062: Anthem Coffee and Tea in Tacoma Washington

The Audio Cafe: for Baristas, Coffeehouses, Coffee Lovers

Hello welcome - I have been talking to a few industry-pros about working IN and not ON your business. To help deep dive a bit let’s spend some time hearing about how Anthem Coffee and Tea went from having an over-worked owner to a healthy and expanding cafe.
Some topics we will cover that I enjoyed learning were: giving employees light responsibilities to free your time up, what is the 85/10/5% rule and finding others to help handle 95% of that your workload, a story of a customer loyalty program that had outstanding usage but went bust, and throughout the 2 part interview you will hear Bryan refer back to his clear vision and mission statement for his cafe which has clearly helped him stay focused while showing his employees how to win at customer service.   
TIME 1:05
Levi: Asking about the guiding principals….
Bryan explains how he wants his team to show ‘heroic hospitality’ which brings people back. Also talks a little about his exact role as the owner which is to be a role model, help grow sales, and that people are being served well. TIME 7:35 
Levi: Anthem is a good example of a cafe that has co-workers who appear to be friends
. Bryan explains: the line between customer and employee is blurred because the heroic hospitality is contagious and spreads to the customer base. Having this is a clear vision is a foundation. TIME 8:50 
Levi: when Anthem started did you think you would have an employee stay with you for 10 years?
 Bryan explains: finding the right employee who resonates well with your culture and core values will allow you to invest in that employee and grow them. “You have to identify people who have similar strengths and abilities and them replicate yourself in them so that you don’t stay a prisoner to the J.O.B. you created. I want to create jobs, I want to create opportunities for people, I don’t want to be the ceiling.”
Bryan also shares a warning if you get too hands off the business too soon, before you have modeled the culture that you want, then it will likely fade away into its own culture (good or bad) and not the vision you had. TIME 12:20 
Levi: “Solitude is a chosen separation for refining your soul, isolation is what you crave when you neglect the first” how did you get to that first point where you were able to step away for an hour/day/week and what do you wish you had don better?
 Bryan explains: he personally experienced burn-out at year 5. Then inserted a ‘pattern interruption’ in his life to help him gain clarity. Why are we afraid to leave our cafe? Is it because we fear to lose control? In order for our employees to win in the cafe requires that we show them exactly what winning looks like. Once we have trained our team correctly we can trust that we can take a step back. TIME 17:55 
Levi: “I drove hard on all cylinders, not realizing that being an entrepreneur means that everything you initiate by default you must ad to your maintenance list” What was the first task that you handed off first, how can a cafe manager test with small things first before handing off too much?
 Bryan explains: 16personalities.com is the starting point, beware of weaknesses so we know where to put people. Involvement equals ownership, getting people involved helps them become more responsible and the best thing is when they see a current process we use at the cafe they know of even better ways to streamline it. TIME 22:20 
Levi: Where did your shirt design “Let is happen naturally” come from? 
Bryan explains: it was a way to recognize when things were starting to bubble up or perhaps getting harder. It was a phrase we used as a team so we made it into a shirt. Also at that time we were using a lot of pour-over coffee brewing and were excited by that. TIME 24:45 
Levi: quoting Carlo “One thing that impressed me was Bryan’s desire to build a hub for the community……….”
Next episode Bryan will talk a little about his parents modeling customer service and a loyalty card that was supposed to ‘bring customers back’ but created an entitled customer. Sound good to you? Music by The Dirty Moogs, via https://starfrosch.com/hot-100/artist/the+dirty+moogs


8 Jan 2018

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RFWH30: Travel Tuesdays- Olympia and Tacoma Washington, Exploring The Olympic Peninsula and Olympia National Park, Sequim Lavender Festival and Mt Rainier National Park

Podcast – Real Food Whole Health

In this Travel Tuesdays episode, join us in Olympia, Washington and follow along as we explore the Olympic Peninsula- from the Sequim Lavender Festival to Olympia National Park, the Hoh rainforest, Lake Crescent, Port Angeles, Forks and then head over to Mt. Rainier and discover waterfalls, breathtaking views, herds of elk and more! [player] From this episode: RV Park: Riverbend Campground, Olympia WA Restaurant: Iron Rabbit, Olympia WA Restaurant: Nourish, Sequim WA Store: Nash’s Organic Produce, Sequim WA Sightseeing: Dungeness National Wildlife Refuge and Dungeness Spit, Sequim WA Sightseeing: Rented a boat to Protection Island Restaurant: Pacific Pantry, Sequim WA Sightseeing: Lavender festival Sequim WA Restaurant: Alder Wood Bistro, Sequim WA Sightseeing: Purple Haze Lavender Farm, Sequim WA Sightseeing: Fat Cat Garden & Gifts, Sequim WA Restaurant: Fudds Fish & Chips, Sequim WA Sightseeing: Olympic National Park Sightseeing: Port Angeles, WA Sightseeing: Hurricane Ridge  in Olympic National Park Sightseeing: Lake Crescent and Dinner at Lake Crescent Lodge Sightseeing: Forks, WA Sightseeing: Hoh Rain Forest Sightseeing: Ruby Beach, Olympic National Park Sightseeing: Mt Rainier National Park Restaurant: Paradise Inn Restaurant, Mt Rainier National Park Store: Metropolitan Market, Tacoma WA Restaurant: Dukes Chowder House Tacoma WA Restaurant: Dockside Bistro & Wine Bar, Olympia WA Store: Olyphant Art & Media, Olympia WA Enter your email in the box below to join our community (it’s FREE!) and you’ll be the first to hear about new episodes, discounts, VIP access and more. Email: Don’t forget to join the discussion on our Facebook page Keep up with our food and travel photos on Instagram Have a Question? Submit a question for us to answer on the podcast: click here Check out our other podcast episodes: click here Like this episode? Thanks! Please share it with your friends using the social media buttons at the top and bottom of the post, or directly from the “share” feature on the podcast player, above. You can also subscribe to the podcast on iTunes right from the player above, too. We’d also appreciate a (hopefully five star!) review on iTunes- it helps us spread the message about real food and natural health to more people! Disclaimer: Please remember that all information contained in our podcast, posts, on our website and in any and all materials is for information purposes only and not a substitute for medical advice. This information has not evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to prevent, diagnose, treat or cure any condition. Our posts and website may contain affiliate links. If you purchase something by clicking on the link, we may receive a small commission from the retailer, at no cost to you whatsoever. This helps support our blogging activities and keeps us able to provide free content for you. Thanks for your support! The post RFWH30: Travel Tuesdays- Olympia and Tacoma Washington, Exploring The Olympic Peninsula and Olympia National Park, Sequim Lavender Festival and Mt Rainier National Park appeared first on Real Food Whole Health.

5 Jan 2016

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350: Renee Crist is the Collections Manager at LeMay - America's Cars Museum in Tacoma Washington

Cars Yeah with Mark Greene

Renee Crist is the Collections Manager at the LeMay - America’s Car Museum located in Tacoma, Washington. There she is responsible for over 300 historic automobiles that span over 100 years of automotive history. Renee is a member of the Advisory Board for the Pacific Northwest Concours d’Elegance and is a member of the Classic Car Club of America, the Cadillac LaSalle Club of America and numerous other local and regional automotive clubs. She is also a member of the National Association of Automotive Museums and Registrars Committee Western Region (RCWR), the Society of Automotive Historians, and the Historic Vehicle Association (HVA).


5 Oct 2015

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051: Pete Bristow, President of Bristow's Exclusive Auto Repair in Tacoma Washington

Cars Yeah with Mark Greene

Pete  Bristow, a.k.a. Pistol Pete, owns and operates Bristow’s Exclusive Auto Repair in Tacoma Washington.  Along with his talented team they service and care for all sorts of fine automobiles along with preparing and setting up track cars for customers who enjoy club events and days at the track.  Pete has a life long passion for racing and 36 years of experience in working on automobiles with extensive knowledge of how they operate, both on the street, and at the track.  He is involved in community events and local business associations and is a talented and experienced racing coach and driving instructor.  Pete loves all things cars, especially if it means going fast.


8 Aug 2014