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15 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Dizzy Gillespie. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Dizzy Gillespie, often where they are interviewed.

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15 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Dizzy Gillespie. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Dizzy Gillespie, often where they are interviewed.

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Dizzy Gillespie at the Spotlite, 1946

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WETF show - Dizzy Gillespie and His Orchestra live from the Spotlite in NY, May 1946.  Great big band Bebop featuring Dave Burns, James Moody, Ray Abrams, Howard Johnson, Milt Jackson, Kenny Clarke and a rare (maybe unique) appearance by Thelonious Monk as a band pianist


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Sep 22 2020 · 59mins
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Dizzy Gillespie in 1945-46 . .as leader without Charlie Parker

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This is a look at the sessions Dizzy Gillespie led in 1945 -46 without Charlie Parker.  The Diz and Bird sides have received a lot of attention, but the recording dates that Parker wasn't hired (or just didn't show up) for are fascinating as well.  Gillespie leads and is heavily featured on tunes with Don Byas, Lucky Thompson, Dexter Gordon, Trummy Young, Clyde Hart, Al Haig and someone who may or may not be Thelonious Monk.


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Apr 09 2020 · 1hr 5mins

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A Bahá'í Perspective: Susan Engle - Dizzy Gillespie

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Susan is a singer, song writer, and author who has now written two books for the Baha'i Change Maker Series. The Change Maker Series is a series of biographies targeted toward middle schoolers. Her first one is href="https://www.bahaibookstore.com/Robert-Sengstacke-Abbott-eBook-ePub-P9594.aspx" target="_blank"Robert Abbott who founded the Chicago Defender newspaper. Her most recent, to be published February 8th of this same year, is " href="https://www.bahaibookstore.com/John-Birks-Dizzy-Gillespie-P9872.aspx" target="_blank"John Birks "Dizzy" Gillespie: A Man, a Trumpet, and a Journey to Bebop". We talk about Dizzy Gillespie's life and I feature recordings of Dizzy Gillespie in the program.
Jan 31 2020 · 56mins
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Dizzy Gillespie Replay

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A New Year's Bonus, two episodes of fine jazz to enjoy this month.

Jan 02 2020 · 26mins
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Trumpeter Dizzy Gillespie: "Something Old/Something New"

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John Birks "Dizzy" Gillespie was born on Oct 21,1917 and today we celebrate his 102nd Birthday Anniversary with one of his finest albums with his great working band that stayed together for well over 5 years. Dizzy on trumpet was one of the pioneers of Modern Jazz and he is in magnificent form here. James Moody is heard on alto and tenor saxophones and of course, flute. A young Kenny Barron is on piano at the beginning of his storied career. The rhythm section is the great team of Christopher White on bass and Rudy Collins on drums. The "something old" idea is Dizzy's updating four of his his tunes that he recorded back in the mid 1940s. We'll hear "Bebop", "Good Bait", A segue of "I Can't Get Started and 'Round Midnight" and "Dizzy Atmosphere". The n"something new" is three then new compositions by the talented Tom McIntosh: "November Afternoon", "The Day After". "The Cup Bearers". "This Lovely Feeling" is a bossa nova by Arif Mardin and Margo Guryan. The album ends with Dizzy's night club closing theme "Early Mornin' Blues". All of this was recorded in April of 1963 and is a great representation of this powerhouse band. Happy Birthday Dizzy!
Oct 22 2019 · 3hr 30mins
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Dizzy Gillespie & Stan Getz – Jazz and The Art of Rhythm

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Saxophonist Stan Getz and trumpeter Dizzy Gillespie are both legends in their own right, but what connects the two may be deeper than you think.

In this edition of Views & Brews, KUT’s Rebecca McInroy  joins Rabbi and jazz historian Neil Blumofe for a conversation on Diz & Getz, and a live jazz quintet performs select tunes.

Mar 05 2019 · 1hr 47mins
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Season 4, Episode 6: Libra Season; Guided Meditation; Dizzy Gillespie's Birth Chart; Interview w/ Summer Minerva

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Happy Libra Season!

Libra rules over partnerships, the sunset, and balance, and so we go into all of that and more on this episode!  I also lead you through a Libra guided meditation, in which we make contact with the Kidneys (the part of the body that Libra rules over).

We also honor the life of the great jazz musician, Libra Legend, Dizzy Gillespie. Dizzy added layers of harmonic and rhythmic complexity previously unheard in jazz, giving us the harmony in disharmony and beauty of a true Libra through innovation and also through his own style. His combination of musicianship with his showmanship is what made him a Libra Legend. 

 I also announce the 16 Queens selected to be a part of the 'Queen of Libra.'

And then finally, to round off this charming Libra episode off, we sit down with my soul-sister and incredible artist, dancer, film maker, poet and ritualist, quadruple Libra, Summer Minerva.  You wanna stick around for this conversation because my mind was blown about all of the Libra connections we made. In our conversation, we cover the following topics:

  • Intersection of Gender + Spirituality
  • Explores Identity categories
  • Third Gender Legacy in Italy
  • Libra’s and indecision
  • Poetry as a point of processing
  • Dissolving constructs of culture
  • Binary Spiritual Journey
  • Balancing of Masculine + Feminine
  • Being a Libra on the Virgo/Libra cusp
  • Radical Faeries and Ritual
  • Being crowned Miss Beltane
  • How romantic love plays into our sense of belonging
  • Harry Hay’s subject-subject consciousness

Also, check out this clip of Summer acting.

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Sep 27 2018 · 1hr 45mins
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Author David G. Brown presents Shadowing Dizzy Gillespie, with Music from the UAA Jazz Combo

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In celebration of Dizzy Gillespie’s 100th birthday, David G. Brown shares his intimate experiences with this amazing humanitarian, innovator, and magical musician. After a chance meeting in Georgetown, in 1985, David Brown had the opportunity to spend countless hours with Dizzy Gillespie at performances, street corners, restaurants, and all night card-playing sessions. His book, Shadowing Dizzy Gillespie is a triumphant memoir and read. Joining David Brown is musio professor Karen Strid-Chadwick and the UAA Jazz combo with Argel Isaguirre, Ben Sobek, Fredrico Delgado, Joseph Cruz, Julie Webb, Mark Glasionov and Arlin.
Apr 06 2018 · 1hr 53mins
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Jason Gillespie's Beer on a bowling day

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  • The Ashes build up from the GABBA,
  • The Ashes Social media banter,
  • Aussie quicks impact,
  • Who puts their hand up for England's runs?,
  • Womens Ashes update,
  • Hodgey's Social Media self promoter Award,
  • Dizzys Guide to a Beer on a bowling day. hmmm

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Nov 22 2017 · 42mins
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Ellington & 100 years of Thelonious Monk and Dizzy Gillespie (Podcast #17-013)

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https://ellingtonreflectionsdotcom.files.wordpress.com/2017/10/monk-diz-podcast.mp3“I always like the bop, and I am proud to say that the fabulous, flamboyant John Birks Gillespie worked in our band once, for four weeks. Diz played with us at the Capitol Theatre in 1944, when we had the gorgeous Lena Horne on the bill. Of course, I’d known him for quite a while before that, because I was an avid visitor on Fifty-second Street.”

–  Duke Ellington, Music Is My Mistress

Thelonious Monk and Dizzy Gillespie at the 1963 Monterey Jazz Festival. (Photo by Jim Marshall)

Duke Ellington and Dizzy Gillespie

Dizzy Gillespie at Disneyland, 1984. Autographed in 1985. (Photo by Steve Bowie.)

The recordings heard on this podcast episode:

Happy Birthday To You (CD: “Happy Birthday, Duke! The Birthday Sessions, Volume  3” Laser Light 15 785)

Recorded 30 April !953, Portland, Oregon

Willie Cook, Cat Anderson, Clark Terry, Ray Nance – trumpet; Britt Woodman, Quentin Jackson, Juan Tizol – trombone ; Jimmy Hamilton, Russell Procope, Rick Henderson, Paul Gonsalves, Harry Carney – reeds; Duke Ellington – piano; Wendell Marshall – bass; Butch Ballard – drums.

Caravan (CD: “Dee Gee Days The Savoy Sessions” Savoy ZD70517)

Recorded 25 October 1951 in New York City

Dizzy Gillespie – trumpet; Stuff Smith – violin; Bill Graham – baritone sax; Milt Jackson – piano; Percy Heath – bass; Al Jones – drums; unknown – percussion.

U.M.M.G./Hello, Little Girl (CD: “Jazz Party” Columbia CK-40712)

Recorded 19 February 1959 in New York City

Cat Anderson, Harold Baker, Clark Terry, Ray Nance – trumpet; Britt Woodman, Quentin Jackson, John Sanders – trombone; Jimmy Hamilton, Russell Procope, Johnny Hodges, Paul Gonsalves, Harry Carney – reeds; Duke Ellington – piano; Jimmy Woode – bass; Sam Woodyard – drums, Jimmy Rushing – vocal.

Caravan (CD: “Thelonious Monk plays Duke Ellington”  Universal

Recorded 21 July 1955, Hackensack, New Jersey

Thelonious Monk – piano; Oscar Pettiford -bass; Kenny Clarke – drums.

Sentimental Lady (CD: “The Blanton-Webster Band” Bluebird RCA 5659-2-RB35)

Recorded 28 July 1942 in Chicago

Wallace Jones, Rex Stewart, Ray Nance – trumpet; Lawrence Brown, Joe Nanton, Juan Tizol – trombone; Chauncy Haughton, Johnny Hodges, Otto Hardwicke, Ben Webster, Harry Carney – reeds; Duke Ellington – piano; Fred Guy – guitar; Junior Raglin – bass; Sonny Greer – drums.

I Didn’t Know About You (CD: “Straight, No Chaser” Columbia/Legacy CK 64886)

Recorded 1966 in New York City

Charlie Rouse – tenor sax; Thelonious Monk – piano; Larry Gales – bass; Ben Riley – drums.

Monk’s Dream (CD: “The Private Collection, Volume 3” Saja 91043-2)

Recorded 13 September 1962 in New York City

Cootie Williams, Bill Berry, Roy Burrowes, Cat Anderson, Ray Nance – trumpet; Lawrence Brown, Buster Cooper, Chuck Connors – trombone; Jimmy Hamilton, Russell Procope, Johnny Hodges, Paul Gonsalves, Harry Carney – reeds; Duke Ellington – piano; Aaron Bell – bass; Sam Woodyard – drums.

Monk’s Dream/Frere Monk (LP: Gambit Records Ga 69299)

Recorded 8 July 1962, Newport, Rhode Island

Bill Berry, Roy Burrowes, Cat Anderson, Ray Nance – trumpet; Lawrence Brown, Buster Cooper, Chuck Connors – trombone; Jimmy Hamilton, Gene Hull, Johnny Hodges, Paul Gonsalves, Harry Carney – reeds; Thelonious Monk – piano; Aaron Bell – bass; Sam Woodyard – drums.

It’s Something You Ought To Know (Paul Gonsalves – “Ellingtonia Moods and Blues,” RCA Victor / RCA63562)

Recorded 29 February 1960, New York City

Paul Gonsalves- tenor sax; Johnny Hodges – alto sax; Ray Nance – cornet; Mitchell “Booty” Wood – trombone; Jimmy Jones – piano; Al Hall – bass; Oliver Jackson – drums.

Oct 07 2017 · 53mins