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6 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Omer Riaz. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Omer Riaz, often where they are interviewed.

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6 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Omer Riaz. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Omer Riaz, often where they are interviewed.

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Omer Riaz on the Benefits of Outsourcing Your E-Commerce Team

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Episode 22

On today’s episode we have the privilege to interview Omer Riaz.  Omer is the Co-Founder of Urtasker, a globally renowned E-commerce Consulting agency that provides cutting edge, groundbreaking and truly revolutionary back office support to E-commerce sellers, business owners and vendors on multiple online channels such as Amazon, eBay, Shopify and  During this episode, we discuss the benefits of outsourcing your team, building business processes, and the future of E-commerce.  Omer is a wealth of knowledge and this is an interview you will not want to miss. 

Books mentioned: 

“E-Myth” by Michael Gerber - Click HERE 


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May 26 2020 · 37mins
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#31 - Urtasker Review w/ Omer Riaz | Full Service Amazon Agency

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In this month’s edition of Sermondo Talks, Omer Riaz, founder of Urtasker, is our guest.

He tells us about his eCommerce and amazon full-service marketing agency Urtasker, his own seller past (spoiler: Omer once sold silicone molds for baking) and reveals his three most important pieces of advice for Amazon sellers.

Urtasker has been around since 2015 and since then they have helped over 500 of their customers worldwide to become successful in the eCommerce business – especially on Amazon.


PART 1: About Urtasker

1:20 In one sentence, what is Urtasker?

1:32 What kind of services do you offer?

2:02 For how long have you been around for already?

2:50 So you’ve sold products yourself online. How about now? Are you still an active seller?

3:13 What kind of products do you sell?

3:44 How many clients have you worked with so far?

4:13 How many employees do you have?

5:23 How does the process of working with you look like?

7:12 Do you also turn clients down when you can’t help them?

8:02 Do you outsource some of the tasks that are required to help your clients? Like product photography?

9:27 How does communication look like when working with you? Do clients get their personal account/project manager?

12:11 Do you work with clients from all over the world?

13:07 What is your USP? Why should I choose to work with you?

16:46 In which areas do you think you could improve?

19:02 Do you have any ideal clients? And do you sometimes also say “no” to clients?

22:08 Do you sign project contracts?

23:59 How does reporting look like?

26:00 How does your pricing look like?

29:29 What happens if I’m not happy with your work?

PART 2: Personal Questions

31:53 Why did you decide to found Urtasker?

35:43 How does your typical day look like?

37:39 Is there a skill or characteristic that you wish you had but you don’t have?

39:15 If you could have a super power, what would it be?

40:08 If you could meet Jeff Bezos in person and ask him for one thing that Amazon could do better, what would it be?

41:46 If you could give 3 tips to any Amazon seller out there, which ones would that be?

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Apr 16 2020 · 44mins
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Grow Your Amazon Business with Outsourcing and Urtasker - Omer Riaz

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An interview with Omer Riaz from Urtasker talking about how to grow your amazon business with outsourcing. Omer also talks about what sets them apart from other VA services, the types of services that they offer for eBay, Amazon, Shopify, and Walmart. These services include amazon PPC, account management, ungating and listing optimization. 

Free FeedbackWhiz trial here:


Bio: Omer Riaz-  CEO at Urtasker

Prior to E-commerce, Omer has worked as an IT business Consultant at several big 4 consulting firms where he has helped fortune 500 clients to improve their business process using technology. Omer blogs on various topics which include: his experience on the fast-changing world of e-commerce, hiring and effectively managing E-commerce staff. 

Headquarter in Long Island New York, Urtasker has 3 global offices and a team of 200 E-commerce consultants. Urtasker provides hassle-free, cost-effective, cutting edge, business outsources solution to E-commerce business owners such as Amazon, eBay, Shopify, and Walmart. In the last 4 years, we have helped about 750 online business owners.

We can proactively help you with:

Developing proven selling strategies on Amazon, eBay, and Shopify, as well as other eCommerce platforms for long-term business viability

Fully optimizing your Amazon product listing with the most highly searched, relevant and potent keywords that make your listing stand out from the rest, rank better and gain more visibility.

Refine and polish your Shopify website design layout, with a crisper more responsive user interface

Revamping your PPC campaigns to increase the conversion rate for higher sales and greater profits

About FeedbackWhiz

FeedbackWhiz helps Amazon sellers monitor, manage, and automate emails, product reviews, orders, and feedback. Build professional email templates with gifs, emojis, buttons, and attachments. A/B test subject lines and view open rate analytics. Send or exclude emails based on triggers such as refunds, shipment, delivery, feedback, and repeat buyers. Track and manage all product reviews. Instant notifications whenever a review is posted. Monitor all product listings and get alerts when critical events such as hijackers, buy-box loss, and listing changes occur.

Nov 12 2019 · 33mins
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Omer Riaz CEO of Urtasker For Online Sellers

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The story of how Omer Riaz launched his service for online sellers " Urtasker"
CEO at Omer Riaz
How did you get started providing services to eCommerce sellers?
Amazon PPC Management
Work with Amazon PPC experts to optimize and monitor your campaigns and maximize return on investment.
~ Amazon & eBay Account Management Stay ahead of your competition by hiring our Amazon expert team to manage your Amazon Account.
~ Shopify Store Development and Management Here you will get help from our superb Shopify team to design and manage your Shopify store. Our specialists operate continuously to guarantee that your web store is up-to-the-minute
Aug 19 2019 ·
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263: How To Outsource Your Amazon Business For Less With Omer Riaz

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Today, I’m really happy to have Omer Riaz on the show. Omer and I just hung out for 3 straight days at my annual event the Sellers Summit. He’s been an Amazon and Ebay seller for many years and now he helps others manage their own businesses.
Today, he runs the popular Amazon VA service and in this episode we are going to talk about how to outsource and scale your Amazon business even if you are a one man show.
What You’ll Learn

Common mistakes Amazon sellers make
Which Amazon tasks are easy to outsource
How much it costs to outsource Amazon management
How to work with a virtual assistant
The biggest mistakes sellers make when outsourcing

Other Resources And Books

Sponsors – Klaviyo is the email marketing platform that I personally use for my ecommerce store. Created specifically for ecommerce, it is the best email marketing provider that I’ve used to date. Click ...

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Jul 11 2019 · 41mins
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TAE 111: Learning The Art Of Delegation With Omer Riaz The Founder Of UrTasker

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Hey guys!

So today I have Omer Riaz on and he's the founder of a service called Urtasker which is a service that can help you run the day to day of your Amazon business doing everything from product research to PPC management. 

I used them for a while for both product research AND PPC management (this I go into more detail in the podcast on) and the results were pretty awesome! 

Now, I have a really special offer for you where you can get a FREE business audit that will highlight not only where you can make some improvements in your business but also the actual HOW! There is no obligation, try it out and see what you think and if you like them, you can use them for other things too!

Click here to go to and sign up for your free consultation AND your free Amazon audit worth $200! 

I promise that you'll be pleasantly surprised! Talk again soon guys!

Dec 14 2018 · 24mins