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Episode 4: Tyler Platt and Eric Brandstad

The Living Soil Podcast

I'm really excited to bring on Eric and Bridget for episode 4  We chat about how to dial in raised beds, pots and greenhouse designs in different climates west coast vs east coast vs Oklahoma and the many different climates and factors involved in planning out a commercial or home grow. Eric is involved and consulting in some of the most technically up to date commercial grows in California and across the US. I got to ask Eric about how they made a internal dep system cold steel hoop greenhouses, low cost and time effective solutions. We also chat about foliar spraying tech. Lastly we chat about Kangen water machines, They are medical grade, water ionizer machines that produce 7 different levels of custom pH water that is rich in active molecular.

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19 Feb 2021

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Eric Brandstad: Learning from the OG's, Optimal environment with greenhouses, captivating Kangen water.

Know Grow Create

Episode 7: Join me for a fascinating conversation with Eric Brandstad. We discuss sage advice from OG's, The Power of the Cannabis Community, our favorite yearly event Emerald Cup. Then we talk quality cannabis and how to grow it in greenhouses. Finishing up I have to ask about the capabilities of Kangen Water. Here is a little background on Eric:Eric Brandstad is a Greenhouse, Farm and Cannabis Industry Expert that has been in the Industry for over 28 years. ​Eric is originally from San Joaquin County, California where his family has been commercially farming since 1862. He worked on his family's farm growing up and has been farming his whole life. After high school, he moved to Humboldt County for College and started learning everything he could related to the cannabis plant. ​Many years later, Eric managed a successful greenhouse company for 11 years and now has his own very successful consulting and management company called Greenhouse Advisory Group helping farmers worldwide.Eric has helped pioneer light deprivation techniques that are used throughout the industry today. He has written articles, blogs, recorded many videos, and podcasts. Eric has had the opportunity to speak, judge and moderate panels at many industry events. He has has hosted educational events and has been invited to be keynote speaker at industry Expos.Eric currently travels throughout the US and abroad speaking, consulting, networking and sharing his passion primarily in the cannabis industry. Eric teaches Greenhouse I, II and Sustainability courses at Oaksterdam University in Oakland, California.With over 28 years of experience in the industry, Eric has many personal references available from people across the industry and is now available for private consultations. With his vast amount of connections and sought after advice, he looks forward to sharing his passion by helping you make your farm thrive. Eric Brandstad Official WebsiteEmerald CupKangen Water

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15 Feb 2021

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Cannabis Greenhouse Rescue with guest Eric Brandstad

Shaping Fire

Growing cannabis in greenhouses offers the best attributes of both indoor and outdoor operations. However, because it is a combined solution, it can suffer from the challenges of both growing methods too. On this episode of Shaping Fire, host Shango Los talks with cannabis greenhouse expert Eric Brandstad about crop-saving techniques to rescue your greenhouse operation when it takes a turn for the worse and preventative techniques to stop it from ever getting that bad.

1hr 26mins

6 Nov 2018

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Maximizing Yield with Light Dep with guest Eric Brandstad

Shaping Fire

Light Deprivation can fool your cannabis plants into thinking that fall is coming and the time to flower is now. Using this approach can give your greenhouse several growing cycles per year instead of only one outdoor season. On this week's episode of Shaping Fire, podcast host Shango Los talks with Eric Brandstad of Forever Flowering Greenhouses about the history of light dep, the strategy behind it and how modern light dep is taking over the commercial cannabis industry.


15 Mar 2017

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Eric Brandstad: Using Light Deprivation to Alter Flowering Cycles

The Ganjapreneur Podcast

Eric Brandstad is the founder of Forever Flowering Greenhouses, and a pioneer of light deprivation techniques for cannabis growers. Light deprivation essentially involves tricking a plant into thinking the days are shorter than they actually are, causing the plant to flower sooner than it would if it were exposed to the entire summer day. This means that growers are able to work around the natural harvest cycle and get more crops out of the summer season.Eric recently joined our podcast host Shango Los to discuss his light deprivation methods, how the process has evolved over time, and how his company's greenhouses are designed to make the process simple to manage on a commercial scale. For a full transcript:https://www.ganjapreneur.com/eric-brandstad-using-light-deprivation-to-alter-flowering-cycles/


1 Dec 2015