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7 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Patricia Miller. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Patricia Miller, often where they are interviewed.

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7 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Patricia Miller. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Patricia Miller, often where they are interviewed.

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28. Patricia Miller

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Patricia Miller is a visionary manufacturing leader, driving growth and innovation at M4. Under her leadership, M4 was named an Inc 5000 Fastest Growing Company two years in a row. In 2018, Patricia was named to Crain’s Chicago 40 under 40 honoree. Four years ago, Patricia left a successful career in the biotech space to return to her manufacturing roots. She decided to buy her grandpa’s failing business and run it like a start-up, using everything she had learned from her Fortune 500 career in marketing, her passion for entrepreneurship and her creative eye for design to turn M4 into a new kind of maker. She and Zuckerman discuss both morning and evening rituals and how to bookend a work day, her practice of “dating” each new city that she moves to, introducing the importance of art and design to people definitely not originally open to it, and all the things she loves!

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Aug 04 2020 · 57mins
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Patricia Miller aka in Dr. Who cosplay as River Alexander Song

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Patricia Miller , better known to some as River Alexandra Song has led many lives.

Throughout those many lives just what has she done? She earned her degree in theatre

from Northern Michigan University, where she performed in several shows and did tech

for many more. She’s sung opera too, established a dinner theatre company, was

consort to a jewel thief (she did get the diamond) before making an escape to California.

California – where she was one of the founders of EZTV ;worked with the Mark Taper

Forum Lab, and the LA Free Shakespeare Festival. She produced a horror film too…

Jan 13 2020 · 32mins

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A conversation about reflection with Dr Patricia Miller

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I was very fortunate to be able to record this conversation with Dr Patricia Miller of McMaster University, in which we explored Pat’s extensive experience in researching, teaching and assessing reflection with physiotherapists. Her key messages in this conversation are that:
Reflection is a key skill and activity for professional physiotherapists to improve practice.
Studies have shown an individual’s quality and depth of reflection distinguishes novice from expert practitioners.
Reflection is about seeking and exploring alternative perspectives and is supported by involving others (peers, mentors, tutors, family etc) and also by using a framework that challenges your thinking.
She clarifies the difference between reflection in-action (during practice) and reflection on-action (after the event).
The Canadian Physiotherapy Association Clinical Specialty Program includes the evaluation of the candidate’s ability to use clinical reflection in their practice because clinical reflection is integral to the practice of a clinical specialist and leader in their field.
If you struggle with reflection or are embarking on a written reflection as part of your studies, for annual registration requirements or as part of the CPA Clinical Speciality Program I think you will both enjoy and benefit from listening to this enlightening conversation

To find out more about Pat and connect with her see:
Pat Miller’s ResearchGate profile https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Patricia_Miller6
Patricia Miller’s LinkedIn profile https://www.linkedin.com/in/pat-miller-291b0a39

Pat also refers to and recommended the following additional sources of information regarding reflection:
Paterson C, Chapman J. Enhancing skills of critical reflection to evidence learning in professional practice. Physical Therapy in Sport. 2013 Aug 31;14(3):133-8. (In particular the appendices)
Wainwright FS, Shepard KF, Harman LB, Stephens J. Novice and experienced physical therapist clinicians: a comparison of how reflection is used to inform the clinical decision making process. Physical Therapy 2010;84(7):830-7.
Wald HS, Borkan JM, Taylor JS, Anthony D, Reis SP. Fostering and evaluating reflective capacity in medical education: developing the REFLECT rubric for assessing reflective writing. Acad Med 2012;87(1):1-10.
Donaghy M, Morss K. An evaluation of a framework for facilitating and assessing physiotherapy students’ reflection on practice. Physiotherapy Theory and Practice, 2007; 23(2):83-94.
Mann K, Gordon J, MacLeod A. Reflection and reflective practice in health professions education: a systematic review. Adv Health Sci Educ Theory Pract 2009;14(4):595-621.
Sandars J. The use of reflection in medical education: AMEE Guide No. 44. Med Teacher 2009;31:685-95.
Williams RM, Wessel J, Gemus M, Foster-Seargeant E. Journal writing to promote reflection by physical therapy students during clinical placements. Physiotherapy Theory And Practice 2002; 18 (1): 5-15..
Aug 21 2017 · 36mins
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The Backstage Pass Radio Program welcome Patricia Miller!

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The Backstage Pass Radio Program is generously sponsored by BariatricPal.com, where you can save 15% using the codes DIVAT or POWERGIRL at store.bariatricpal.com!  We're also sponsored by Slimpressions.com, where you can save 20% at checkout using the code POWERGIRL. Wellesse.com is also a generous sponsor, as well as the retro pinup swinging cats at DaddyOs.com!  This week we're also sponsored by Taunia's very good friend (since grade school!), Laurie Dellascio, a successful independent consultant at Pampered Chef!  Shop her ONLINE STORE HERE for wonderful HOLIDAY GIFTS!

This is our first show on our NEW DAY & TIME:  Tuesdays at NOON, PST!  We're excited to be doing some giveaways today, so keep the phone # handy so that you can call-in to win:  347-857-2052!  We'll be giving away some makeup kits AND we have a fantastic gift set from Fit & Fresh that we'll be demo-ing on our Facebook Live Feed and giving away to one lucky caller!  Fit & Fresh is dedicated to providing families with tools they need to eat healthier wherever they go.it & Fresh lunch containers come in various sizes to accommodate any meal on the go, and they feature convenient measurement markings for easy portion control.  To find out more about them, visit www.fit-fresh.com.
Our guest this afternoon is the gorgeous and talented Patricia Miller from Worth The Weight.  Patricia is a successful gastric bypass post-op with a successful career in photography, fashion, and as a writer. She's been friends with Taunia for years and is also from the east cost.  Dueling east coast accents, and lots of fun to be had! Tune in for a great show today!
Dec 06 2016 · 1hr 5mins

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MC028: Manufacturing Industry advice through the eyes of a newbie, with Patricia Miller [PODCAST]

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We introduced you to Patricia Miller of Matrix IV back in episode 26 and in today’s episode we’re going to do a deeper dive into the challenges and victories Patricia has faced as she’s taken over the reigns of her family’s ailing manufacturing company. The insights she shares as a former marketer from the biotech field, looking into the manufacturing industry for the first time, are very insightful and worth a listen.

As Patricia Miller took over the reigns of her grandfather’s failing company she realized that she had her work cut out for her. The company was stuck in the 70s and had to pivot quickly or else it would die. Patricia took immediate steps to do a handful of vital things - 4 in fact - that she highlights in this episode of Making Chips.

First on Patricia Miller’s list of advice for those in the manufacturing industry is the vital need to build community and connection within the industry. She did exactly that after taking over as leader of Matrix IV, going to conventions and local meetups, using the internet to get to know other influencers and leaders within the manufacturing industry, and working to not only be known, but to get to know others in the community for the sake of mutual support and help as the industry moves forward in a new era.

Patricia’s marketing background comes into play as she looks at the way the manufacturing industry has traditionally done its own marketing - and she’s convinced that more time needs to be spent by company owners getting to know their market, asking their customers how they are doing at meeting their needs, how their needs are changing, and what they can do to better serve and enable their clients to achieve their business goals. Companies need to become more concerned with creating a positive experience for their customers and those who might use their services in the future.

As Matrix IV began to re-grow under the leadership of its new CEO, Patricia Miller, many challenges and hurdles had to be overcome. Morale and company culture needed attention immediately, as did the discovery of new pools or niches of customers so that the business could continue on a solvent path. On top of all that, Patricia had to discover how to add much needed employees to get the company producing effectively while balancing a very meager budget at the same time. You’ll learn a lot from Patricia’s advice.

All this and more on this episode of Making Chips!


Here’s the outline of part two of the conversation with Patricia

  • Patricia Miller from Matrix IV - inheriting a family business after a successful marketing career in the corporate world.

  • Through the eyes of a newbie - Patricia’s observations and advice to those who are in the manufacturing industry.

  • The power of community and connections within the industry and how Patricia made connections within the manufacturing community after taking over the helm at Matrix IV.

  • Why Patricia thinks it’s very important for manufacturers to truly understand their market, their clients, and how to create a positive position for them.

  • The first steps Patricia took to understand her market and customers.

  • The valuable presence and a path forward for the manufacturing industry in the U.S.

  • Why change is a great ally for manufacturing companies.

  • The first thing that had to change in her company when Patricia moved into the manufacturing industry.

  • How the culture in Patricia’s company has changed as she’s implemented improvements.

  • The challenges of adding employees to an older company.

  • The roadblocks experienced as the company experienced its re-growing pains.

  • What Patricia believes will be the next steps in the growth of Matrix IV.

Links mentioned on this episode

Part 1 of the conversation with Patricia Miller - http://www.makingchips.com/mc026-40-year-old-manufacturing-startup-with-patricia-miller-of-matrix-iv-podcast/

Patricia’s company - Matrix IV - http://www.matrixiv.com/

Episode 18 with Ray Ziganta


Episode 22 - Create your corporate snapshot



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Why #change is a great ally for #manufacturing companies that want to grow http://www.MakingChips.com/?p=516

Jun 17 2015 · 30mins
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MC026: Moving an old-school manufacturing business into the modern age with Patricia Miller of Matrix IV [PODCAST]

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That’s what Patricia Miller’s professional associates told her when she started investigating the possibility of taking over her family business after she’d already pursued and been successful at a career that included marketing, corporate leadership, and politics. Put yourself in her shoes and you’ll probably understand why they said what they did. She’d already experienced many perks that manufacturing leaders seldom do. Travel, posh offices, important connections - yet, she says her heart and her home pulled her back to take over her grandfather’s failing manufacturing business.

Welcome to Making Chips - THE podcast for manufacturing leaders and those involved in the manufacturing industry. Jim Carr and Jason Zenger bring you these shows week after week to help you keep on top of what’s happening in the manufacturing industry and to equip you to be the leader of your company as you desire to be.

Today the guys are talking with Patricia Miller in what is likely part one of a two part conversation. Patricia’s story is anything but typical. Though she was surrounded by the world of manufacturing as a child, spending time around her grandparent’s very successful machine shop, she never felt a draw to be “in” the family business. Her parents encouraged her to pursue her dreams and she did exactly that. But when her grandfather retired and his health failed, Patricia was at a juncture in her own life where she was choosing her next step. Suddenly, the option of taking over her grandparent’s business was a very real possibility that she’d not considered before.

In this episode of Making Chips you’re going to hear Patricia’s story of moving out of the corporate world to take over a manufacturing business that she admits was “stuck in the 70s” and on its last leg. It’s a story that testifies to the value and importance of long-time manufacturing operations and the leadership abilities of one amazing lady.

Grab your coffee, turn up the volume, and join Jim, Jason, and their guest Patricia Miller, CEO of Matrix IV as they discuss the process of moving a old-school manufacturing business into the modern era. On this episode of Making Chips.


Here’s the outline of the conversation with Patricia

  • The story of Matrix IV, beginning with Patricia’s grandfather and grandmother

  • Patricia’s experience as a child being around the world of manufacturing

  • Patricia’s education led her into corporate leadership, politics, pharmaceuticals, and everything BUT manufacturing

  • Patricia’s opportunity to take over the leadership of Matrix IV and how she came to that decision

  • The realization that the company was stuck in the 1970s and what Patricia did about it

  • The first steps toward rejuvenating a tired, old business

  • How 400% growth since Patricia’s arrival is spurring the business forward


Links mentioned on this episode

Patricia’s company - Matrix IV - http://www.matrixiv.com/

An article from “Plastics News” describing what Patricia has done with Matrix IV - http://www.plasticsnews.com/article/20141212/NEWS/141219962/new-leader-gives-molder-a-spark

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I had done the things I wanted to do and decided to consider taking over the family business http://www.MakingChips.com/?p=490

90% of the business had gone offshore before I took over the leadership http://www.MakingChips.com/?p=490

I decided to take over this family business that was 6 months from having no cash http://www.MakingChips.com/?p=490

Jun 04 2015 · 32mins
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Vera Bradley Co-Founder Patricia Miller Offers Advice on Starting a Business

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Patricia Miller co-founded the Vera Bradley company in 1982 with her business partner, Barbara Bradley Baekgaard. This semester, she shared her inspirational entrepreneurship story with students, faculty and the business community. In her presentation, “Friendship, Fashion and Philanthropy”, Bradley related the lessons learned as a business pioneer in an untapped market of stylized handbags and luggage. She shared with students how her business that once started in a garage with a few yards of fabric, creative mindsets and determination, grew into a publicly traded company with revenue exceeding $360 million in 2010.
Apr 22 2011 · 2mins