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#9. The Entrepreneurial Journey #2 - Interview with Greenfly's CEO Daniel Kirschner

LeCorner - International

Welcome to the entrepreneurial journey, a new series of episode that will be showcasing CEO and startup founders that have been brave and bold enough to launch their business and create their product within the sports industry.  For this second episode, we have invited Daniel Kirschner, President & CEO of Greenfly What is Greenfly?  Founded in 2014, Greenfly's simple mission is to fuel brand love through digital media sharing. Emotional connection is the key to building a brand that people love.  You can’t buy it – brand love is earned through genuine interactions, personal connections and real word-of-mouth and it’s no different on digital platforms. Greenfly's mission is to create new ways for brands to win the hearts and minds of customers, fans and followers with authentic recommendations from their advocates: athletes, talent, influencers, ambassadors and employees.  Greenfly gives their client the ability to collect photos and videos both from their fan base and advocates so they can produce exciting and authentic content for their social media channels. ____ We've been through Daniel's journey until the creation of Greenfly with Shawn Green, the beginning of their platform and their new +Engage solution. We have been focusing on his entrepreneurial journey and the sacrifice to be made if you want your company to be successful. A passionating discussion between two people that know well each other as LaSource is representing Greenfly on the European market and some great collaborations are coming soon...! Episode's Timeline:  - Daniel's introduction - Personal and professional background - What made him decide to join an entrepreneurial journey? - Does the background & studies play a key role to build a start up? - The like & dislike about being the CEO of a start up  - What makes a great entrepreneur?  - The initial vision to create Greenfly with Shawn - Greenfly today vs Greenfly at the beginning - Is there a huge gap between start ups and governing bodies in sport? - An exciting collaboration outside of sport - Where will be Greenfly in 3 years? If you had good time listening this episode, do not hesitate to support us: 1. By subscribing, it's just a small click 😉. 2. By putting 5 stars on Apple Podcast to help us spread it.  Finally, if you want to know more about LaSource's activity, a small tour on our website and/or on our Linkedin page never hurts: https://www.lasource.io and/or on our Linkedin page: https://www.linkedin.com/company/joinlasource/ LeCorner is a podcast dedicated to sports and digital. Every two weeks, we have the pleasure to receive a distinguished guest from the sports industry to talk to us about digital, innovation and strategic development. 


26 Apr 2021

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Welcoming Dr Daniel Kirschner ~ Doctor of Chiropractic, Fasting Expert & Clinical Director 20 yrs

Guided Truths 365

Day 190 | You asked for it, so here it is. 365 days a year I’ll be live. News, updates, & coaching tips. Hear the struggles and successes. Stay connected 365--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/latisha102/message


6 Mar 2021

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Tools Biden Used for Video Collaboration and Distribution with Daniel Kirschner of Greenfly

The Great Battlefield

Daniel Kirschner joins The Great Battlefield podcast to talk about his career and creating Greenfly, a commercial content and collaboration platform that helped progressives -- including Biden and the DNC -- get their message out.


24 Feb 2021

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Sports Loft Member Series: an interview with Greenfly CEO Daniel Kirschner

Sports Loft Podcast

Michael Broughton from Sports Loft talks to Daniel Kirschner from Greenfly about how many of the world's leading sports teams are using the service to engage fans and athletes. They discuss the impact of covid on the business, when live sport stopped, content creation saw a huge spike. Finally, they chat about how the company was formed.


14 Jul 2020

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E75: All models are wrong #3 Daniel Kirschner

Unofficial Partner Podcast

Today’s podcast is the latest episode of in our series on the past, present and future of digital strategy. You can find the other episodes via our website unoffiicalpartner.com or your preferred podcast app.Everyone’s got the memo on digital transformation, and we’ve heard from strategists about the why it’s such a priority for virtually every business in the sport sector.But we don’t often talk about how it all works in practice. How do you make sense of the what is quite often a chaotic social media environment, where you've got event holders, teams, leagues and players all trying use the same channels to reach an audience and build their brands across social media.So I asked the Unofficial Partner WhatsApp group whose opinion they took seriously in this space, and several of them mentioned Greenfly, which is a Santa Monica based tech company that was co-founded by today’s guest Daniel Kirschner and his cousin Shawn Green, the former LA Dodgers baseball star.We talk about what Greenfly does, and then got in to the broader questions that face everyone when they try to build a coherent story on social media.If you enjoy the Unofficial Partner podcasts, please take the time to rate and subscribe via iTunes as it helps other people find us, and you can sign up to our newsletter, again via the website.


22 May 2020

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One on One With Shawn Green, Daniel Kirschner - Greenfly

DMN One-on-One

Greenfly co-founders MLB All-Star Shawn Green and CEO Daniel Kirschner chat about sports, social media, and using your fans to tell authentic brand stories.


18 Jan 2018