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14 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Glen Richards. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Glen Richards, often where they are interviewed.

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14 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Glen Richards. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Glen Richards, often where they are interviewed.

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SWISH Summit Series with Dr. Glen Richards | Chaos To Exponential Growth

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Presenting the SWISH Summit series. After lining up Australian business icons & Shark Tank Investors Andrew Banks, Dr. Glen Richards & Steve Baxter, as well as Scaling Up Coach Anna Samios in October, we were joined by hundreds of business owners, entrepreneurs & salespeople for the first-ever, highly successful SWISH Summit.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be bringing you some of our highlights from the nine-hour day. Today you’ll be joined by a 45-minute keynote & 15 minute Q&A with Dr. Glen Richards.

 Dr. Glen Richards is the founding Managing Director of Greencross, the largest pet care company in Australia. Glen grew the Greencross empire from a single veterinary practice in Townsville into an ASX-listed company with clinics all over Australia. He is also internationally renowned for his appearance as an investor on Australia’s Hit TV Show, Shark Tank.

 Glen's keynote provides an extremely informational journey through Glen's experience both personally and professionally.

Key takeaways include:  

  • Glen's personal and professional growth
  • Succession planning through your staff & customer experience
  • How to turn your sole-trader into an empire
  • Why most great ideas react from an industry roadblock
  • Where most people go to secure investments (Friends, Family & Fools)
Nov 22 2020 · 1hr 4mins
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Dr. Glen Richards - Founding Managing Director of Greencross

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This episode is an adventure in ambition and passion.

Our guest, Dr. Glen Richards takes us on a journey from rural northern Queensland, to working in the UK, travelling through Europe and back to Queensland. His lessons, the failures and success, from buying a veterinary clinic in Townsville at the age of 27 through to building a pet care empire and becoming a Shark on Australia's Shark Tank are non-stop through this podcast.

Dr. Glen shares his shift in thinking from a Vet to a business owner and then to a CEO. He highlights the power of transformational thinking and the importance of developing networks of support services, business plans and a team of mentors.

He also highlights the three key types of people you need in your business and why trying to be all three isn't effective.

Finally he shares his view on why businesses should be doing quarterly strategic resets.


A devoted family man. Married with his three daughters. Still lives in Queensland.

His love for animals continues with 3 dogs and 3 horses to keep the family company.

Founding Managing Director of Greencross. Was the Co-founder and Director of Mammoth Pet Holdings Pty Ltd (Petbarn) before it merged with Greencross.

Grew up on a grazing property near Richmond NW Qld is where his love and passion for animals began. His parents owned a number of properties and farmed sheep and cattle.

At 27, bought a small vet practice in Townsville

Within 10 short years, had developed five vet clinics and a large format pet store in Townsville as well as two veterinary hospitals in China.

From there, he went on to build a multi million-dollar integrated pet care empire, which now operates more than 200 veterinary hospitals in Australia and New Zealand.

Greencross is also Australasia’s leading specialty pet care retailer, with more than 300 stores operating under the brand names Petbarn and City Farmers in Australia and Animates in New Zealand. The company employs over 6000 employees including veterinarians, nurses, retail team members and managers.

Since moving from an executive role, Glen spends his time as a professional investor, mentor, and director with a number of companies and his favourite area of interest is helping to scale up health and allied health companies.

Chairman of ASX-listed companies Healthia and People Infrastructure.

Chairman of two private companies Cardionexus and Naturo Technologies

Non-executive director of SmartVet, Petsure (Australia) and Adventure Holdings Australia (Oztrail and Companion).

More recently known for his role as an investor and his time on Shark Tank Australia

Continues to help foster early stage businesses including his Shark Tank investments through active mentoring, investing and strategic planning sessions. He regularly does public appearances and speaking engagements in the business community to share his scaling up story and his V4P message (Vision, Planning, People, Patience, Passion). 

Jul 09 2020 · 1hr 3mins

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052: The return of Glen Richards - former MD at Greencross Vets

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You may know Glen Richards better as a shark on Channel 10's Shark Tank Australia. 

Returning for his second interview on the Think Big, Act Small podcast, we get further into Glen's back story, including how he transitioned from a practising vet to the managing director of Greencross Vets.

This transition created more time and space in his life - as well as being a better leader and making better business decisions, he was also able to spend more time with his family.

For this new season of the Think Big, Act Small podcast, that leadership transition will be a theme we dig deep in with many guests.

Enjoy :)


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May 21 2020 · 32mins
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#9 Glen Richards on Entrepreneurship & Shark Tank | Brisbane Based

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“Adapt or die, it’s that simple…We will get to the other side of this, & when we get to the other side, you need to come out of the starting blocks really fast.”

Dr. Glen Richards is the former co-founder & managing director of Greencross, a $1bn+ market cap integrated pet care company, with over 250 stores & 5,500 employees spanning across Australia & New Zealand. Today, Glen holds various chairman & non-executive director level positions in a range of start-ups, scale-ups & publicly listed companies. Further, Glen has also featured on 3 seasons of Channel 10’s acclaimed Shark Tank Australia, solidifying his reputation as one of the country’s most prominent investors & business mentors. Today, we sit down with Glen to discuss how to win in business, advice for entrepreneurial minded youth & his experience being on Shark Tank.

To learn more about Glen, you can find him on LinkedIn @GlenRichards.

If you’d prefer to watch instead of listen, head over to my YouTube channel @carterlagana.


2:28 | What Glen would do if he was 18 years old again, living through the current pandemic

4:06 | How important was reading, self-development & continual learning to your success?

4:52 | Glen’s top takeaways from 30 years in business

8:53 | Glen’s advice for chronic job hoppers & his take on passion in the workplace

12:37 | How important is patience in business, & why not try to get rich quick?

14:39 | Glen’s take on the utility of gap years & sabbaticals

17:23 | Glen’s advice for those wanting to take the next step but feel underqualified

20:15 | The most common advice Glen gives as a business mentor & investor

22:39 | Glen’s view on debt, risk & making bold bets in your career

23:49 | The role ‘gut feel’ plays in business

25:10 | The investment opportunities that would interest Glen at the moment

27:15 | Glen’s advice on raising capital from friends & family

28:51 | Glen’s experience being on Shark Tank

32:26 | Glen’s definition of success

Books Mentioned:

Mastering the Rockefeller Habits – Verne Harnish

Scaling Up – Verne Harnish

Good to Great – Jim Collins


Filmed | @Blackardt &@cojones_media

Set | @TheRichardsGroup

Crew | @BriannaBlack

Crew | @cojones_media

If you’d like to keep tabs on what I’m up to, you can find me @carterlagana on Instagram, TikTok & LinkedIn.

May 13 2020 · 34mins

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Cemoh70: Glen Richards from The Shark Tank & Greencross Vets, Former Co-Founder

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Simon chats with Glen Richards, Former Co-Founder of Greencross Ltd, Shark and Investor on Shark Tank Australia and Veterinary Surgeon. 

Greencross Ltd started as a veterinary clinic in Townsville and quickly expanded to become a publicly listed company nationally. Greencross consists of 300 pet stores, 200 veterinary clinics and a national listing of veterinary clinics across Australia and New Zealand. 

You can contact Glen Richards here. 

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Jul 30 2019 · 52mins
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Glen Richards, founder of Australasia 's largest pet care company, Shark tank, mentor and investor.

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This podcast was the most educational experience of my life. 

Glen has so much wisdom and great advice.

5 key take aways. 

1. The importance of planning. 

2. no such thing as balance but counter balance. 

3. 90 day reset.

4. Knowing your 'why'

5. The importance of having not 1 mentor but a mentor for every aspect of your life. 

If you got something out of this episode then remember to give it a share, because word of mouth marketing is how people will listen to it. 

Tune in for episode 3 as  i change tides and interview superstar Nick Marshall arguably the best Physio on the coast with his extensive knowledge in the surf. He also loves to give back to the sport creating albatross nippers, a registered charity that provides programs for inclusive nippers across multiple surf clubs in South East Queensland.

Jun 04 2019 · 31mins
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054 - From Clinician to Becoming a Shark Investor: Glen Richards on His Core Business Principles

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This week on the podcast, Dr. Glen Richards shares to us about the driving principles behind his multi-million dollar empire.

Dr. Glen Richards is a veterinary surgeon and founder and former CEO of Greencross, Australia’s largest pet care company.

Glen spent 10 years building a multi-million dollar integrated pet care empire, which now operates in more than 130 veterinary hospitals in Australia, New Zealand and China.

You may better know Glen from his involvement with MyFootDr and his media presence as one of the four Investors on Shark Tank Australia, hosted on Channel 10.


“The bigger the organization, the more disciplined a structure’s got to be.”
“Step up! What’s the worst that could happen?”



  • [0:01:12.1]  Glen’s transition from being a clinician, to being a business owner, to becoming an investor
  • [0:08:07.9]  Keeping things rolling between transitions
  • [0:12:46.1]  Attention to people
  • [0:16:58.1]  Dealing with clinicians who do not embrace change and/or innovation
  • [0:23:17.2]  Glen’s key business principles
  • [0:25:12.7]  What key business principles will Glen pass down to his kids?
  • [0:30:52.1]  Glen’s parting advice to the listeners
  • [0:33:19.0]  Get in touch with Glen!

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Sep 04 2018 · 35mins
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002: Dr Glen Richards, Shark Tank Australia

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You may know Dr Glen Richards as the 'growth guy' from Shark Tank Australia.

He's also a successful leader and entrepreneur in his own right, having built a successful veterinary practice which grew to a number of practices, before 'thinking big' and bringing together other practices under the banner of Greencross.

As co-founder and CEO, Glen oversaw incredible growth which culminated in Greencross being listed on the Australian Stock Exchange. 

Today, Greencross owns and operates Australia’s largest network of veterinary practices with over 150 clinics including general practices, speciality and emergency centres, pathology labs and pet crematoria.

Greencross is also Australasia’s leading speciality pet care retailer with over 200 stores, operating under the brand names of Petbarn and City Farmers in Australia and Animates in New Zealand.

Jul 23 2018 · 21mins
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INS045 - Big Visions with Glen Richards from Australia's Shark Tank

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If you're a fan of Australia's Shark Tank you'll know exactly who Glen Richards is, but do you know his story, and how he went from an outback kid growing up on a property in Western Queensland, to listing Greencross Vets on the Australian Stock Exchange? 

He is a country boy at heart and as Glen put it, there's no room for arrogance or ego if you want to be a success in business. 

Today Glen and I talk about:

  • How his first business plan was developed on the Trans Siberian Train trip out of Moscow, with a group of Ukranian businessmen, drinking vodka for a full week. 
  • How his initial business plan morphed from a single veterinarian practice in Townsville to a network of vet hospitals across Australia. 
  • Masterminding and brainstorming with like-minded business people.  
  • Benchmarking
  • Listing on the ASX and why they didn't wait until everything was perfect.  
  • Why it's impossible to know it all and why you need to know when and who to bring into your business. If you start to think you know it all, you're in trouble. 

The Vision

It's important to have a big vision and you need to have a real passion for what you're doing. You need to have a story worth following and when you do people can't help but follow. People want to be part of the journey. 

Problem Solving

When you're faced with a problem it can be very uplifting for you and the team when you solve it. There's always a way around a roadblock. 


You need to bring your team together for regular business resets. You need to work on critical issues that are important. You need to highlight your strengths and identify your weaknesses and use these projects to take your business forward. 

You should do a business reset every 90-days and if you're in the tech industry it should be done every 30-days. 


You need to be aware of your competition and know what they're good at, so you can neutralise it, but don't get hung up on them or spend too much time watching them. 

In the end, it's all about quality care and professional work, regardless of your industry and there are always going to be people saying you're doing something wrong.  

Monday Morning Tip

Do not turn on your computer when you first get to your desk. Before getting bogged down, spend some time making sure you know where you're going to focus your time today.

You only have a certain amount of time and money, therefore apply it to the most important project first and prioritise your time. Put your time into your #1 thing. 

Please email me at tf@tysonfranklin.com if you have any questions about this episode. 

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Jun 24 2018 · 44mins
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Ep45 Glen Richards

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Vet surgeon, business owner, and entrepreneur Dr Glen Richards knows a thing or two about success in the business world. Appearing as one of the sharks on Channel 10's hit show Shark Tank Glen believes that it's critical to invest in the successes of the future.

In this conversation we chat about how a long train ride was the catalyst for a business plan that saw him become the Managing Director of national company Greencross and later co-founder of a company under which the well-known Petbarn sits; offering end-to-end services and care for companion animals.

Glen continues to help foster early stage businesses including his Shark Tank investments through active mentoring, investing and strategic planning sessions. He regularly does public appearances and speaking engagements in the business community to share his scaling up story.

Down to earth and real we talk about the essential non-negotiables to managing energy and relationships in business. It's not an easy road but one that requires decision and discipline. Glen has these and a generous spirit in bucket-loads.
Jun 18 2018 · 51mins