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The DAM 🌞Show 5-5-2020 - Special Guest: Jack Matirko and Andy Hall

The Daily Atheist Morning Show

Welcome to the Daily Atheist Morning Show! 5/5/2020 - Special Guests Jack Matirko and Andy Hall join me this morning! 🌥⛅️🌤☀️🌞 Don't forget to leave me a tip! Thank you for all your support. https://streamelements.com/thedailyatheist/tip My Wishlist on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/EHMF37S37SOQ?ref_=wl_share 🎯 Special Guest: Jack Matirko 📌 Jack is the cohost of the Devil's Dispatch, as well as the host of his own interview show, An Ongoing and Necessary Pursuit, his second season of which starts May 11th on Thesatanictemple.tv 📌 Twitter: https://thesatanictemple.tv/media/devils-dispatch/ 🎯 Guest Host: Andrew Hall 📌 Andrew Hall is a humor blogger with over 10 years of experience who currently writes for Patheos. Millions of readers laughed while reading his posts. Andrew is one of the hosts of Naked Diner Podcast. The show features interviews with notable people like comedian W. Kamau Bell (CNN's 'United Shades of America'), Professor Allan Lichtman (who accurately predicts presidential elections and appeared on CNN, Fox News, and Bill Maher), and Zion Lights who is the UK spokesperson for Extinction Rebellion. 'Best Advice Ever' is his show on YouTube where great people talk about the best advice they ever received. 📌 YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDJYlFBEwFT52u1ja7uFWtw 📌 Website: https://www.patheos.com/blogs/laughingindisbelief/ 📌 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LaughinginDisbelief/Special Thanks to my Patreon Supporters: Henrick Badger 🎩 Paul Cammish 🎩 Santi the Sane 🎩 Kristin Frögren 🎩 Join them and show my Patreon some love!: 💰💎💎💰 http://bit.ly/TDA-Patreon1Some links to my merch: 👕👚🎩 Tax ALL Religious Organizations: http://bit.ly/TDA-TaxReligions Atheism is a Non-Prophet Organization: http://bit.ly/TDA-NonProphet Do you even atheist, bro?: http://bit.ly/DoYouAtheist The Definition of Atheisting: http://bit.ly/AtheistingDef My Cat is the only deity in this house: http://bit.ly/TDA-CatGod Remember to join these fine atheist/humanist organizations: American Atheist: http://bit.ly/TDA-AmericanAtheist The Center for Freethought Equality: http://bit.ly/TDA-FreeThoughtThe Freedom From Religion Foundation: http://bit.ly/TDA-FFRFThe American Humanist Association: http://bit.ly/TDA-Humanist Check out the first episode in the Evil God-Monster of Abraham Series: 👹👺 http://bit.ly/TDA-EGMoA1a Check out my book on Amazon: 📖📚📒 http://bit.ly/Anti-Theist-a Take a moment to subscribe by clicking here: ♥️♣️♦️♠️🃏 http://bit.ly/TDA-subscribe My Atheisting Travel Blog on Instagram: 🛩✈🚁🚘🚂 http://bit.ly/TDA-Atheisting1-a Please, remember to take a moment to subscribe to my channel and show my Patreon some love.Find me on: Twitter: @Atheisting1 Facebook: @thedailyatheist YouTube: http://bit.ly/YouTube-TDA Instagram: @thedailyatheist01 Pinterest: thedailyatheist Thank you for your time!#atheist #morningshow #thedailyatheist

1hr 11mins

9 May 2020

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Satanic Q&A with Jack Matirko

Sacred Tension

In this episode of Sacred Tension, Jack Matirko of For Infernal Use Only answers questions about modern religious Satanism.  Love my work and want to support it? Please consider becoming a patron so I can continue to bring you interesting content every week. Also, don’t forget to sign up for my mailing list so you don’t miss another podcast, blog post, or cat picture.

1hr 9mins

8 Oct 2019

Similar People

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Eric Angers #5 Interview With Jack Matirko

Eric Angers Podcast

Watching a puppy that’s not house trained, quitting your job to pursue your passion, satanism, businesses getting political, and against my better judgement we get political and talk gun control! This episode features Jack Matirko of the Naked Diner podcast, the satanic blogger on Patheos.com, and a model for how to quit your job and live your dreams. It gets controversial in here but if you have an open mind and want to understand how there can possibly be satanists, this might be a good introduction. We also talk about running a business and making political statements and then I fail to heed any of my own advice and we get political by talking about gun control. I think the difference is I’m open minded and willing to have the conversation with anyone who disagrees with me. So is Jack, and while we don’t agree on everything, we can at least talk about it as civilized adults. I also decide the internet is going to destroy the world and Jack has a theory about Trump and the USFL. All that and more as our conversation twists and winds back around on itself and conservatives find out I’m too liberal and liberals find out I’m too conservative! Go team freethinkers!

1hr 36mins

10 Oct 2017

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WOR 44 Jack Matirko and Andy Hall/Sam Slade

Ro Knows

Andy and Jack from The Naked Diner podcast and Sam Slade are on the show this week. They  talk all things from sports to politics and life in general for themselves. A very fun and entertaining podcast! SPONSORS:www.audibletrial.com/worldofro, www.gameflyoffer.com/roSee acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

1hr 11mins

28 Oct 2016

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WOR 27 Jack Matirko RETURNS

Ro Knows

Jack is back for another talk with Ro on the show. They talk about his show and how its progressed, the type of guests they have on the show. Also, Jack talks about how he loves to play Hoover ball. Yes, this is a real sport invented, they have a few good laughs and of course a great talk. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


15 Jul 2016

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Andrew Hall and Jack Matirko of Naked Diner Podcast

Let's Chat! with Chris Revill

Andrew Hall and Jack Matirko are the host of Naked Diner Podcast a fun and informative podcast where Jack and Andy interview an intriguing guest . On this episode we chat the 2016 election, their podcasting history, punk rock, our atheist journey and much more. Jack online- Website, Facebook, @LaughPurgatory Andrew online- Zxh-creative.com @LEDFlashing, Facebook Lets Chat online-Coretemparts.com, @letschatpodcast, Facebook

1hr 25mins

16 May 2016

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WOR 6 Jack Matirko

Ro Knows

With over 200 episodes and 4 years of Podcasting experience, Jack brings his A game and has a great conversation with Ro. The Podcast goes through many different topics and makes for a very hilarious conversation. Nothing is off limits and of course nothing is ever taken seriously at the same time! Music by  Fauna Noir- Lifes a Dragon See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

1hr 3mins

26 Feb 2016