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The Leadership in Insurance Podcast - S1, E22, James York, CEO, Worry + Peace

The Leadership in Insurance Podcast (The LIIP)

Welcome to the latest edition of the leadership in insurance podcast.    In this week's episode, we were lucky enough to be joined by James York James is the founder and CEO of Worry + Peace which is a review-led marketplace for the insurance market   In this episode we talk about:   Why are worry and peace not a comparison site?  Why would it not want to be  Why insurance should be brought and not sold  The inherent danger of comparison sites   Why reviews aren’t buyer-centric and how Worry + Peace changes this   It's as important to know why you don’t choose a provider as to why you did  The quandary of how we judge insurance vs how we evaluate which cover to buy   The social good of insurance Is the price worth the promise?   How do we give reviews context? What does a 5-star review actually mean?  The importance of being mission-led in a start-up  Failure – the MBA of entrepreneurship!  Transparency in the new insurance model – the key to success?  The benefit in networking and operating as an industry to evolve change   Purpose – why is it important?  Achieving innovation in insurance means we need to think bigger than insurance  The need for a generational change in leadership to embrace innovation  Can you be too profitable to innovate?  What James has learned from being involved in Insurtech UK?   Thanks to James for being a great guest     This podcast was brought to you by FinPro​​​​​​ an executive recruitment business that works in the Insurance and Instech space    Our host is FinPro Director, Alex Bond Please like and subscribe if you enjoyed this podcast


29 Mar 2021

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Special Episode: Introducing Worry + Peace with founder James York

The Voice of Insurance

In my job I talk to a lot of entrepreneurs and particularly insurtech entrepreneurs. Very often I find that they know their tech but really haven’t yet got to understand the insurance world. And that often means that they are solving problems that perhaps don’t exist in the minds of insurance people and their business are unlikely to succeed. Well today I’m talking to a start-up founder who has insurance running through his veins. James York knows the insurance value chain inside and out. Because of that he knows that anyone who can cut into the savage acquisition costs insurers load onto themselves year after year is onto a winner. In an industry that spends billions on marketing anyone who can make that spend more effective is going to be in high demand. James is the founder of Worry + Peace, which is aiming to do just this via the medium of insurance reviews. It’s a bold and extremely ambitious global vision that goes way beyond reviews and into a whole insurance ecosystem that will aim to bring buyers and sellers together in a trusted world but which isn’t actively trying to sell insurance to anyone. Are you intrigued? I certainly was and the more I talk to James the more I think he is onto something. I think you should hear him out. LINKS and Contacts: https://worryandpeace.com/ James’s Twitter handle is: @JamesJWYork


12 Feb 2021

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Ludic Language Pedagogy with James York of Tokyo Denki University

Experience Points

Ludic Language Pedagogy with James York of Tokyo Denki University In this episode I connected with James York a lecturer at Tokyo Denki University. In this interview we discussed James’ path towards Toko Denki University; his work with the Ludic Language Pedagogy Journal; his approach to using games for teaching and learning; and the special challenges of teaching language through game play.James YorkJames is a lecturer at Tokyo Denki University where he researches the application of games in language teaching contexts. James co-edits the journal “Ludic Language Pedagogy,” which is a space for teachers and researchers to publish work relating to teaching with games. LLP also encourages open conversations about games and play in language teaching and learning on their slack server. Social linksTwitter: https://twitter.com/cheapshotDiscord: Cheapshot#4786 Research linksLecturer at Tokyo Denki University https://radata.dendai.ac.jp/tduhp/KgApp?kyoinId=ymbsgsyoggyCo-editor of Ludic Language Pedagogy https://www.llpjournal.org/Google Scholar https://scholar.google.co.jp/citations?user=Wqi7k0wAAAAJ&hl=enResearch Gate https://www.researchgate.net/profile/James_York3Academia.edu https://dendai.academia.edu/JamesYorkLinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/yorksenseiIf you liked this episode please consider commenting, sharing, and subscribing.Subscribing is absolutely free and ensures that you’ll get the next episode of Experience Points delivered directly to you.I’d also love it if you took some time to rate the show!I live to lift others with learning.  So, if you found this episode useful, consider sharing it with someone who could benefit.Also make sure to visit University XP online at http://www.universityxp.comUniversity XP is also on Twitter https://twitter.com/university_xp and on https://www.facebook.com/universityxp/Also, feel free to email me anytime at dave@universityxp.comGame on!Get the full transcript and references for this episode here: https://www.universityxp.com/podcast/8Support the show (http://www.universityxp.com)


18 May 2020

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TEFL Interviews 61: James York & Jonathan deHaan on Games

The TEFLology Podcast

Welcome back to The TEFLology Podcast – a podcast all about teaching English as a foreign language, and related matters. Today we bring you an interview with James York and Jonathan deHaan. James and Jonathan are both university educators in Japan and advocates of game-based language teaching and learning. As well as creating and devising their own games, they are are also co-editors of Ludic Language Pedagogy – an open access journal dedicated to promoting the integration of games and play in language learning.    In this interview, Matthew asks questions to the pair about game-based language teaching and learning.  Enjoy!! Information about James and Jonathan – https://www.researchgate.net/profile/James_York3 & https://sites.google.com/site/gamelabshizuoka/about-the-lab/jonathandehaan Information about the Ludic Language Pedagogy journal – https://www.llpjournal.org Theme music by Cheapshot (James) – https://bandcamp.com/cheapshot Email: teflology@gmail.com Website: https://teflology-podcast.com Twitter: https://twitter.com/TEFLology Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TEFLologypodcast YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZUvEqf5A7m7OADQoMOV8AA


25 Mar 2020

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Chiptune Theme Park feat. @cheapshot James York

Amusement Sparks

@cheapshot from the CheapBeats record label joins the podcast to design a Chiptune Theme Park! Join the process of turning this incredible music aesthetic into a visual world to explore.This episode features a lot of music, check the transcript for track titles. Oh yeah, we have transcripts now--on AmusementSparks.com!Check out James' record label: cheapbeats.netTranscript and other goodies: amusementsparks.comMember of the FancyBat Podcast CollectiveEpisode Transcript:ChiptuneThemeParkTranscript

1hr 1min

3 Feb 2020

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Episode 75- Ludic Language Pedagogy feat. James York

Board Gaming with Education

In this episode of Board Gaming with Education, Dustin has a conversation with James York. James is a lecturer at Tokyo Denki University where he does research on the application of game-based education for learning new languages. James talks about Communicative Language Teaching and his podcast, the Ludic Language Pedagogy Podcast. LLP also serves as a non-profit to encourage open conversations about games and play in language teaching and learning. Be sure to listen to the episode and James’ ideas on effective methods when introducing games into a classroom of second language learners. Fort Circle Games and Shores of Tripoli - 1:13 Fun Facts: James and Chiptune Music - 3:31 About James York - 6:04 Benefits of Using Games in Language Learning - 8:51 Use of Student's First Language - 13:02 Engaging Students in the Classroom - 15:47 Ludic Language Pedagogy - 21:05 Final Tips from James - 27:52 James Desert Island Questionnaire - 32:11 This episode is sponsored by Fort Circle Games. You can find their fun historical board game, Shores of Tripoli, that plays in forty-five to sixty minutes on Kickstarter now! (11/4/19) Support our podcast! How can you support us? There are many free and paid ways to support the show. Be sure to check out our support page! Our Facebook Group for Educators: Games-based Learning, Gamification, and Games in Education Thank you to Purple Planet Music for the wonderful contribution of their songs "Retro Gamer," "Soul Train," and "Mumbai Mood" for our interview and sponsorship segments. These songs can be found in full on this music archive. Support us by listening to us on RadioPublic! Every listen helps contribute resources to keep our podcast going. Always be sure to check out our show notes (website blog post) to read a recap of the episode topics and games mentioned in the episode. https://www.boardgamingwitheducation.com/ludic-language-pedagogy


18 Nov 2019

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James York: Fireworks retails hits back at calls for ban

Kerre McIvor Mornings Podcast

A fireworks retailer says there are enough safety measures for private use.Two thirds of local councils support approaching central government for legislation to ban the private use of fireworks.But Bad Boy Fireworks manager James York says [told Kerre McIvor] there's already strict safety requirements."All the howlers that are imported into New Zealand are tested to make sure that don't fall over, they don't blow up, to make sure the labelling is correct." He says that fireworks have become part of our culture."People enjoy firework and they treat it like a family get-together. They barbecue, light some fireworks in the backyard, it's actually quite a big thing for a lot of people."


8 Jul 2019