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4 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Ayanna Parrent. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Ayanna Parrent, often where they are interviewed.

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4 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Ayanna Parrent. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Ayanna Parrent, often where they are interviewed.

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Ayanna Parrent: How to Take Personal Responsibility and Help Heal Collective Suffering

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The last few weeks in America have really opened our eyes to see the world differently. It feels as if we're living in a time where real change is about to happen. People are opening not only their eyes and ears but their hearts.

The conversation about race relations in America is not an easy one to have, but a necessary one.

Part of the difficulty of transformation, whether it's social change or your own personal transformation, is feeling the discomfort without running away from it. That's what this week's conversation is all about.

Dan's guest has experienced America from two very different perspectives as a biracial woman with a black mother and a white father. You'll find her story fascinating.

Ayanna Parrent is a licensed independent clinical social worker and a certified fitness instructor in multiple group fitness areas. Her passion is to work with others in recovery from additions, trauma, depression, anxiety and other issues through using the tools of mindfulness, movement and fun. 

Things discussed in this episode...

- Systematic racism and some of the elements we're not talking about. 

- How addiction and recovery within the black community can be affected because of racism.

- How everyday microagressions add up and can create compounded trauma over time.

- How living in fight or flight can change how people see the world.

- How racial trauma can be passed down from generations and add to the world of racism today.

- Why it's important to take inventory of your own thoughts and feelings to see if you're adding to the problem or part of the solution.

- Learning what you can do today to become a powerful ally.

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Jun 26 2020 · 44mins
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Ayanna Parrent Season 5 Ep 52 De La Fit Podcast

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  We have no idea how many people are walking around with depression and have no idea of how to deal with it. Depression affects people from all walks of life, no matter their background or age. The sad thing about it is that people still have not recognized the importance of recognizing mental health issues like depression, and thus view disorders like depression as a sign of weakness. Depression is real, and it takes a strong mindset, amazing support, and the will to overcome the harsh reality.  Our guest today understands how important mindfulness is in dealing with depression and tragedy and wishes to share how one can overcome the symptoms through proper mindfulness.  She is none other than Ayanna Parrent, a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker, Certified School Adjustment Counselor as well as a certified Fitness Instructor in multiple group fitness areas. But most importantly, she is the owner and founder of B FREE Coaching and Wellness, a program designed to change people’s lives through movement mindfulness and fun. B FREE is about helping others Find themselves, Recover from what they need to, Evolve into what they want to become and Enjoy Life! B FREE offers simple ways to incorporate mindfulness into healing and daily life.  If you or anyone you know is struggling with depression then take this time out to pay attention to how your life can be improved through mindfulness. 


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Aug 02 2019 · 50mins
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Yoga Will Meet You in the Fire with Ayanna Parrent

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On this week's episode of Tea Time with Tajuana, Tajuana sits down with Yogi, Fitness Instructor, Business Owner & Entrepreneur Ayanna Parrent

  • B FREE Coaching
  • What being FREE means to her
  • How she discovered yoga and what the practice does for her
  • Addiction and
  • Loving yourself flaws and all

Ayanna on IG: @ayannaparrent

Ayanna's Website:

Apr 07 2019 · 1hr 10mins
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OC37 Ayanna Parrent - Adult Child of Alcoholic to Recovery Coach

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Welcome to ODAAT Chat, where we talk about how to stay sober, one day at a time. 

If you are new here, this is a podcast where my guests and I talk about how to recovery from alcoholism and addiction. We typically spend the first half of the podcast on the backstory, but the magic is really in the solution, which is what we try to focus on.

I’m looking to uncover not only the trauma and causes of addiction, but also the moments of clarity, the revelations, and the tools and practices for healing which lead to long term recovery. I’m here to support you, so leave any questions or comments you have here or on the Facebook page. Click here: The ODAAT Chat Podcast

Today my guest is Ayanna Parent who shares about what it was like growing up with a mother who struggled with alcoholism, addiction and homelessness. She shares candidly about the traumas she endured and how it lead to her own struggles with alcohol. Ayanna also shares her journey into recovery, finding the love of her life and the sweetest adoption of her little girl. She has dedicated her life to helping others and is now the founder of B Free Coaching and Consulting.

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With that, please enjoy this episode with Ayanna.

Peace & Love,


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Mar 17 2018 · 49mins