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EP 01 About host Yenny Stromgren and why she started the podcast ‘Ascension Talk With Yenny.’

Ascension Talk With Yenny

In today’s episode, I’ll share more about me and my journey. Where I grew up, my first UFO encounter at age 8, ET experiences, how I started channelling messages from Galactic beings and much more. I started Ascension Talk, to share my and other people's stories about ET experiences and encounters with Galactic beings, UFO's, channelling, Galactic light languages how people got into their spiritual path.  Ever since I have been little, I have, have experienced unexplained "things" and have had UFO encounters with galactic beings and thought it was time to finally get out of my "spiritual closet" to share some of my stories and what better way of doing this by sharing not only my accounts but also others. My hope though is that it might help you remember and start the ascension process yourself. After all, this is what we are here for… Head over to my website http://www.ascensiontalk.com


14 Feb 2021

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Yenny Stromgren - Life Thriver

Everyone Has A Story

Yenny describes herself as a life thriver. Have you heard that term before? If not, listening to Yenny talk passionately about her travel, photography, podcast, land paddling and general love of life might paint you a clearer picture of exactly what a life thriver is. And how did she end up in Noosa, Queensland, having been born and raised in Sweden?


4 Jun 2018

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Finding your spark & bringing quality people into your life with Yenny Stromgren

Single moms doing it all

In this interview Yenny Stromgren host of "Noosa Stories" and "Everyday Light Warriors" shares her story about listening to her inner voice and trusting it enough to transcend fear. This led her to cross the world, leave relationships that she had outgrown to find her true spark and attract beautiful quality people. Listen to get inspired to find YOUR true spark to become attractive to what you want in your life and repel the rest. To find out more about Yenny Stromgren or contact her visit NOOSA STORIES - WEBSITE www.noosastories.com.au NOOSA STORIES - PODCAST www.noosastories.com.au/podcast EVERYDAY LIGHT WARRIORS - WEBSITE www.everydaylightwarriors.com PODCAST www.everydaylightwarriors.com/podcast YENNY'S ONLINE PODCAST COURSE:   "LEARN HOW TO PODCAST" - from idea, creation to launch" podcast course: http://bit.ly/2ng41St


21 Feb 2018

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Appreciating Moments Like A Child Would - Excerpt From Ep. 17 W/ Yenny Stromgren

The Gratitude Podcast

One of the ways we "learn" or adopt new behaviours is by modeling, by empathising with other people's feelings.  Today, you'll enjoy an excerpt about a gratitude moment from my interview with Yenny Stromgren, a Swedish mother that at the time of the story has just moved to Australia.  You can listen to the whole episode by search for: "Yenny gratitude podcast" or go to episode 17.  Here's a link as well: https://www.georgianbenta.com/2016/12/08/017-yenny-stromgren-appreciate-life-start-first/ Enjoy! :)     Become a supporter of this podcast:https://anchor.fm/the-gratitude-podcast/support


16 Feb 2018

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073: [INTERVIEW] - Everyday Light Warriors Podcast with Yenny Stromgren

Limitless Potential

We were recently interviewed by Yenny Stromgren on the Everyday Light Warriors Podcast where we share the story of how we met, helping couples getting their spark back, self-care, self-development, exercise and much more. This episode is not only for couples; it is for anyone who are looking for a partner. Be prepared to smile, laugh and get inspired! We talk about: • Having clarity of what you want in a partner • Trust • The importance of good communication • Tony Robbins • Fitness and Health • Life purpose • Being an A-team in a relationship • How to handle conflicts in a relationship SHOW NOTES: http://www.everydaylightwarriors.com/podcast/17 For all the latest and best tips, tools, strategies and trainings on how to create an Extraordinary Life, Join The Extraordinary Life Revolution: www.timandness.com.au/joinrevolution Connect with us let us know your thoughts… www.facebook.com/ExtraordinaryLifeRevolution


6 Mar 2017

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017: To Appreciate Life, Start With Yourself First - Yenny Stromgren

The Gratitude Podcast

Yenny is a really cool and upbeat person. She is a photographer and a fellow podcaster and she has some beautiful stories to share with you. Get more such episodes directly on your phone. Subscribe. :) DIRECT LINK TO THE MAIN IDEAS AND MENTIONED RESOURCES RATE AND REVIEW ON ITUNES Looking for an easy way to be more grateful and happy during workdays?  Get the Daily Checklist with the Best 5 Ways To Easily Supercharge Your Gratitude During Workdays! Thank you so much for listening and feel free to contact me! :)   Become a supporter of this podcast:https://anchor.fm/the-gratitude-podcast/support


8 Dec 2016

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Yenny Stromgren – Everyday Light Warriors

Geoff McDonald, Ideas Architect

Geoff McDonald Yenny Stromgren – Everyday Light Warriors GeoffMcDonald.com How do you find your passion in life? Yenny Stromgren found hers by accident. Yenny Stromgren Podcast Interview Yenny Stromgren is a Swede living in Australia. She originally came Down Under to pursue her photography career. And, has recently made the shift from visuals to audio through her Everyday Light Warriors podcast which is growing a healthy audience. In this Ideas Architect podcast interview Yenny shares how her accidental step into podcasting has become a passion. Ironically, her podcast began when she started interviewing people for a photo exhibition she was working on. And, this became more intriguing and interesting that it has now taken over as the love of her life. Today she enjoys talking with people about the challenge they have faced and overcome in their lives. I was lucky enough to be Yenny’s second episode talking about my own battles over the past few years. [Tweet “Yenny Stromgren host of the #podcast Everyday Light Warriors talks purpose, podcasts and profits”] Also, Yenny shares steps she is taking to earn money from connecting and helping people through her audio program, or should I say… personal radio station. Yenny shares a lot of the tools she uses to create her podcast (see the show links below) plus also talk about land paddling… She also discusses the big mistake she made that slowed down her progress. Plus, we talk about how to monetize your podcast. PS: Yenny took the photos of me on my bio and home page… not the pixellated ones… Show Links Everyday Light Warriors website Yenny’s Photo Website Yenny in the Sunshine Coast Daily Episode #2: Me on Yenny’s Podcast with hat photo by Yenny Smart Passive Income with Pat Flynn EoFire – Jon Lee Dumas Podcaster’s Paradise LibSyn – Podcast hosting Stitcher I Heart Radio Weebly Apple’s Garageband Natalie Sisson: The Suitcase Entrepreneur Mitch Joel: SixPixels/Twist Image/Mirum Podcast iRig MIC cast Listen, Download, Share


23 Nov 2016