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Ian McDonald on NBA Draft, Jim Miller interview

Early Odds with Joe Ostrowski

In Early Odds, Joe Ostrowski was joined by Ian McDonald of CRG Futures to break down what went down on NBA Draft night and to share advice on making futures bets. After that, Jim Miller of Hawthorne Race Course joined the show to also discuss the best futures bets, with a focus on the NFL season. He explained what you need to jump on now before the odds change.


25 Jun 2022

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Past, Present and Futures feat. Ian McDonald | Ep. 179

Chicken Dinner

In this episode of the "Chicken Dinner" podcast, Sam Panayotovich discusses his NCAA Tournament scorcher and Kansas' run to the Final Four. Special guest Ian McDonald from CRG Futures joins the show to talk about comparison shopping and his favorite MLB future bets. SUBSCRIBE! "Chicken Dinner" on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Stitcher, TuneIn, and wherever else you listen to your podcastsFOLLOW! @chickenxdinner @spshoot


30 Mar 2022

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Grey Power-02-03-2022 Ron Wilkins talks to Ian McDonald from HB Civil Defence

Grey Power

Grey Power-Ron Wilkins talks to Ian McDonald from HB Civil Defence-02Mar22-final


2 Mar 2022

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Remembering King Crimson, Foreigner's Ian McDonald

Ken Dashow's Beatles Revolution

Ian McDonald was a founding member of King Crimson and Foreigner and friend of the show. We lost him earlier this month at age 75. Ken offers his remembrance of Ian and another look at his last appearance on 'Beatles Revolution.'Subscribe so you don't miss an episode of 'Ken Dashow's Beatles Revolution.'


22 Feb 2022

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The Agronomists, Ep 56: Jodi DeJong Hughes and Ian McDonald on compaction prevention

The Agronomists

Ruts are compaction we can see, but what about the yield-robbing compaction you don’t see? What can we do to prevent compaction, and how do we manage already-compacted ground? For this episode of The Agronomists, host Lyndsey Smith is joined by compaction action gurus Jodi Dejong-Hughes, extension specialist with the University of Minnesota, and Ian McDonald, crop... Read More

1hr 2mins

8 Feb 2022

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Ian McDonald, CEO & Director, Bright Minds Biosciences

Psychedelic Spotlight

In today’s episode of the Psychedelic Spotlight podcast, the Psychedelic Investor, James Hallifax interviews Ian McDonald, CEO and Director of Bright Minds Biosciences. For any investors out there, you can find Bright Minds Biosciences trading on the Canadian Securities Exchange under the symbol $DRUG and on the American OTC market under the symbol $BMBIF. In this wide ranging interview many topics are covered, starting with the philosophy and vision of Bright Minds. We discuss most of Bright Minds’ major projects, including using new psychedelic medicines to treat chronic pain. This is exciting, since it could not only help people with chronic pain issues such as fibromyalgia, but it could also put a dent in the opioid use crisis by preventing people from being prescribed opioids by their doctors to treat pain. Bright Minds is a company working on second and third generation psychedelics to treat a variety of ailments including depression, PTSD, epilepsy, addiction and more. The driving philosophy is that while classic psychedelics such as psilocybin and LSD do show great potential to be used in a therapy setting to treat mental health issues, the compounds also have limitations. At Bright Minds, the goal is to engineer completely new compounds, often based on the structure of classical psychedelics, that keep the benefits of said drugs while doing away with potential negatives. Important to note is that while psychedelic derived drugs are a focus of the company, they also are creating non-psychedelic compounds for a variety of ailments, including different forms of addiction. *To learn more about Bright Minds Biosciences, visit their website: BrightMindsBio.com*Subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest industry news: PsychedelicSpotlight.com


5 Oct 2021

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17: Ian McDonald & Gideon Shapiro of Bright Minds Bio ($DRUG). Is Psilocybin Dangerous? What is a 5HT2C Agonist? When will Bright Minds uplist to the NASDAQ?

Brom Podcast

🍄 Bright Minds Bio is a psychedelics research company focused on novel  psychedelics with shorter trip times and lower risk than traditional  psychedelics.  In this episode of The Integration Conversation, we  discuss the risk of traditional psychedelics, what a 5HT2C agonist is,  Bright Mind's NASDAQ Uplisting, and discuss why Bright Minds might be  undervalued relative to its peers.      ⭐️ Become an Integration Insider and get early access to episodes:  https://patreon.com/theintegrationco 🎧 Listen on Spotify and other podcast platforms:   https://anchor.fm/theintegrationco 🐦 brom on twitter:   https://twitter.com/therealbrom 🎇 Clips and other stuff on Instagram:   https://instagram.com/theintegrationco 💌 Email:    bromtalks@pm.me    ⏰ Timestamps:   10:00 - what are the issues with classic psychedelics?   14:30 - are psychedelics dangerous?   20:35 - what are 5-HT2C agonists?  24:45 - what is brightminds pipeline timeline?  27:00 - will bright mind's drugs require clinics?  30:00 - what does bright minds think about decriminalization?   37:30 - how will big pharma play psychedelics?   40:30 - Is Bright Minds undervalued?   42:00 - When will Bright Minds NASDAQ Uplist & what are upcoming catalysts?  46:00 - followup     Disclaimer: This video is not financial advice. Brom holds shares in Bright Minds.


8 Jul 2021

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King Crimson, Foreigner's Ian McDonald On How The Beatles Emboldened Prog Rock

Ken Dashow's Beatles Revolution

For Prog Rock fans, Ian takes us inside the landmark 1969 album 'The Court Of The Crimson King,"' talks about how the Beatles gave every musician license to break down the walls of pop music, and shares an emotional remembrance of his first experience hearing the Fab Four.Subscribe so you don't miss an episode!


27 Apr 2021

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Ian McDonald: Technology Leader, Gender Equality Ally, Parent

Walking the Walk

We learned in the last episode of Walking the Walk how valuable it is for women in traditionally male dominated careers to have their own networks. But one message that comes through often is that mutual support isn’t enough. At TalkTalk we recognise the importance of Allyship – noone more so than Ian McDonald, who says that men have to step up too. Presented by Dominic Laurie.


12 Mar 2021

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2. Minecraft Speed Runs and GodFather of Wiffle ball Ian McDonald 👀 Ft. Uncle Ian


In this episode of the pod Kaiden and Brandon discuss upcoming Minecraft plans as well as interview Ian McDonald on the Preds upcoming Wiffle season!


9 Feb 2021