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Kate Mckenzie, documentary filmmaker and entrepreneur

They Just Get it

Kate has been devoted to lifting up stories that are more authentic and more inclusive. As a media professional, she’s seen the power of storytelling that helps people imagine themselves in different ways. As a result of this passion, Kate co-directed and produced the Secret Marathon - a race where women in Afghanistan must train and run in secret to avoid being a target for a terrorist attack. She brought this film home and started the Secret 3K, an annual race across Canada to promote gender equality, safety and inclusivity.Join me as Kate talks about her mission to bring people together that want a better world and her unique career path as an entrepreneur. 


31 May 2021

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SOAR Long Form - Episode 4 - Kate McKenzie & Martin Parnell

SOAR Long Form

Welcome to the SOAR Long Form podcast, hosted by Danny Easton. This podcast aims to dig deeper into the fascinating work of individuals who push boundaries in their respective fields. People who ask questions and innovate. People who run. Today’s guests are Kate McKenzie & Martin Parnell Kate is a documentary filmmaker and Martin an ex-miner turned marathon master. They have combined to produce The Secret Marathon a powerful documentary all about The Marathon of Afghanistan. Inspired by the first Afghan women to run the race they trained and travelled in secret to avoid terrorist attacks and bring the story of the race and the incredible women involved to the world. If you enjoyed this episode be sure to subscribe to be the first to hear when our next episode is released. SOAR Long Form - brought to you by SOAR running. www.soarrunning.com Produced and hosted by Danny Easton


21 Apr 2021

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Ep. 11: SXY Radiance through chakra balancing with guest Kate McKenzie

SXY Radiance: The Podcast

In this episode we explore the 7 main chakras, their functions when balanced and the implications of unbalanced chakras on our sexuality and beyond. Our special guest, Kate McKenzie (https://katemckenzie.co.uk), also takes us through a SOUND HEALING using the BIJ MANTRAS that will help to balance your chakras so you can get your sexy back Radiate your SXY! A DO NOT MISS SXYPISODE!!

1hr 7mins

12 Feb 2021

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An Interview With Kate McKenzie

Canadian History Ehx

Today, I speak with Kate McKenzie, a filmmaker who travelled with Martin Parnell to Afghanistan to run a marathon with the first woman in that country to run a marathon.  Their journey is documented in the film The Secret Marathon. Learn more here: www.thesecretmarathon.com Support the podcast for $3/mnth at www.patreon.com/canadaehx or donate at www.canadaehx.com E-mail: craig@canadaehx.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/canadianhistoryehx Twitter: www.twitter.com/craigbaird Instagram: @bairdo37 YouTube: www.youtube.com/c/canadianhistoryehx


25 Jan 2021

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EP 5. Kate McKenzie

Women Run Canada

Co-director, executive producer and cast member of The Secret Marathon Kate McKenzie tells me all about her experience running her first marathon ever in Afghanistan while making a film to shine a light on the race and its participants. 


19 Nov 2019

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It's a Marathon Not a Sprint | Kate McKenzie

No Limitations

In Episode 18, “It’s a Marathon Not a Sprint”, Blenheim Partners‘ Gregory Robinson is delighted to speak to Kate McKenzie, Chief Executive Officer of Chorus Ltd.Greg dials across the Tasman to speak to Kate and discusses how by 2022, 87% of New Zealanders will have access to high speed fibre broadband and how the premise of wanting to keep New Zealand ahead of the curve has promoted a climate of innovation and digitisation. “Our vision is to keep New Zealand new and our purpose is to make New Zealand better”. The build is on time and on budget, giving people access to affordable and high quality broadband, which in turn is assisting in the growth and evolvement of the economy.Kate also discusses the increasing influence that the internet has on our lives and shares with us the opportunities and challenges she faces at Chorus. In particular, the benefits of co-operation and innovation between company and state as well as the responsibility that comes in having to deal with cyber criminals.As Chief Executive Officer, Kate shares her thoughts on leadership, the importance of personal character traits of optimism, curiosity, and courage. She also puts forward her thoughts on executives having at least one external role, a definition of diversity and the need to engender confidence in the up and coming executives.


21 May 2019

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Changing the story of Afghanistan with Kate McKenzie

Everyday Running Legends

Along with a small film crew, Kate McKenzie filmed & participated in the Afghanistan marathon. This event was open to males & females despite abuse that females would be subject to when training for the race. Kate wanted to tell the stories of these women and even run alongside them despite the potential for attacks in such a hostile environment. Moving on from this experience, Kate is now organising the secret marathon 3k. This will be held around Canada and virtually around the world on March 6th to rise awareness for gender equality. Because everyone should have the freedom to run. Click here to sign up for the race Click here to follow the cause on Facebook, insta, twitter If you would like to visit our website go to www.everydayrunninglegends.com  If you would like to follow us on twitter go to https://twitter.com/ERLpodcast  To follow us on insta go to https://www.instagram.com/erlpodcast/  We also have our own facebook group to interact with past guests and input for future episode. Click on https://www.facebook.com/groups/247962752500993/ 


25 Feb 2019

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The Bodcast with Kate McKenzie (May 16/18)

Peggy's Podcast

Kate McKenzie from SureFire fitness talks about people who want to lose weight quickly, cheat days and cheat meals and weight lifting for kids. See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


16 May 2018

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The Bodcast with Kate McKenzie from SureFire Fitness (Apr. 25/18)

Peggy's Podcast

Kate is back and talks about summer footwear and its effects, planks and how long you should be doing them for, golf fitness and the SureFire Fitness 10 year anniversary party! Wanna win an invite? Text KATE to 204-837-3449 for a chance to win 2 tickets! See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


25 Apr 2018

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The Bodcast with Kate McKenzie (Apr 4/18)

Peggy's Podcast

Kate McKenzie from Surefire Fitness talks the best bang for your buck on losing weight and which machine is best for it, the best way to strectch before a workout and how to deal with post workout soreness. See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


4 Apr 2018