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84 – Dark Stars Roundtable, with John F.D. Taff, Livia Llewellyn & Josh Malerman

Talking Scared

This week is an orgy of horror. There are four of us. That makes it an orgy right? (I’ve never been to one – never got the invitation).Ahem … sorry.  I'll start again.This week I am joined by not one, but THREE guests. John F. D. Taff, Livia Llewellyn, and of course, Josh Malerman. We could call them stars from the firmament of horror. Dark Stars perhaps.That would be fitting, considering that’s what they are here to discuss (amongst many, many things). Dark Stars is a benchmark spook fest. An anthology of fiction that attempts to set the tone for where we are in our collective horror moment. John is the editor, Josh and Livia are contributors – amongst nine other names from the very forefront of the genre. Each story is different, with few tropes, little tradition and zero constricting theme. It’s just a collection of darkness, depravity and delight.John, Livia and Josh are old friends, old battle-companions from the horror vanguard. As such I’m essentially redundant this week. I just turned the show over to them and got out of the way. I make an attempt at order and structure – we talk about making horror weird as hell, about drawing fiction from life, about how we use and abuse tropes in this new horror landscape, but mostly it’s about community, friendship and weird, perverse joy in being creepy together.Oh, and Josh and I talk bad drug experiences, whilst Livia joins my fight to put sex back in horror!Enjoy!Dark Stars: New Tales of Darkest Horror is published on May 10th by Tor Nightfire in the US and Titan in the UK.Other books mentioned in this episode include:Dark Forces: New Stories of Suspense and Supernatural Horror (1980), ed. Kirby McCauleyThe House Next Door (1978), by Anne Rivers SiddonsRooster (2021), by John C. FosterDark Factory (2022), by Kathe KojeEvery Dead Thing (1999), by John ConnollyGhoul ‘n’ the Cape (2021), by Josh MalermanSupport Talking Scared on Patreon - https://www.patreon.com/TalkingScaredPodCome talk books on Twitter @talkscaredpod, on Instagram, and TikTok or email direct to talkingscaredpod@gmail.com Download Novellic on Google Play or Apple Store. Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/talkingscaredpod)

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22 Mar 2022

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#56 Livia Llewellyn | Horror Story Writer - Furnace | Engines of Desire


Livia talks about why she writes, her approach to writing, blog writing since 2004, challenges of finding an agent and much more.


30 Jan 2022

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Special Podcast: DEEP BACKGROUND with Livia Llewellyn!

Lovecraft eZine Podcast

This is one of the best one-on-one interviews I've ever been involved in... and the credit for that goes not to me, but to Livia. WHAT a FANTASTIC episode! Seriously: You'll laugh, you'll cry, and you'll find out about Livia's childhood Kolchak obsession! I asked the eZine patreons if I could share this episode with everyone, and they overwhelmingly said yes. And hey -- if you're not a patreon, this is the kind of thing you're missing out on! What are you waiting on -- it's only $5 a month: http://bit.ly/ezine-patreon Again, patreons, thank you for allowing me to do this job, instead of working at some factory somewhere putting together widgets... :) ALL LOVECRAFT EZINE LINKS: https://linktr.ee/misanthropemike

1hr 59mins

20 Feb 2021

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Audio and Video from Sept 16th, with Livia Llewellyn & Craig Laurance Gidney

Fantastic Fiction at KGB

Here’s the audio and video from the September 16th, 2020 Fantastic Fiction reading with Livia Llewellyn and Craig Laurance Gidney, streamed live on YouTube.

1hr 51mins

23 Sep 2020

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Livia Llewellyn's "Stabilimentum": Tenant Terror!

Cursed Morsels

Eric and Sam discuss Livia Llewellyn's story "Stabilimentum" from her collection Furnace, touching on the exploitative landlord-tenant relationship, the danger of peak experiences, and spider people (not the Marvel kind).


18 Jun 2020

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Interview with Livia Llewellyn, Author of Furnace and Engines of Desire

Cursed Morsels

Livia and I talk about effective uses of ambiguity in writing, the craft of weird fiction, and her eight-legged short story "Stabilimentum" from her collection Furnace. Look out for part 2 of this episode - an analytical discussion and comedy sketch about the story - coming next week!


15 Jun 2020

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Interview with the talented Livia Llewellyn!

Lovecraft eZine Podcast

Author Livia Llewellyn is our guest this episode! Check out her work on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/kindle-dbs/entity/author/B00407XE3O After we spoke to Livia, we added to your ever-growing TBR pile. :) Become a Patreon: get access to our bonus podcasts with guys like Laird Barron, John Langan, Leslie Klinger and more! Get free books, become a guest panelist, and more! Help me keep the eZine projects going: http://bit.ly/ezine-patreon Mike's GoFundMe: https://www.gofundme.com/f/ezine-computer-medical-bills Please rate/review us on iTunes, and follow us on Spotify. It helps the show a lot. Thank you. Check out the Lovecraft eZine Press books: https://lovecraftzine.com/ezine-books/ Email the show: lovecraftezine@gmail.com Follow Lovecraft eZine on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LovecraftZine/ Follow Mike on Twitter: https://twitter.com/misanthropemike Follow Mike on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/misanthropemike

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26 Feb 2020

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Audio from April 18th, with Livia Llewellyn & Jon Padgett

Fantastic Fiction at KGB

The following audio was recorded live at the KGB Bar on April 18, 2018, with readers Livia Llewellyn & Jon Padgett. Jon’s reading of “The Yellow House” that evening is not included in this podcast. ​ Livia Llewellyn Livia Llewellyn is a writer of dark fantasy, horror, and erotica, whose short fiction has appeared in over forty anthologies and magazines and has been reprinted in multiple best-of anthologies and two Shirley Jackson Award-nominated collections, Engines of Desire and Furnace. You can find her online at liviallewellyn.com, and on Instagram and Twitter. & Jon Padgett Jon Padgett is a professional ventriloquist. His first short story collection, The Secret of Ventriloquism, was named the Best Fiction Book of the Year by Rue Morgue Magazine. He has work out or forthcoming in Weird Fiction Review, PseudoPod, Lovecraft eZine, and in the the anthologies A Walk on the Weird Side, Wound of Wounds, Phantasm/Chimera, and For Mortal Things Unsung. Padgett is also a professional voice-over artist with over forty years of theater and twenty-five years of audio narration experience. Cadabra Records will soon be releasing 20 Simple Steps to Ventriloquism, a story written and narrated by Padgett.


7 May 2018

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TIH 168: Livia Llewellyn on Long vs Short Fiction, Bad Writing Advice, and Horror Misconceptions

This Is Horror Podcast

In this podcast Livia Llewellyn talks about long vs short fiction, bad writing advice, horror misconceptions, and much more. About Livia Llewellyn Livia Llewellyn is an award-winning writer of horror, dark fantasy and erotica, whose fiction has appeared in ChiZine, Subterranean, Apex Magazine, Postscripts, Nightmare Magazine, as well as numerous anthologies. Engines of Desire: Tales … Continue reading


20 Sep 2017

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TIH 167: Livia Llewellyn on Furnace, Childhood Dreams, and Managing Distractions

This Is Horror Podcast

In this podcast Livia Llewellyn talks about Furnace, childhood dreams, managing distractions, and much more. About Livia Llewellyn Livia Llewellyn is an award-winning writer of horror, dark fantasy and erotica, whose fiction has appeared in ChiZine, Subterranean, Apex Magazine, Postscripts, Nightmare Magazine, as well as numerous anthologies. Engines of Desire: Tales of Love & Other … Continue reading

1hr 1min

13 Sep 2017