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26 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Salim Mansur. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Salim Mansur, often where they are interviewed.

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26 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Salim Mansur. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Salim Mansur, often where they are interviewed.

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The Max Bernier Show - Ep. 11 : Conversation with Pr. Salim Mansur on multiculturalism

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Interview with Professor Salim Mansur on multiculturalism and how badly it affects Canada nowdays.


To buy the book: https://www.amazon.com/Delectable-Lie-liberal-repudiation-multiculturalism/dp/1927618045


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Nov 25 2020 · 18mins
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Trump tests positive - for re-election | Salim Mansur

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As the party that always supported slavery historically, today the Democratic Party still remains the party of racism and race politics.
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Oct 08 2020 · 59mins

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The Anglosphere and Western Culture with Guest Salim Mansur

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While many nations not part of the Anglosphere have indeed become westernized, it would be a mistake to conclude that these nations now share similar cultures or values.
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Aug 15 2019 · 59mins
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#79 A Conversation with Dr. Salim Mansur

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Tom Quiggin sits down for a conversation with Dr. Salim Mansur. Salim Mansur is an Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Western Ontario. He is a former columnist for the London Free Press and the Toronto Sun, and has contributed to various publications including National Review, the Middle Was Forum and Front Page Magazine. He often presents analysis on the Muslim world, Islam, South Asia, Middle East discussing the threats of growing islamic extremism in western countries and within muslim communities globally. Dr. Mansur is one of the founding members of the Muslim Reform Movement and recently announced his candidacy for the Peoples Party of Canada in the upcoming Canadian federal election. “When religion becomes political it becomes an inquisition.” - Dr. Salim Mansur

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Jul 30 2019 · 38mins

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For the People - Guests: Maxime Bernier, Salim Mansur

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The formation of the PPC is a development that is so significant, that what you will hear on today’s broadcast is merely the tip of a giant iceberg that must be entirely exposed to be appreciated.
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Jul 25 2019 · 59mins
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SNC-Lavalin and the rule of law - With Salim Mansur

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Does Canada operate under the ‘rule of law’ or under the ‘rule of Trudeau’ and political expediency?
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Apr 04 2019 · 59mins
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Guest: Salim Mansur - No NAFTA

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Salim Mansur of Western University discusses the ineptness of Justin Trudeau and the Canadian negotiating team in the latest rounds of trade talks with the United States.
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Sep 13 2018 · 59mins
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Salim Mansur - After NAFTA

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We are witnessing a shift in world trade – away from the destructive policies of globalism and back to a world of sovereign nations, each determining its own destiny.
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Aug 09 2018 · 59mins
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Guest: Salim Mansur - Retrospective on Donald Trumps's first year

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Turning the page
It's the economy simplified
No longer foreign to reason
Oh. Canada
Jan 04 2018 · 59mins
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Salim Mansur on America's Great Wreckoning

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Something fishy about the media's coverage
Follow the leader
Free and democratic
America's great sexual wreckoning
Nov 30 2017 · 59mins