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Roger Scruton on Moral Relativism


Roger Scruton on Moral Relativism ROGER SCRUTON MORAL RELATIVISM SPEECH THE INTELLECTUAL DARK WEB PODCAST We Search the Web for the Best Intellectual Dark Web Podcasts, Lectures and Videos that can be understood by merely listening to save YOUR time. Then we make those Intellectual Dark Web Episodes available on Spotify and downloadable. IMPORTANT! AMAZON DELETED THE LAST INEXPENSIVE BINDING. IT WAS TOO CHEAP! HERE IS ANOTHER VERSION FOR STUDENTS WITH HOBBES, LOCKE, ROUSSEAU AND THE US CONST. IN ONE BOOK: ||| MACHIAVELLI https://www.lulu.com/en/us/shop/niccolo-machiavelli-and-john-locke-and-thomas-hobbes-and-peter-kanzler/the-leviathan-1651-the-two-treatises-of-government-1689-and-the-constitution-of-pennsylvania-1776/paperback/product-69m6we.html XXX https://www.bookfinder.com/search/?author=peter%2Bkanzler&title=pennsylvania%2Bconstitution%2Bleviathan&lang=en&isbn=9781716844508&new_used=N&destination=us&currency=USD&mode=basic&st=sr&ac=qr || ROUSSEAU https://www.lulu.com/en/us/shop/jean-jacques-rousseau-and-thomas-hobbes-and-john-locke-and-peter-kanzler/the-leviathan-1651-the-two-treatises-of-government-1689-the-social-contract-1762-the-constitution-of-pennsylvania-1776/paperback/product-782nvr.html XXX https://www.bookfinder.com/search/?author=peter%2Bkanzler&title=pennsylvania%2Bconstitution%2Bleviathan&lang=en&isbn=9781716893407&new_used=N&destination=us&currency=USD&mode=basic&st=sr&ac=qr | Thank You Dearly For ANY Support! And God Bless You.

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6 May 2022

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PREMIUM-Ep. 287: Roger Scruton on Beauty (Part Two)

The Partially Examined Life Philosophy Podcast

Continuing on Beauty (2009), ch. 1-4. Does apprehending beauty really have to involve reason, or can it be merely sensory? If you're not hearing the full version of this part of the discussion, sign up via one of the options described at partiallyexaminedlife.com/support.


21 Feb 2022

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Ep. 287: Roger Scruton on Beauty (Part One)

The Partially Examined Life Philosophy Podcast

On Beauty (2009), ch. 1-4. What truths about beauty does any theory of beauty have to acknowledge? Scruton argues that appreciating beauty is a cognitive act: something we argue about, and not just "in the eye of the beholder." Part two of this episode is only going to be available to you if you sign up at partiallyexaminedlife.com/support or via Apple Podcasts.


14 Feb 2022

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Roger Scruton - Pensadores da Nova Esquerda

Filosofia Socran

Roger Scruton - Pensadores da Nova Esquerda Olá amigos, apresento a vocês o capítulo um do livro - Pensadores da Nova Esquerda do saudoso filósofo inglês Roger Scruton, um dos autores do conservadorismo britânico mais bem sucedidos na contemporaneidade. Este áudio é pois um incentivo à leitura do livro inteiro que recomendo veementemente. Claro que não estou a dizer que devamos concordar 100% com o autor, mas vale muito a pena se situar nas críticas pontuais dessa obra, considerando o pensamento comumente arbitrário da esquerda cultural.  *Apoia-se: https://apoia.se/canaldosocran *Canal Youtube:  https://www.youtube.com/user/socrannn/featured *Siga-me no Twitter: https://twitter.com/marcosSelf *Siga-me no Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Filosofia-e-Hist%C3%B3ria-Socran-1736960503201973/?skip_nax_wizard=true

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15 Jan 2022

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Roger Scruton on Freedom, Authority and the Meaning of Conservatism

The Political Animals

In this throwback episode, Simon Kennedy joins Jonathan for a discussion of Roger Scruton's classic work The Meaning of Conservatism. In particular, they hone in on Scruton's conception of freedom and authority and its potential illumination in the current political turbulence of the covid era. Dr Simon Kennedy is Director of the Millis Institute at Christian Heritage College, a research fellow at the University of Queensland, host of The Millis Podcast and author of the forthcoming Reforming the Law of Nature: The Secularisation of Political Thought, 1532–1689.  The Political Animals is hosted by Jonathan Cole, an academic, writer, speaker and translator who specialises in political theology: the intersetion of religion and politics. Previously, he worked as a Senior Terrorism Analyst at Australian intelligence agency The Office of National Assessments. You can follow Jonathan and the show on Twitter and Facebook.

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9 Jan 2022

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Roger Scruton, Heretic

First Things Podcast

On this episode, Fisher Derderian joins Mark Bauerlein to discuss the Roger Scruton Legacy Foundation and Scruton's collection of essays, "Confessions of a Heretic."


8 Nov 2021

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Terry Eagleton, Roger Scruton, & High Culture

The Lack

This episode is on the YouTube video "Terry Eagleton in conversation with Roger Scruton." The theme is "high culture". You can watch the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qOdMBDOj4ec&t=2643s&ab_channel=IntelligenceSquared To hear the B side, subscribe on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/thelackpodcast

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25 Jul 2021

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Remembering Roger Scruton / Fisher Derderian

Canon Calls

Check out Canon Classics and the Christian Heritage series at canonpress.com.


29 Jun 2021

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Roger Scruton, Civilization, Conservatism Abroad, and Impossible Dialogue

Conservative Conversations with ISI

Episode 11 - Roger Scruton, Civilization, Conservatism Abroad, and Impossible Dialogue  In this episode... A listener question on conservatism outside the U.S.An interview with Dan Mahoney about Roger ScrutonWords of wisdom from Roger Scruton on Civilization Links: Roger Scruton: A Thing Called CivilizationRoger Scruton Legacy FoundationDan Mahoney at Law & LibertyThe CriticValeurs ActuellesIncorrect Books Mentioned:The Solzhenitsyn Reader, ed. Edward Ericson jr. & Daniel J. MahoneyBertrand De Jouvenel, Daniel J. MahoneyMaverick: A biography of Thomas Sowell, Jason RileyMinds Wide Shut, Morton Schapiro & Gary Saul MorsonThe American Republic, Orestes BrownsonRed, White, and Black, ed. Robert WoodsonHow to Think Seriously about the Planet, Roger ScrutonGentle Regrets, Roger ScrutonOur Church, Roger ScrutonThe Soul of the World, Roger ScrutonConversations with Roger Scruton, Mark DooleyConfessions of a Heretic, Roger ScrutonEccentric Culture, Remi BragueAmerican Awakening, Joshua MitchellThe Meaning of Conservatism, Roger ScrutonConservatism: An Invitation to the Great Tradition, Roger ScrutonHow to be a Conservative, Roger ScrutonThe Idol of Our Age, Daniel J. MahoneyBecome a part of ISI:Become a MemberSupport ISIUpcoming ISI Events

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15 Jun 2021

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Beauty And Desecration | Roger Scruton

Hildebrand Project

Roger Scruton, world-renowned philosopher, writer, and public commentator, delivered the keynote address of the Power of Beauty conference, entitled “Beauty and Desecration."

1hr 19mins

1 Jun 2021