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Fr. Jayson Miller, Diocese of Fargo - RPL 04.13.22 2/1

Real Presence Live

What is the Sacred Triduum?


13 Apr 2022

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视频直播回放:认识全世界的朋友-- Jayson Miller W24L4


本周直播主题:学习交往全世界朋友的实用句,周一到周六8:15准时收看!今天节目嘉宾:Jayson Miller Master Sergeant Retired US Army(退伍美军军官长) 是Miller‘s Military Moments的Podcast播主,他的Podcast分享他在美军二十多年在阿富汗和伊拉克作战的经验、感悟和故事!在节目中我问到的问题:1.Where are you originally from? 你从哪里来?2.How long have you been in Florida? 你在佛罗里达州多久了?3.Do you speak Mandarin? 你会说中文吗?4.While you were in Iraq and Afghanistan, did you pick up the local language? 你在伊拉克和阿富汗的时候,有学到当地的语言吗?5.Why did you go to the US Army? Did you go there to get away from the routine or just for responsibility? 你为什么会从军? 是因为要逃离日常生活还是因为责任呢?6.What did you do in the US Army? 你在美军里从事什么工作?7.Do you like food in the US Army? 你喜欢美军里的食物吗?8.What did you like about life in Iraq? 你喜欢伊拉克哪些东西?9.Where have you been in Afghanistan?你去过阿富汗哪些地方?10.Are you interested in learning a foreign language? 你有兴趣和学新的语言吗?欢迎大家在今天的直播中,问他任何问题喔!例如:What is your favorite memory in Iraq? 在伊拉克最喜欢的记忆是?What is the hardest moment at war? 在战争中最辛苦的记忆是什么?How is he doing with retirement life? 退休生活还适应吗?What is it like to fly a helicopter? 飞直升机是什么样的感觉?What is his favorite war movie? 最喜欢的战争片是什么?立即订阅收听他的PODCAST, Miller‘s Military MomentsSpotify https://reurl.cc/KA4XAyApple Podcast https://reurl.cc/En4XZR关于Jayson Miller 的其他连结https://linktr.ee/millersmilitarymoments7.5 Lily 开放招生旅游英语训练营和和外国人用英语交友的英语直播课堂,FB的粉丝请私信谘询报名!在我的学英语环游世界Apple Podcast https://reurl.cc/a9NX2Z 五星评价,在IG 贴文/动态 @flywithlily,7.1 前可获得手写明信片一张!


24 Jun 2021

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PTSD from Violent Death Isn't Just for Civilians: Meet Master Sergeant Jayson Miller

Domino Effect of Murder

Acquiring PTSD from serving in a combat zone surprises no one. Master Sergeant Jayson Miller has seen more than his share of violent death and now carries the disruptive aftershocks within him. Please join us to discover how the domino effect of murder impacts our men and women in uniform, as we delve deeper into PTSD- and the inherent challenge this brings when reentering civilian life.

1hr 2mins

9 Jun 2021

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Episode 71: Share My Story with Jayson Miller

PTSD and Beyond

Have you ever wondered what it is like to be a soldier in the U.S. Army who’s done 4 combat deployments and spent 12 months in Egypt? Meet retired Master Sergeant and podcaster, Jayson Miller! Jayson reveals his story of how for years he suppressed anxiety, depression, and trauma until one day he recognized the signs and accepted they are there. “You are the strongest person you probably know,” Jayson shares with PTSD and Beyond. “The willingness to be open to overcoming PTSD…it may have an negative connotation but let’s not be scared of it.”  Jayson brings insights of resilience, bravery, and recovery as he shares his story. Give a listen and hear the compassion and empathy of Jayson’s story! For more about Jayson, connect: Twitter: @Miller_ThatsMe Podcast: Miller’s Military Moments Website: MillersMilitaryMoments.com Instagram: @MillersMilitaryMoments


5 Jun 2021

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Episode # 122 Jayson Miller - Swam in Saddam Hussain's pool & other crazy stories

Rex Andrew Show

1hr 17mins

4 Jun 2021

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EPS 41 MSgt Jayson Miller - Own Your Journey

Let Fear Bounce

MSgt Miller is a 20-year active duty Soldier. He has been deployed 4 times to combat zones and spent 1 year in the sinai peninsula.  He is married and has 1 child heading off to college this fall. Living with PTSD, depression, and anxiety, he has overcome the deepest and darkest moments that included suicidal thoughts. To learn more about an Army soldier's life, visit     https://millersmilitarymoments.com YouTube:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChfZ04c3dayRgBcg20TFzQw--- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/appSupport this podcast: https://anchor.fm/kim-lengling1/support


28 Apr 2021

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RecruiterCast Live! - Ep. 18 - 4.23.20 - Hiring After the Pandemic is Contained with Jayson Miller


Jayson Miller of Source2 joins Dave and John to discuss how an RPO can help you as hiring starts to ramp up after the pandemic is contained.

1hr 7mins

23 Apr 2020

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RPL March 24 Hr. 2 Seg 2 Fr. Jayson Miller

Real Presence Live

Why do we need to go Confession? Can’t we confess directly to God? Fr. Jayson Miller from the Diocese of Fargo will answer these questions as we visit with him about the gift of Reconciliation.


24 Mar 2020

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RecruiterCast - Ep. 5 - Hiring at Scale Using an RPO with Jayson Miller


Dave talks to Jayson Miller of Source 2 about what RPO really stands for, not "Run-Pass Option".  How does RPO differ from a traditional staffing model for the recruiter, employee and hiring company?  How does a company decide which option is best for them?


27 Jan 2020

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RPL Dec. 19 Hr 2 Seg 1 Fr. Jayson Miller

Real Presence Live

Fr. Jayson Miller of the Diocese of Fargo on the first Saturday Latin Mass.


19 Dec 2019