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Episode #22: Allegra Stein - How to Flourish as a Coaching Misfit

The Coach's Journey

Described as "a breath of fresh air in the coaching industry", Allegra Stein is a self-styled coaching misfit.With a background in wildlife biology and a career that included two years as a fishing conservationist in Bulgaria, Allegra's is a unique and captivating journey into coaching. Her coaching community, Misfit To Maverick, challenges what she calls "The Coaching Industrial Complex" and offers an alternative path to success that is built around authenticity and self-knowledge.She draws on her background as an educator and ecologist to illuminate the idea of a coaching niche as a supportive, nourishing environment, and a habitat in which individuals can flourish. As she says: “Who you are is as much a part of your niche as who you want to help and how you do your work.”In this episode, we talk about:The tiny practices that make up the big picture of ‘create a paying client’.How the language of coaching often holds us back.Focusing on your strengths as a coach instead of getting bogged down in building a business.Why there is no ideal combination of strengths to be an effective coach.Plus Allegra tells us about the many different things she has done to grow her business - from writing, to running free workshops, to a ‘coach-and-dine’ event - and we speak frankly about the financial success of our coaching businesses.For more information about Allegra, visit: www.allegrastein.comWatch Allegra's message to new coaches here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nFpOUFWhUAU For information about Robbie’s wider work and writing, visit www.robbieswalecoaching.com.Music by My Good Man William: listen on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/4KmeQUcTbeE31uFynHQLQgTo support the Coach's Journey, visit www.patreon.com/thecoachsjourney and to join the Coach's Journey Community visit www.thecoachsjourney.com/communityThings and people we mentioned (that you might be interested in):~6: Martha Beck https://marthabeck.com/ ~6: Brooke Castillo and The Life Coach School https://thelifecoachschool.com/ ~10: B-School https://marieforleobschool.com/ ~10: Robbie’s podcast with Minor Arias https://www.thecoachsjourney.com/podcast/episode-3-minor-arias-living-by-design-glz56 ~28: The Prosperous Coach by Steve Chandler and Rich Litvin https://richlitvin.com/the-prosperous-coach/ ~28: Steve Chandler https://www.stevechandler.com/ ~30: The CliftonStrengths Online Talent Assesment https://www.gallup.com/cliftonstrengths/en/252137/home.aspx ~35: Toku McCree's Coaching Dojo https://samuraicoachingdojo.com/ ~45: Seth Godin https://seths.blog/ ~45: Tad Hargrave https://marketingforhippies.com/ ~53: John Morgan https://jpmorganjr.com/~1.06: Kerri Twigg https://www.career-stories.com/about/ ~1.06: YouMap https://www.myyoumap.com/~1.14: Three Principles https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Three_Principles_(self-help)~1.18: Kristin A. Sherry https://kristinsherry.info/about/ ~1.26: The Niching Compass https://allegrastein.com/niching-compass ~1.40: Robert Kegan https://www.gse.harvard.edu/faculty/robert-kegan ~1.58: The Niching Compass Podcast https://allegrastein.com/podcast

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4 Feb 2021

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#137 - #RoundTwo with Allegra Stein

Good Advice: Do Business Better with Blake Binns

Allegra Stein joins the show for a #RoundTwo conversation on what every coach needs to know in order to start their practice. Ready to go from Misfit to Maverick? Find out more at http://misfittomaverick.com/.  This Episode is sponsored by WP Maintenance Plan, the trusted resource for maintenance and optimization of your Word Press website. Find out more at WPMP.org.


5 Oct 2020

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Leave The Status Quo Island with Allegra Stein

Unique Careers, Unique Lives

You can find all the notes and commentary on https://www.younich.com/2020/01/10/leave-the-status-quo-island-with-allegra-stein-unique-careers-unique-lives-podcast-episode-13/In this episode we talked about how we met, it was in the Akimbo Day, an digital festival hosted by Forward Link, the alumni community of Akimbo Workshops, which is founded by Seth Godin.Allegra talked about her work, how YouMap gave her clarity and how she loves using it with her clients. You can see more of her work on her website allegrastein.com. You can also connect with her on Instagram @allegrator or on LinkedIn.Music Credits:Aspire by Scott HolmesCupcake Marshall by Blue Dot SessionsThe Host and ProducerIsil Uysal CalvelliContactisil@younich.comIf you think someone needs to listen to this episode, please share it with them. We will change ourselves together, we will change the world together, we are in this together!


10 Jan 2020

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#74 - Allegra Stein, Co-Creator of Possibility | Champion of the Unknown | Certified YouMap© Career Coach

Good Advice: Do Business Better with Blake Binns

With a background in Biology, the Peace Corps, Teach for America, and Transformational Coaching, Allegra is no stranger to taking big leaps and building self-awareness along the way. Currently her 8th year of coaching and recently certified in the YouMap framework, Allegra is now channeling her gifts to support and guide women who are ready to create a career chapter they're in love with. Connect with Allegra on LinkedIn or at allegrastein.com.  Love the podcast? Become a sponsor at patron.podbean.com/goodadvice.

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7 Nov 2019

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Limiting Beliefs w/ Allegra Stein

Listen To Your Body Podcast

On our first-ever in-person interview, this Fierce Love Friday is taking an interview-style approach with life-coach Allegra Stein. Allegra is all about finding your strengths, challenging your own limiting beliefs, and helping her clients achieve the things they dream of. Strong Sense Of Self-Awareness Allegra wants to help you define the shape that you hold in this life and put language around your strengths and how they can benefit your tribe. Through a strong sense of self-awareness and understanding what is driving the core messages you tell yourself, you can create a new chapter in your life that you are in love with.  With the help of the YouMap, Allegra can guide you through the career, relationship and other goals that you have to find eternal happiness and own your own power. If you are searching for some guidance around your strengths, weakness, and how to be the best version of you possible, this episode is for you. How do you work to own your strengths and stop the negative self-talk? Share with us in the comments on the episode page.   On Today's Episode The importance of discovering your YouMap to find internal empowerment (17:20) Taking the information you know about yourself and applying it to become better (22:40) Why being an expert in something doesn't always equal more value (31:20) Reasons why you need to figure out your ‘why’ and reflect on your own strengths (39:40) How to become the museum curator of your own life and happiness (44:20)   Quotes “I’m in this tent, and I am here to help a person who is on a journey, who wants to make something happen, who wants to bring something to life, who has a big idea, who is embarking on something new or unknown, I love that space.” (16:58) “I do believe that all of your interests, all of the things that you curate, are circling a star. And there is a core to what it is that you want to share and teach, there is a center.” (32:19) “That in it of itself is transformative for someone, and it doesn't come naturally to a lot of people.” (40:32) “What if you could create the things you want to create, not only in the service you create for your community and your people but also feeling aligned with your work, also creating abundance? All these things that are compelling to you, but in a way that aligns with your natural way of showing up.” (44:09)   Resources Mentioned In This Show Allegra Stein Website Follow Allegra in Instagram | LinkedIn HTK 016: Allegra Stein Nutritional Therapy 101 Free 7 Day Course Order Core 4 The Book Here Nutritional Therapy Association Website Harder to Kill Radio is sponsored by the Nutritional Therapy Association. Registration is now open for the NTA’s September class. You can learn more and save your seat by clicking here (and don’t forget to mention my name on your application!) You can also try out their free 7-day course, Nutritional Therapy 101 by clicking here. The Core 4 book is now available! Click here to get a free gift when you purchase. Thank you so much for all your support! Check out the full show notes here! Follow Steph on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube | Pinterest I'd really love it if you would take 1 min and leave us a rating and review on iTunes!


27 Sep 2019

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Ep # 5 Allegra Stein - Are you ready to say YES to your idea?

The School of Connection Podcast with Rana Olk

You have a big, bold idea but no clarity on how or where to start, or whether it can even become a reality. Maybe you want to make a difference, but think you lack ideas. Allegra Stein says that’s not true. We all have ideas, but we need to pay attention and give them ‘air’, for starters. And it’s normal to be afraid because big ideas are TERREXCITIFYING! She’s acted on a lot of big bold ideas herself, and has created a unique process to help others take action on their big ideas. Listen in to hear more about the 100 Ideas Project. Relevant Links: Find Allegra at https://www.allegrastein.com. Wondering what your big bold idea is? Find Alex Baisley at https://bigdreamprogram.mykajabi.com/p/home Allegra also recommends: Big Magic, by Elizabeth Gilbert: https://amzn.to/2BcHnEQ Find other episodes at https://schoolofconnection.com/podcast


5 Sep 2018

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Allegra Stein: How to Take Action on your Big Idea

The Sonya Looney Show

Allegra Stein is all about moving the needle so that people take action on their ideas.  She understands that it's scary and exciting to get started, so much so that she coined her own term "terrexcitifying!"  Allegra loves the blank whiteboard- a place you can talk and write out your ideas to create continuity and clarity.  She specializes in supporting women to get out of their own way to take action on their big idea, or even help them figure out what their next direction should be.  Don't worry, if you're a guy, there's a lot of value in this show as her knowledge extends past gender !  Allegra herself has had an interesting life from traveling in Nepal to serving in the Peace Corps in Bulgaria to teaching science in New York.  The path has lead her to coaching.  We talk about the three tools she uses in her job (a mirror, a flashlight, and pom poms), how microactions lead to bigger actions, how to make a decision, and how to deal with overwhelm.  Allegra has some brilliant metaphors to help you see the forest from the trees, to create more calmness in your day, and to give you more clarity amongst the superhighway of thoughts in our brain. Topics Discussed in the Podcast  Mirror, Flashlight, and Pom Poms life coach vs therapist microaction how to make a decision travel how to deal with overwhelm  Listen Now   Links Allegra's website Allegra's instagram MorningPages.com The Artist's Way book Friend of the Podcast: Küat Racks Join! Plant-Powered Tribe Facebook Group Shop My Store – Moxy & Grit The Best Mountain Bike Vacation EVER! Join me in Bend, Oregon Oct 4-7         Support the Show If you would like to support the growth my show, I’d love your contribution on.  Patreon.  The current production of this free show is primarily supported out of my own pocket and a small portion is covered through the donations on Patreon. With my Patreon page, you can donate directly to the show which will help me cover the costs and help it grow! Even 4 bucks a month- the cost of one coffee per month helps a LOT! Thanks, I really appreciate your support! Crowdfunding on Patreon – thank you! Shop my products!  Leave a review or share on social media Don’t forget to subscribe! Apple Podcasts Stitcher Google Play Spotify Thanks for listening!

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17 May 2018

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EPISODE30 - What to Do Next with Allegra Stein

Mom Coaches Getting Clients

Are you overthinking what to do next in your business or life, Mama? In this weekâ??s podcast weâ??re talking to Allegra Stein â?? Thought and Action Coach of Inspired and Overwhelmed. Her clients have for the first time taken vacations and left their cell phones in their hotel rooms. Started saying â??Noâ?? to draining requests of their time and energy. Created movements. Written books. Moved across the country. Redefined, committed to, and taken action to create what they most want.


6 Jul 2017

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How to Take Massive Life Action with Allegra Stein

Listen To Your Body Podcast

My guest today, life coach Allegra Stein, is all about mindset. “The closer we’re willing to get to the edge, the more the edge starts to expand,” she emphatically states. I first met Allegra over two years ago when I sought her help in getting me through a tumultuous—though exciting—time read more... The post How to Take Massive Life Action with Allegra Stein: Harder to Kill Radio 016 appeared first on Stupid Easy Paleo.


26 Aug 2015