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#32 - Rick Chyme INTERVIEW

The Rap Music Plug Podcast | presented by QLC TV

(Go to 0:55 to skip the intro) Insight into the major label experience, and how to take action and overcome hardship is what Episode 32 offers, as we are joined with special guest, Rick Chyme. Rick is a rapper, radio/podcast creator, and creative coach from Michigan, US.  We first dive into a pivotal time in Rick's life, which forever changed the trajectory of his life journey (4:44).  Next, Rick discusses one of the key protective factors for him growing up and coping with trauma, as we talk about his collegiate career playing Division 1 basketball and the lessons he learnt from that experience that he still applies today (15:35). We then move to how he realized his true calling as a creator in hip-hop (19:39), and what his time working at Def Jam Recordings taught him about the music business, along with some very noteworthy experiences he had during that time (23:57). Related to his time at Def Jam, Rick was able to work as a Music Supervisor for Jay-Z's Fade to Black documentary and tells us about that unique time in his life (31:42). Next, Rick talks about how his #DailyPieces365 project unfolded, and how he linked up with producer Yelnam Evad (35:46). We get into the album creation process for Stones, the 2020 collaborative album by Rick and Yelnam (41:32), and discuss Rick's thoughts on white artists covering important socio-political topics in a black-centric genre of music, such as hip-hop (46:35).  As a staunch advocate for mental health awareness, Rick gives his thoughts on the potential reasons for the rise of mental health problems in today's society (58:04). Finally, Rick sends us off by giving us some true words of wisdom related to taking action and one's worth as a creator, which you will not want to miss (1:13:19)! Check out Episode 24 of the show for a full review of Stones. Connect with Rick, check out his music and other exciting projects here: https://linktr.ee/RickChyme -- For music submissions and/or private feedback, DM me @rohview on Twitter and Instagram, or shoot me an email at qlctv.podcast@gmail.com Let's stay connected! Find me here: https://rmpp.carrd.co/ 

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16 Feb 2021

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Rick Chyme talks planting seeds, his path to playing D1 Hoops & a Def Jam Internship, his Dad's death in a plane crash, 17 1/2 hour freestyle rap, creating 365 songs in a year, new music releases & radio love from Public Enemy's Chuck D

Next Possession

This week Coach Hawk is joined by Rick Chyme (aka Pat Cleland). Rick shares details about his youth, including his father David Cleland's tragic death in a Canadian plane crash when Chyme was 15 years-old. He speaks on how he made the unlikely transition from Student Manager, to Walk-on, to Scholarship Athlete, while at Western Michigan University.Chyme breaks down how his Dad's plane crash, mentorship by High School Coaching legend, Steve Majerle and up-close exposure to Michigan State Athletics at a young age were catalysts and driving forces of his competitive spirit. Now a Rapper, Rick talks at length about his experiences as an artist and how his time as an athlete laid the foundation for his attempts and accomplishments in the world of music. Musical topics discussed :  17 1/2 hour improvised freestyle, completed as part of the art contest, ArtPrize.Creating 365 songs in the year 2018 with Producer, Yelnam Evad for Daily Pieces 365.His road to an internship at Def Jam Records.The recent release of two albums: - "The Curve" by Jay Jackson & Rick Chyme with Xavier Bonner and Yolonda Lavender- "Stones" by Rick Chyme & Yelnam Evadand...- His song "Pressure Cooker" recently receiving international radio airplay from Public Enemy's, Chuck D.Finally, Rick discusses his current role as Producer of this podcast, 'Next Possession with Steve Hawkins'The tipoff question of this week's episode puts a focus on bench players. Hawk breaks down the myriad of reasons a Coach may wait to clear the bench. He also shares a personal, detailed account of how he once used playing time, or a lack thereof, as a motivating tool to help an individually talented player reach their potential and in turn, help the team and program stay on track.Finally, in this week's buzzer-beater, Coach Hawk shows extreme strength through vulnerability by exposing the details of losing his job as the Head Men's Basketball Coach at Western Michigan University. Be prepared to get a first-hand look at the mental health impacts of experiencing sudden change after spending two decades at one institution. Hawk even delves into the way he felt watching his former team begin the 2020-21 season. Through it all, Coach Hawk's loyalty and dedication to his players and his motivation as a Coach are glaringly evident.Learn more about Rick Chyme by following him on social media @rickchymerickchyme.bandcamp.comrickchyme.com

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7 Dec 2020

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12 Jan 2016

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5 Sep 2015

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Big Dudee Roo, Rick Chyme, Vox Vidorra: Local Spins on WYCE for June 12 (Podcast, videos)

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13 Jun 2015

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Rick Chyme: The Local Spins Guest Playlist and Local Spins on WYCE podcast

Local Spins Live

As a bonus to his in-studio appearance Friday on WYCE, Grand Rapids hip hop artist Rick Chyme supplied Local Spins with a playlist of 12 songs that are near and dear to his heart, from The Roots to John Lennon. He plays Founders Brewing on Saturday night.

1hr 3mins

28 Feb 2015