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147. Bittersweet - A Conversation with Susan Cain

Faith Matters

This week, we were honored to bring on a guest we’ve hoped to have on for years — Susan Cain. In 2013, she released her book Quiet: the Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking.  But today, we brought Susan on to talk about her new book, Bittersweet: How Sorrow and Longing Make Us Whole, another masterwork that reached #1 on the New York Times bestseller list and has been praised by Brene Brown, Glennon Doyle, and Adam Grant. This book touched us deeply with its key truth: that somehow, feelings of deep pain and deep joy are often intimately linked. In Susan’s words, “Bittersweetness is a tendency to states of long­ing, poignancy, and sorrow; an acute aware­ness of passing time; and a curiously piercing joy at the beauty of the world. It recognizes that light and dark, birth and death—bitter and sweet—are forever paired.”In this conversation with Susan, we talked about how sadness may be the strongest agent available to us for connection to others, how embracing bittersweetness may be the antidote to toxic perfectionism, and how longing is the very essence of faith.Susan’s books have been translated into 40 languages, and spent over eight years on The New York Times best seller list. Fast Company magazine has named Susan one of its Most Creative People in Business.Her writing has appeared in The New York Times, The Atlantic, The Economist, The Wall Street Journal, and many other publications. Her TED talks on the power of introverts and the hidden power of sad songs and rainy days have been viewed over 40 million times. She is an honors graduate of Princeton and Harvard Law School. She lives in the Hudson River Valley with her husband, two sons and golden doodle, Sophie. You can find out more about Susan and her work at susancain.net.Check out Susan's 30-day “Bittersweet: Practices and Reflections course” at courses.susancain.net.


1 Jan 2023

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#8 - Susan Cain: The Tim Ferriss Show

Non-Fiction Authors Getting Interviewed

Susan Cain: The Tim Ferriss Show

1hr 33mins

1 Dec 2021

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HIGH CONFLICT: How to Defuse Any Squabble (Amanda Ripley & Susan Cain)

The Next Big Idea

Have you ever lain awake at night obsessing over a conflict with a colleague or a relative or a politician you’ve never met? If you have, you were probably experiencing what journalist Amanda Ripley calls high conflict. If good conflict is the kind of friction that is serious and intense but ultimately leads somewhere useful, then high conflict is the kind of friction that only gives you rope burn. It’s bitter, all-consuming, unproductive — and worst of all, once you find yourself embroiled in high conflict, it’s almost impossible to get out. Luckily, Amanda has been studying the techniques you can use to break free, and in this episode, she shares what she’s learned with Next Big Idea Club curator Susan Cain.Join The Next Big Idea Club today at nextbigideaclub.com/podcast and get a free copy of Adam Grant's new book!Listen ad-free with Wondery+. Join Wondery+ for exclusives, binges, early access, and ad-free listening. Available in the Wondery App https://wondery.app.link/thenextbigidea.Support us by supporting our sponsors!Streak — Visit streak.com/bigidea and get 20% off your first yearSee Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.


1 Jul 2021

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Susan Cain - NYT Best Selling Author Of Quiet & TED Talk Top 15 Speaker

The Coach Cahill Show

Hello Coach Nation!  Brendan Cahill here to introduce a pretty exciting guest today - New York Times Best Selling Author and a member of TED Talk’s Top 15 all time most popular speeches, Susan Cain. Her book, Quiet: The Power Of Introverts In A World That Can’t Stop Talking became an instant psychology and business classic. Today Susan is going to tell us a bit more about Quiet and we’ll discuss how its concepts intersect and compliment the world of coaching and on field performance. Please give her a follow on Twitter @susancain, or check out her book and see why professional athletes like Justin Herbert and NFL GM’s across the league are talking about it. Enjoy. --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/coachcahillshow/messageSupport this podcast: https://anchor.fm/coachcahillshow/support


3 Jun 2021

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Susan Cain: Quiet

Beyond Texas with W.F. Strong

An interview with Susan Cain, author of Quiet:  The Power of Introverts in a World that Won't Stop Talking.  Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/user?u=46226306)


2 May 2021

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E261 Introverts & Extroverts With Expert Susan Cain

The Viall Files

Today on The Viall Files we get to an audience requested topic: Introverts vs. Extroverts. Expert on this topic, Susan Cain, is the author of bestsellers Quiet Power: The Secret Strengths of Introverts, and Quiet: The Power of Introverts in A World That Can’t Stop Talking which is in its seventh year on the New York Times best seller list and was named the #1 best book of the year by Fast Company magazine. As a result she was named one of their Most Creative People in Business, as well as named by LinkedIn as the 6th Top Influencer in the world. Susan and Nick talk about introverts and extroverts in the workplace, in dating and relationships, and about general interactions with others out and about in the world.  “People have a real misconception about what introversion is … ” Check out Susan’s Book Quiet at  https://www.quietrev.com/quiet-the-book-2/  and signup for her newsletter at https://www.quietrev.com/newsletter-signup/   Website:www.quietrev.com Please make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss an episode and as always send in your relationship questions to asknick@kastmedia.com to be a part of our Monday episodes.  THANK YOU TO OUR SPONSORS: Blenders Eyewear: http://www.blenderseyewear.com enter promo code VIALLVIP for 15% off.  Mint Mobile: http://www.mintmobile.com/VIALL To get your new wireless plan for just 15 bucks a month, and get the plan shipped to your door for FREE. Betterhelp: http://wwwbetterhelp.com/VIALLFILES  to get 10% off your first month.  StoryWorth: http://www.storyworth.com/VIALL to get $10 off your first purchase.  Episode Socials:  @viallfiles @nickviall @susancainauthor See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

1hr 17mins

21 Apr 2021

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14. Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking by Susan Cain (Book Club)

Zillennials Podcast

Welcome to the Zillennials Book Club! This month Kaylee and Lian are discussing the first nonfiction pick for the book club.  Have you ever wondered what it was like to be an introvert in the American education system that emphasizes class participation? Or did you ever feel a little guilty about not wanting to socialize even though you love your friends? Lian, an introvert, and Kaylee, an ambivert, connect their life experiences to things they've learned from Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking by Susan Cain. Don't forget to share your thoughts and opinions on the book with us by sending us an email or a DM on Instagram. We'd love to hear if you identify as an introvert or an extrovert and any other thoughts you may have on the book.  📚 May Book Club: How Much of These Hills is Gold by C Pam Zhang (Note: the link above is NOT an affiliate link) Keep in Touch! 📷: Instagram 💌: zillennialspodcast@gmail.com Sources & More: 🎶: Music by InspireTune Productions General Disclaimer: This podcast is for entertainment purposes and all opinions expressed on the show are our own. You should conduct your own research before making any decisions based on recommendations from Zillennials Podcast.


5 Apr 2021

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Summary of Quiet by Susan Cain | Free Audiobook

QuickRead Podcast - Free book summaries

A revolutionary book detailing how society vastly underestimates introverts and teaches us what introverts and extroverts can learn from one another. Do you thrive in social situations or do you retreat to the quietness of your home? If you’re the former, then you’re likely extroverted and, lucky for you, are praised by western society. For centuries, extroverts have been seen as the ideal personality. They are social butterflies, they are bold, and they make great leaders. Institutions like Harvard praise extroverts and even presume extroversion to be the supreme standard for success. But why is this? Introverts are typically seen as awkward and shy, but that’s not the case. Instead, introverts simply thrive in a different kind of environment. Introverts value serious conversation over small talk and are more likely to contemplate big decisions, and for these reasons, introverts can be just as successful as extroverts in a world where we can’t stop talking. In fact, people like Dr. Seuss, Rosa Parks, Steve Wozniak, and Bill Gates are all people who contributed greatly to society despite having introverted personalities. As Susan Cain presents throughout Quiet, introverts and extroverts can learn from one another and can have the power to change how the world views the misunderstood, but influential introvert. Do you want more free book summaries like this? Download our app for free at https://www.QuickRead.com/App and get access to hundreds of free book and audiobook summaries. DISCLAIMER: This book summary is meant as a preview and not a replacement for the original book. If you like this summary please consider purchasing the original book to get the full experience as the original author intended it to be. If you are the original author of any book on QuickRead and would like us to remove it, please contact us at hello@quickread.com


31 Mar 2021

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The Stoner Den - Quiet: The Power of Introverts In A World That Can't Stop Talking by Susan Cain

The Stoner Den

Where my fellow introverts at?! Time for us all to come together, while staying apart, comfy in our own houses! This weeks episode of The Den I talk all about one of my favourite books of all time, Quiet: The Power of Introverts In a World That Can't Stop Talking by Susan Cain. This is a wonderful look at what it is like for an introvert in North American society, how our society got to become the Extrovert Ideal and all about harnessing your inner introvert power!If you are a quiet, cerebral type and are looking for your clan, come hang out! If you have an extrovert hoping for some insight into your fellow man, come hang out! If you are a stoner that just needs a place to chill for a bit, absolutely come hang out and bring your weed! Come find me on the socials and let me know what you thought! The Stoner Den is on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. I also post links to all the episodes on each platform, so you can always find links there!Also make sure to go give Susan Cain a follow on Twitter.The other sites I mention here are:Introvert, Dear - a great website/blog with articles about what life is like for introverts, career opportunities and relationship adviceHighly Sensitive Refuge - a place to find lots of awesome info on being a highly sensitive personIntrovert, Dear and Susan Cain both have older podcasts. They haven't been running for quite a while but I still found the episodes really interesting to listen to.Intro and Background Music:Funkorama by Kevin MacLeodLink: https://incompetech.filmmusic.io/song/3788-funkoramaLicense: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/


7 Mar 2021

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Quiet by Susan Cain

The Book Pile

In Quiet, Susan Cain discusses the ways in which society undervalues and stigmatizes introverts. (Don’t tell them they’re quiet, they hate that.) Plus, Kellen tells about life as an introverted comedian, and Dave just sorta remains his loud, extrovert self.*TheBookPilePodcast@gmail.com*Kellen Erskine has appeared on Conan, Comedy Central, Jimmy Kimmel Live!, NBC's America's Got Talent, and the Amazon Original Series Inside Jokes. He has garnered over 50 million views with his clips on Dry Bar Comedy. In 2018 he was selected to perform on the “New Faces” showcase at the Just For Laughs Comedy Festival in Montreal, Quebec. Kellen was named one of TBS's Top Ten Comics to Watch in 2017. He currently tours the country.*David Vance's videos have garnered over 1 billion views. He has written viral ads for companies like Squatty Potty, Chatbooks, and Lumē, and sketches for the comedy show Studio C. His work has received two Webby Awards, and appeared on Conan. He currently works as a writer on the sitcom Freelancers.


1 Mar 2021