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Your Money Hour Podcast - Episode 54 with Christian Hip Hop Artist Al Harris

Your Money Hour Podcast

Welcome to the Your Money Hour Podcast with Dakota Grady! I had the pleasure of interviewing Christian Hip Hop Artist Al Harris of Greenville, SC. Al & I grew up in the same neighbor & have a mutual friend in Quentin Holland.  Al shares a powerful story of: 1. His mother giving him away to live with his mother 2. Being addicted to drugs & going to prison 3. Overcoming his situation & changing his life In the second segment I discuss: 1. Investing in the stock market 2. Defining stocks & bonds 3. Are you prepared to invest? And more! Tune in to the Your Money Hour Podcast! I invite you to listen to the podcast & share it on social media.  Need help saving for retirement? Are you ready to invest? Need help answering those questions? Go to dakotagrady.com to sign up for financial coaching.  Still need your taxes filed? Didn't receive a stimulus check? Dakota Grady can help! Visit theatdoc.com. **I do not have rights to this music. ** This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/dakota-grady/support


7 Sep 2021

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Holla at Me Podcast - Ep 78 - Al Harris Part. 1

The Holla at Me! Podcast with Ox Turner

The Al Harris EpisodeGuest:Al HarrisMusic Produced By:Stylo VeraPodcast also available on Apple, Spotify, Google Play, and YouTubeVideo - Holla at Me Podcast - Ep 78 - Al Harris Part. 1

1hr 3mins

13 Jul 2021

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Eps. 57 Whitening Gigi: Bukan Percobaan Asal-Asalan bersama drg. Rifqi Al Harris (@korbantukanggigi)

Relatif Perspektif

Penampilan gigi yang indah berpengaruh terhadap kepercayaan diri seseorang ketika tersenyum dan tertawa. Keinginan masyarakat untuk memperbaiki penampilan gigi sayangnya belum sebesar kesadarannya untuk mempercayakan treatment gigi ke profesional. Mengapa penyalahgunaan whitening gigi berbahaya? Bagaimana dampaknya terhadap kesehatan gigi? Simak diskusi dengan drg. Rifqie Al Harris, founder dari platform instagram @korbantukanggigi


17 Apr 2021

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Ep 35 Andie Kramer and Al Harris: Breaking Through Biases and Stereotypes

Clear Choices Podcast

With the recent loss of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, I am honored to have two people on the show who are very much in alignment with her fight for gender equality. Andie Kramer and Al Harris are gender bias experts who have spent the past 30 years combating gender bias through writing, speaking and mentoring. We are talking today about the ways in which women experience bias in the workplace and how these biases hinder their advancement and compensation in their careers. You will hear what choices and changes need to occur for our country to make progress in gender equality and racial equality as well. Andie and Al are the co-authors of two award-winning books: Breaking Through Bias: Communication Techniques for Women to Succeed at Work and It’s Not You, It’s the Workplace: Women’s Conflict at Work and the Bias That Built It. Andie and Al’s writing on communication strategies and gender biases have been widely featured, including in HBR.org, The Huffington Post, The New York Times, and The Chicago Tribune. Andie is also a contributing writer for Forbes.com. Together and separately, Andie and Al speak and lead workshops across the country to help women, men, and organizations overcome the negative effects of gender bias and build healthier, more productive workplaces. “Implicit bias is still a problem and that's what we focus on in our work.” “We need a new approach. We need a new way of attacking gender bias. And that new approach involves not telling people NOT to be biased but it involves finding ways to interrupt biases from career affecting decisions.” In this episode, you will hear: - The difference between explicit and implicit bias and how to tell the difference - What women, men, and organizations can do to decrease gender bias  - Andie and Al’s choice to write two books and fight for gender equality Coaching Information: If you would like more information on the Clear Choices business and life coaching program, please e-mail me at rob@robaigner.com or go to our website at https://clearchoices.live/. Thank you so much for listening! Please subscribe to the show, leave a review, and share it with a friend. Find me on Instagram @clearchoicespodcast and on Facebook .  If you have a guest idea or want to connect with me, please visit my website www.clearchoices.live. I am also available for speaking engagements. Connect with Andie and Al: https://andieandal.com/ Breaking Through Bias Second Edition: Communication Techniques for Women to Succeed at Work It's Not You It's the Workplace: Women's Conflict at Work and the Bias that Built It


14 Oct 2020

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Episode #17: It's Not You It's the Workplace with Andie Kramer and Al Harris

MOJO Maker for Womxn in Tech

Episode 17: Show Notes.It's not a secret that stereotypes and biases exist, but how can workplaces create systems and processes where gendered characterizations are stripped away to create more equitable, merit-based environments? This question is one which Andie Kramer and Al Harris address in their new book, It’s Not You, It’s the Workplace. As gender-bias experts, attorneys, and speakers, Andie and Al have dedicated their research efforts to understand the influence that stereotypes have on the way women are treated. In this episode, we discuss what sparked their interest in gender-biased workplaces, and what they learned about the issues women had with one another in the workplace. This unexpected finding led them to question myths like the 'mean girl', where women leaders are frequently characterized as bitchy and unpleasant because they are not fulfilling misplaced expectations that stem from stereotypes. We also consider how the small number of leadership roles for women fuel competition by pitting women up against one another. Along with this, we explore the importance of methods and practices that work to remove the subjectivities that always hurt women in the workplace. Although these problems are systemic and require more than a one-time workshop, Andie and Al offer ways that women can support themselves and one another in the absence of organizational reform. To hear more about this important work, be sure to tune in today!  Key Points From This Episode:What Andie learned in her time on her law firm’s compensation and management committee.The research that Andie and Al explored in their first book, Breaking Through Bias.Surprising findings of experiences that women have with other women in the workplace.The misplaced expectations that are placed on women leaders around being nice and kind.These stereotypes are deeply ingrained in us, and getting past them is hard.The ‘Goldilocks dilemma’ — Balancing between nice and being assertive.Debunking the 'mean girl' myth and how we can move past this.How the limited seats at the leadership table lead to competition among women.The difficulty that senior women face bringing junior women up with them.Exploring what Andie and Al refer to as ‘the three separate trains leaving the station.’Finding ways to prevent bias from influencing the trajectory of people’s careers.Some ways to remove biases from evaluation and hiring procedures.What women can do right now to cope with the gender-biased workplaces.Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:Create Your Leading Edge ChallengeAndie & AlAndie & Al on TwitterAndie Kramer on LinkedInAl Harris on LinkedInITSPmagazineIt's Not You It's the WorkplaceBreaking Through BiasGoldman SachsKim O'Grady adds "mister" to his resume, gets a job


14 Sep 2020

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194: Andie Kramer and Al Harris—Will The Pandemic Hurt Women In The Work Force?

On the Brink with Andi Simon

Learn how today's crisis affects women and gender roles We have a serious concern about the impact of the pandemic on women in the workplace. So, we invited Andie Kramer and Al Harris back to share with us their perspectives. On April 1st, Andie had a new article published in Forbes entitled, "Why Stay-At-Home Orders Might Be Good For Gender Equality."  Or, if China is a leading indicator, it might be good for divorces. While we have been called futurists, this is not a time for us to offer anything that sounds like “certainty.” But we do know that these times are changing, fast, and we will have to as well. In this podcast, Andie, Al and I talk about how people change, or resist change. Especially now, please listen in. Humans are habit-driven animals We prefer to fall into old habits and repeat well-honed patterns of behavior which we believe to be “the way we do it.” For years, we at SAMC have preached, "If you want to change, have a crisis or create one." The COVID-19 has created that crisis. Now we need to help you change. Your new ways of doing things...temporary or long-lasting? When it comes to the new normal, working at home, often with your kids and your spouse or partner right alongside, the old habits are rather irrelevant. But how do you create new habits, and quickly, and how will these impact gender relationships? Whether you are a man or a woman, you should pause and think about what each of you likes to do and what you do best. Then begin to talk about how to navigate the new realities of living, working and raising kids at home. Whether this is a short-term or a longer-term transformation, you might as well get used to this new way of life, at least until it changes into something else. Even as the world opens up again, you might want to re-think all the things you did in the past that you are changing now. And in doing so, you might discover that you don't want to return to the way you did things before. Even before the pandemic, remote workers were becoming more common Employers already were looking for a more flexible, often global, workforce that didn't need office space and benefit packages. And the technology to enable companies to operate remotely has been available, even if it wasn't being used to the fullest. Moreover, as women have become the bread winners in over one-third of American families, they have been figuring out how to raise a family and financially support the household. With women owning over 40% of the businesses in the U.S. before the pandemic hit us, they were creating new revenue streams, new second careers, and opening many businesses out of necessity. Working at home is what many women have done for decades. Now in the midst of this crisis,  they can help their partners learn how to balance home, work and family. Yes, the future is unclear, but also full of possibilities We know that people can find innovative ways to adapt to change. They always have, throughout human history. Now, we just have to let those creative juices flow and re-invent our lives to thrive. We can do it! You're probably already doing it. Let us hear your stories so we can share them. And hang in there, a new day is coming. Listen to my Dec 2019 interview with Andie and Al In my first interview with Andie and Al, we talk at length about their detailed social science research with women and men across the country. Surprisingly, what they found is that women’s unique conflicts with other women and with men are not caused by gender or different styles or the way they were raised and socialized. Rather, it's the result of pervasive gender bias in their workplaces. Fascinating stuff. Listen here. More about Andie and Al Gender bias expert and a partner at an international law firm, Andie Kramer has become a well-known advocate for women’s advancement, mentoring thousands of women. She co-founded the Women’s Leadership and Mentoring Alliance and leads workshops across the country to help women—and men—overcome gender-based hurdles and build healthier, more productive workplaces. Andie is the recipient of a long list of accolades and awards for her achievements in her legal career and her advocacy of women, and is also a contributing writer for Forbes.com. Al Harris, also a gender bias expert, was a founding partner of the Chicago law firm Ungaretti & Harris (now part of Nixon Peabody) where Andie started her legal career. At Ungaretti & Harris, Al served for many years as managing partner and then as a member of its Executive and Compensation Committees, giving him extensive experience watching and evaluating women as they moved up the career ladder. Over the course of his career, Al has grown increasingly concerned about the barriers and biases women face in traditionally male career environments and subsequently he has mentored and advised numerous women in many career fields.  Co-authors of the popular books, "Breaking Through Bias: Communication Techniques for Women to Succeed at Work" and "It’s Not You, It’s the Workplace: Women’s Conflict at Work and the Bias That Built It," Andie and Al are frequent keynote speakers and conduct workshops for all types of organizations so they can better understand the world of gender bias. For more on gender bias in the workplace, check out these blogs and podcasts: Blog: How Women in Leadership Roles Can Finally Change The Workplace Blog: When It Comes To Corporate Culture, Are Men And Women All That Different? Podcast: Sarah Soule—Busting Those Stereotypes of Women Podcast: Andi Simon—Women Entrepreneurs Changing Corporate Cultures Additional resources Women’s Leadership and Mentoring Alliance Andie and Al's books: "Breaking Through Bias: Communication Techniques for Women to Succeed at Work" and"It’s Not You, It’s the Workplace: Women’s Conflict at Work and the Bias That Built It"  My award-winning book: "On the Brink: A Fresh Lens to Take Your Business to New Heights" Simon Associates Management Consultants website


27 Apr 2020

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Al Harris on 105.3 The Fan | 4/25/20

Dallas Cowboys Podcasts

Assistant DB coach Al Harris joins the "Draft Show" sharing his thoughts the Cowboys draft two cornerbacks in the 2020 NFL Draft.


25 Apr 2020

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Navigating Toxic Workplaces with Andie Kramer and Al Harris

Beyond The Dollar - Deep and Honest Conversations On How Money Affects Your Well-Being

#68: Andie Kramer and Al Harris, author of “It’s Not You, It’s the Workplace” chat about why traditional corporate workplaces don’t normally offer a work/home integration, why women feel like it’s a zero sum game when climbing the ranks, why it might be your fault when it comes to working alongside colleagues, and how we can be a better advocate for all in the working world.Stick around to the end where I’m going to distill takeaways from your conversation including statistics about why the gender gap exists and some practical questions we can all have a better time at work.For resources mentioned head to http://beyondthedollar.co/68*theme music by Donovan Dorrance


11 Mar 2020

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069: Evaluating Will McClay and Stephen Jones and the Cowboys' recent drafts | DB coach Al Harris

Cowboys Beat

Al Harris is the defensive backs coach for the Dallas Cowboys.  1:00 - Should the Cowboys consider bringing back WR Dez Bryant? 8:00 - Why the Cowboys had the worst draft in the NFL last season 15:00 - Cowboys defensive backs coach Al Harris 19:00 - Evaluating the personnel decisions of Will McClay and Stephen Jones 25:00 - Cowboys draft profile: Alabama WR HenryRuggs III


14 Feb 2020

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160 - It's Not You, It's The Workplace With Al Harris, JD

Leadership Happy Hour

"No country can ever truly flourish if it stifles the potential of its women and deprives itself of the contributions of half of its citizens." - Michelle Obama In my 30+ work career, I've worked with some amazing women!  My first Executive Officer in the Navy is a woman that I still rely on for solid advice in my current life events.  So, when I think that we are still fighting gender bias in the workplace, it kind of pisses me off.  Doesn't it you? My guest this week is on a mission to correct all of that.  He, alongside his wife, are fighting the good fight in trying to get rid of gender bias in the workplace and help organizations create atmospheres where EVERYONE can flourish!  Al Harris is his name and getting rid of discrimination is his game!  I had a great time talking with Al and I know you'll be able to take his advice and make an immediate difference in your culture. CHEERS! More on Al... Al Harris is an inspiring author and gender equality advocate, as well as a founding partner at Chicago law rm Ungaretti & Harris, where he met his wife and co-author, attorney Andie Kramer. Throughout his career as managing partner at Ungaretti & Harris, Al also served as a member of the rm’s Executive and Compensation Committees. In these roles, he had extensive experience observing his female colleagues as they moved up the career ladder. Over the course of his career, Al grew increasingly concerned about the barriers and biases women face in the workplace, particularly in traditionally male-dominated career environments. These concerns moved Al to begin his work mentoring and advising female professionals, focusing primarily on the communication skills needed to advance in their chosen fields, despite the prevalence of negative gender stereotypes. Al and his wife Andie co-authored It’s Not You, It’s the Workplace: Women’s Conflict at Work and the Bias That Built It (their second book together a er Breaking Through Bias). This power couple provides organizations with concrete, non-disruptive suggestions for workplace changes that will make women’s career opportunities more comparable to men’s. Check out Al and get the book here: https://andieandal.com/


3 Feb 2020