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ALEX MEHR | How I Sold My Company For $300 Million | Millionaire Secrets #45

Millionaire Secrets

Welcome back to another episode of Millionaire Secrets! I am grateful and humbled to be joined by the incredibly high achieving Alex Mehr. I’m sure this guy doesn’t need much of an introduction but to give you a bit of background - Alex is a world renowned serial entrepreneur and former NASA scientist. Alex has launched over 30 products and companies that have made over $1 billion in revenue. Alex is pretty much the epitome of success! I’m sure everyone reading this, is wishing that they had what he does right now - and you can. In fact, you’re probably in a better position than he was when he first started out. Alex had to walk from Iran, his birthplace, to Turkey to flee his country and immigrate to the United States. He was not brought up with a silver spoon in his mouth and he had to defy all odds to achieve what he has. Most 5 years olds dream of being an astronaut or a soccer player, Alex’s dream was to be an American citizen. Not only has achieved that, but he’s achieved every single one of his dreams since then. Today he will share with you exactly how he did it. If you’ve ever looked for a sign that you can make something happen, this is it. Listen to the Podcast today to hear all about Alex’s amazing success story.Check Out More of Alex’s Content Here 👇  💻  👉 https://www.retailecommerceventures.com/ ℹ️ LinkedIn Alex Mehr, Ph.D. 👉 https://www.linkedin.com/in/alexmehr 📞 To contact Alex call 👉 +1 888-330-5374 📺 YT Alex Mehr, Ph.D. 👉 https://www.youtube.com/c/doctoralex/ 🖥️ FB Alex Mehr, Ph.D. 👉 https://www.facebook.com/realDrMehr 📲 IG Alex Mehr, Ph.D. 👉 https://www.instagram.com/doctoralex/ ⌨️ Twitter Alex Mehr, Ph.D.  👉 https://twitter.com/DrAlexTweets    💻 MentorBox 👉 https://www.mentorbox.com/ 🖥️ FB  MentorBox 👉 https://www.facebook.com/mentorbox 📲 IG MentorBox 👉 https://www.instagram.com/mentorbox/ ⌨️ Twitter MentorBox 👉 https://twitter.com/mentorboxonline


21 Sep 2020

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9: Married to Success: Filming on Alex Mehr & Tai Lopez's $80M Company

Married to Success

Welcome to the Married to Success Podcast, episode #9. Harrison and Paige dive into their trip to LA where Harrison presented as a Master of High-Ticket Sales on MentorBox. They talk about scheduling time for yourself; running a lean time; creating, executing and accountability for S.M.A.R.T. Goals; and why having an accountability partner is a load of BS.


16 Jan 2020

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PowerTalk with Dr. Alex Mehr- Ep 54. |CEO of Mentorbox and Zoosk|Nasa Scientist|Pursuit Of Happiness


Dr. Alex Mehr is a Nasa Scientist and Serial Entrepreneur which is a formula for Genius! In this episode we dive into the pillars of building a proper foundation and mindset to elevate yourself financially and mentally. We discuss hist journey from walking to Turkey from Iran to pursue his dreams to failing at apps every other week to mass success with over 800 million in sales from the world's first dating application. He speaks on perseverance and strategy to conquer. Check out this episode for more details--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/inpowertribe/message


27 Dec 2019

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EP 187 - Dr. Alex Mehr - CEO & Co-Founder of Mentorbox

Underdog Empowerment

Alex Mehr is the CEO & Co-Founder of Mentorbox (business partner Tai Lopez), former CEO & Co-Founder of Zoosk ($800M in sales).   Alex helped launch over 30 products and companies that have done over $1 Billion in revenue.   In this interview, we talk about what building a real business looks like and what kind of character you have to develop to win.   Show Notes: https://underdogempowerment.com/alex-mehr/   Get More Involved:  Leave A Review & Subscribe On iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/underdog-empowerment/id1373572178 Access Our Top Resource Recommendations: https://underdogempowerment.com/resources/ Join The Elite Underdog Alphas With The Free Underdog Report: https://underdogempowerment.com/report Subscribe On YouTube: https://underdogempowerment.com/youtube


16 Dec 2019

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Pocket Rockets To Real Rockets! A $300 mil Launch with Dr. Alex Mehr

The Wolf's Den

An Iranian immigrant, Alex Mehr moved to America and got a job working for NASA when he was just 21! That shows you just what kind of can-do, go-getter this guy really is.He firmly believes that Business and Science are two sides of the same coin, and he takes pride in approaching all of his business ventures with logic, rather than emotion -- a choice  that sure seems to be paying off huge for him so far.After noticing a trend in applications starting to develop, Alex boldly quit his gig at NASA, dropped out of a graduate program at Berkeley, and started to develop polling apps. Building on that success, he designed a dating app called, Zoosk, which he eventually sold for $300 million!Alex and JB, who are old friends, dive deep into online business strategy and entrepreneurship, making this podcast a gold mine for anyone looking to maximize their chances of success!WATCH MORE FROM ALEX HERE: https://bit.ly/30HWwWWJoin thousands of other high-achieving professionals who have used the experience and wisdom of Jordan Belfort to take their careers, and their lives, to the next level: https://bit.ly/2XluQJaSubscribe: https://www.youtube.com/wolfofwallstFollow Me-Instagram: https://bit.ly/2Fj4jSzFacebook: https://bit.ly/2Kr2bMOTwitter: https://bit.ly/2Xub1j7Thanks to our sponsors:Right now NetSuite is offering you valuable insights with a FREE guide –“Seven Key Strategies to Grow your Profits” at www.NetSuite.Com/WOLFVisit www.BlueChew.com and get your first orderfree when use promo code WOLF. Just pay $5 shipping.

1hr 2mins

29 Aug 2019

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1315: Taking a Lot of Risks in a Calculated Manner with Dr Alex Mehr Co-Founder and Co-Owner of Mentorbox LLC

The Entrepreneur Way

Alex Mehr is a serial entrepreneur who specializes in digital marketing. He founded the dating site Zoosk, which recently sold for $255 Million, as well as his current business MentorBox, which has 80,000 paid subscribers watching 300 video courses taught by best-selling authors. “take a lot of risks in a calculated manner. In other words, have conviction so it’s again keeping two opposing ideas in your head. One of them is having conviction and the other one is not being fully committed to an idea until it’s proven itself. So, the solution to that, to have those two opposing ideas in your head simultaneously is to take risks. Meaning look this is a project, this is an idea, I’ve researched it for a couple of weeks or whatever a month. I think it’s worth a try and then you have enough conviction to actually try it. So that’s the risk you are taking however that risk has to be balanced with progress. And if you have launched and if you have tried it and you are not making progress you have to reassess”…[Listen for More] Click Here for Show Notes To Listen or to Get the Show Notes go to https://wp.me/p6Tf4b-7a6

1hr 6mins

25 Aug 2019

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Serial Entrepreneur & Rocket Scientist Dr Alex Mehr - Zoosk, MentorBox, & Tai Lopez - $1 Billion Revenue!

The Insurance Dudes

The World Famous Insurance Dudes chat with Dr Alex MehrWe Are Insurance Dudes!!! We Are Here To Learn From All The Incredible Insurance Dudes And Dudettes We Speak With And To Pass The Knowledge Nuggets That We Learn To Our Dedicated And Amazing DudeNation!For All Things Related To Being An Insurance Dude or Dudette,  Incredible Tips, Amazing Tools, and Valuable Resources, Check Out The Insurance Dudes Hub!-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Who's Dr Alex Mehr?A world renowned serial entrepreneur and former NASA scientist that has launched over 30 products/companies that have done over $1 Billion in revenue...Founder of Zoosk (Online Dating App, #4 top revenue generating app in the Apple App Store globally in 2014), and MentorBox (#1 Online Book Subscription company with over 75,000 active paying subscribers)...Last year, he realized that none of his accomplishments would have been possible without learning the latest business strategies and techniques from his business mentors who were ahead of him...


6 Aug 2019

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107: Immigrant To CEO Of MentorBox With Alex Mehr

Billion Dollar Body

Alex Mehr is the CEO & Co-Founder of Mentorbox, former CEO & Co-Founder Zoosk (which he sold for $300 million), and a previous NASA Scientist. He has launched over 30 products/companies. In this episode, Alex explains that no accomplishments would be possible without learning business strategies and techniques from people who were ahead of him through reading their books.  Timestamped Show Notes: [3:06] Alex’s Upbringing [4:58] Built-Up Hunger To Learn [8:03] Making Information Simple And Easy For People To Have [12:56] Changing Perspectives On Books  [18:05] Advancing People To A New Lense [22:38} Taking Books To A Low Investment With A Higher Value [27:04] Making Businesses Successful [40:03] Going From Failure To Failure With No Lack Of Enthusiasm [48:09] Using Influence To Positively Make An Impact Takeaways: Use all the available resources and knowledge surrounding you to your advantage. Books have an amazing value that people need to experience. You need a knowledge base, you can’t experience it all on your own.  If copper does not turn into gold, you have to change something. The key is to experiment very often and fail quickly and silently.  People have a fear of failure because they tie their self worth to the thing they are doing. Influence causes impact. Resources: Connect with Alex Check out MentorBox Connect with Nicholas Join The Brotherhood FB Group Grab your copy of The Modern Day Businessman: Success Without Sacrifice 


24 Jul 2019

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Episode 34 - 🎤 Alex Mehr's Scientific Approach To Entrepreneurship

The DreamNation Podcast With Casanova Brooks

Episode 33 - Doctor Alex MehrBorn in Iran and moving to the USA with only a backpack, Alex had a childhood dream of working and nasa. He went on to fulfill his dream and work as an academic before transitioning into businessUsing methodologies from his formation he found a valuable niche to work on in dating apps, and so Zoosk was born.Eventually he went on to partnering with marketing giant Tai Lopez and also forming MentorBox, a subscription box for the avid entrepreneur readerWith a mantra of "competition fosters innovation", The Doctor keeps building his dream and helping others in the wayPlease subscribe and leave your review - In the dream we trust!Follow Dr. Alex Mehr - on his InstagramFollow Casanova Brooks for daily tips!: My InstagramFree content to get started in REAL ESTATE: campsite.bioFind out more at https://dream-nation.pinecast.co


16 Jul 2019

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How to Find Money Making Opportunities within your Market with Alex Mehr

Dynamic Lifestyle Podcast

Would you agree we live in an era where money-making opportunities are everywhere and just about anybody can at least try to create multiple sources of income for themselves nowadays? Would you agree we live in an era where money-making opportunities are everywhere and just about anybody can at least try to create multiple sources of income for themselves nowadays? That’s why we had a conversation with Alex Mehr who he himself is a master and pro at identifying and creating money making opportunities in various industries. For example, he created, built, and sold the dating site “Zoosk.” He is the founder and CEO of an online educational platform “Mentor Box.” And is an investor in multiple companies and industries. Alex has had a lot of experience building, advising, investing, and selling companies, and some of the golden nuggets he gives away in this podcast interview can really help you see the bigger picture within creating money making opportunities. In This Episode, You Will Learn: • How to progress as an entrepreneur, from being a novice, intermediate, advanced, and eventually a capitalist • How you can start identifying money-making opportunities within your market and create more income streams  • Why he put his health at the forefront, lost body fat, added muscle mass, and how it’s benefited him as an entrepreneur • Some of Alex’s unique and powerful business and money making opportunities so you can put these into action to create revenue streams So, pens and paper out or smart phone note apps open…and get ready to learn from one of the best, Alex Mehr, on how to find money-making opportunities within your market, tune in 😊HERE Let me know what you think of it and please help us SHARE this episode if you found it valuable :) Follow us on Instagram and see the full Show Notes to this episode here  Make Sure To Keep up with Alex Mehr on his IG here   and checkout Mentorbox Recommended Books by Alex: 1. The Selfish GeneBy: Richard Dawkins  2. How Brands GrowBy: Byron Sharp PS: Are You a Personal Trainer Wanting to go Online and Need a Personal Mentor to Show you How to do it?  Get Started Here:   -Eric


28 May 2019