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Episode 112: Led by a Love for Building - Sarah Beatty, Greenmaker Industries & Montgomery Builds

Positively Gotham Gal

Sarah Beatty is Founder and CEO of Greenmaker Industries, Owner of Green Depot, and the Co-Founder of Montgomery Builds. Sarah considers herself an ‘accidental entrepreneur,’ but listening to her story you’ll see she’s anything but! Like many of the inspiring business leaders we meet, Sarah was a woman on a mission. And when she couldn’t find solutions to problems in the market, she solved them herself.


25 Aug 2019

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MTO2: Leaving "The Script" w/ Sarah Beatty

Make Time Online: Blogging and Online Marketing Tips

This week I welcomed Sarah, my lovely wife, onto the podcast.  I genuinely think she is one of the most down to earth and generous person I've ever met. However, she is the first to admit she was a BIG sceptic about financial freedom and living life in a way that you want.  So if she can change her mindset in the space of a few years... anyone can! What you will find out: How we left our comfort zone How we educated ourselves Networking is possible from 3,000 miles away Our top 3 tips from the last few years One little action point (as always!)


31 Jan 2019

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sarah beatty

gabby cabby aka peter franklin podcasts

sarah beatty is the big boss of a company that is called green depot.  they sell all types of materials and products for the home that are good and safe to use.  she worries about the environment the way we all should.  the company just open a brand new super store right here in manhattan.


12 Dec 2018

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Ep. 11 Sarah Beatty – The Compound Effects of Getting Started, Baby Steps, and Workplace Wellness

Happily Healthily

Sarah Beatty (@9tothrive_inc) is the founder 9 to Thrive, a brand new a corporate wellness events company who deliver fitness events to workplaces.  Tired of constantly struggling to balance a busy workload with her health and well-being and inspired by her passion for health and wellness, she focused on creating an easy way to bring healthy activities TO the workplace. But this episode isn’t all about workplace wellness! Sarah is also a personal trainer and has some great tips for helping people to get started on their own wellness journey, so if that’s where you’re at and what you’re looking for, we’ve got that in the conversation too.  In the episode, Sarah shares: How small changes can lead to discovering your hidden superpowers. How smaller businesses can offer wellness initiatives that help them attract talent. How to start building workplace wellness initiatives with your teams, even with no budget. Measuring the ROI of workplace wellness initiatives Links/Mentions From The Episode Sarah’s social channels: Business SiteInstagram


27 Oct 2017

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Sarah Beatty

The Drew Marshall Show

Quirky and captivating, songwriter and scientist Sarah Beatty sounds a bit like Dusty Springfield coming off a science bender. With a voice as sharp as a silver-spur and dangerous as a diamond-backed sidewinder (Raw Ramp), she's an amble adventurer of the inner and outer workings of being a human being.


8 Apr 2017