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Friendly Frank is High....come see

Picking Up Strangers

The guys go into a deep yet fun debate on politics (disclaimer each of them are not qualified to speak on any side)  follow the guys into their world of wonderland.  Maybe they're right maybe they are idiots...... only you can decide. 

1hr 18mins

4 Dec 2020

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Picking up strangers Eps. 26 Back to basics.... I'll drive fools....before I drive food!!! -Friendly Frank-

Picking Up Strangers

A pure rideshare conversation.  Journey with Friendly Frank and Mike on what it is to be a rideshare driver, and rider throughout today.  They don't go into "they"; and discuss topics like the the "system", "updates", being a kid a long time ago.  Find out how "they" get over DFon you. Understand why Friendly Frank doesn't answer income questions. Find out about today's parents, and how Frank is the Oprah in Laguna.

1hr 16mins

15 Jan 2020

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How to be a Funny MC with Friendly Frank

Funny Millionaires Podcast

The amazing Friendly Frank talks about how to be a funny MC and what it's like hosting Irvine's best open mic night and his experience as a comedian PLUS we talk about how he maintains his glorious Afro. Don't miss this amazing episode! Check out www.friendlyfrankcomedy.com for more information or visit Umami Burger at Irvine Improv!


2 Dec 2019

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Picking up strangers Eps. 20 God checks Friendly Frank, Friendly Frank n cold fries,

Picking Up Strangers

Well today you are in luck.  Welcome to episode 20.  This episode gives you bonus time and a special guest.  Friendly Frank and Mike get started with The great LAX debate. Friendly Frank explains his theory on how God likes to f!ck with him, and then goes on to discuss his new friend Jersey Mike,  and his old friend Missouri Al.  Mike decides Friendly Frank needs less friends with states in their names.  Mike proposes a remote podcast at Coachella next year....Frank immediately declines this time.  Frank reveals an offer he could refuse, and we finally have a good recording of our special guest Lloyd.  We tried and failed on episode 10, 20 we succeed.

1hr 33mins

23 Oct 2019

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Picking up strangers Eps. 15 Friendly Frank's near miss with Mexico

Picking Up Strangers

we start with Friendly Frank's near miss with good ol' Mexico, and then we go into correcting all of the social, economic and political problems of the world.  Our last political conversation for a while......maybe

1hr 8mins

30 Aug 2019

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Picking up strangers Eps. 12 With Alien technology....Friendly Frank can save the world!!?

Picking Up Strangers

Well here we go again.  Buckle up as the guys go through a literal galaxy of topics.  We start off with the news story that broke about a murder from a "lyft" driver.  Come to find out it was fake news.  This moves the discussion to whether or not drivers should interfere with the decisions of grown adults, which ends in the emergence of Friendly Frank's superhero complex.  Mike goes on a rampage about Non-English speaking drivers.  Friendly Frank gives a nice tip on how to hack the Uber system.  The episode ends in a menagerie of topics including a hit and run, new media platforms, widget dollars, a Solar answer to national debt, and alien technology.  Sound impossible??  It's not when you are Picking Up Strangers. 

1hr 1min

7 Jul 2019

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EP3: "Ginger Snaps & Cocoa Puffs" w/ Friendly Frank

Cass A Wide Net

EP3: "Ginger Snaps & Cocoa Puffs" w/ Friendly Frank. The Cass Man sits down with longtime friend Friendly Frank and talk the glory days of Orange County comedy, Uber and a little musky husky fun.Send questions, booking inquiries and your FOCK YA MOMES to:fockyanation@gmail.comCheck out:"Picking Up Strangers" on iTunesInstagram: @friendlyfrankcomedywww.friendlyfrankcomedy.comBook Friendly Frank: friendlyfrankcomedy@gmail.comTheme song composed by The Cass Man & Kevin TienkenInstagram: @fockyanationTwitter: @fockyanationFacebook: @fockyanationS/O to Refuge Printing (www.refugeprinting.com) & Original Pizza II/Anchor Bar!

1hr 11mins

27 May 2019

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37 Friendly Frank

Duke's World

I recently did a show at the Irvine improv with Friendly Frank and was kind enough to talk to me in front this fine comedy establishment after the show. I love Frank, he's a great comedian, hard worker, very smart, and above all hilarious!


30 Aug 2012