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Vlad Magdalin Chats About The No-Code Movement

Chats with Kent C. Dodds

Vlad Magdalin is the founder of Webflow, a powerful visual development tool that enables people to create professional websites without writing code. Webflow is on a much lower level of abstraction than something like Squarespace, and users still need to understand the core fundamentals of web development. You might think that tools like these are going to take jobs away from developers, but it actually does the opposite! When innovative technologies allow more people to do work that was once restricted to experts, it benefits everybody. That's what the no-code movement is about. Removing barriers, and giving development power to non-experts. As developers, we'll be able to collaborate better with designers and other team members. And with the increased output of surface-level webpages, there will be more demand for developers with a deeper skillset.HomeworkTeach a non-coder one coding related topic without using codeResourceswebflowGuest: Vlad MagdalinTwitter: @callmevladGitHub: @callmevladHost: Kent C. DoddsWebsite: kentcdodds.comTwitter: @kentcdoddsGitHub: @kentcdoddsYouTube: Kent C. DoddsEpic React: epicreact.dev


4 Oct 2021

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Vlad Magdalin, co-founder of Webflow

The Startup Story

About this episode This week's episode features an interview with Vlad Magdalin, co-founder of Webflow. For those that may not be aware, Webflow (at its core) is a website building platform, but yet it is so much more. Webflow is a platform that has enabled thousands of designers to act as an design and development agency because Webflow allows anyone to design masterfully, and develop online engagements without any need to know how to code. In fact, just a few weeks ago we had Duncan Hamra, cofounder of Memberstack on The Startup Story. In his episode we discovered that Memberstack was built ontop of Webflow. So the reality is that Webflow is not just a website builder but an entire web and software development platform that is democratizing how web design and development is achieved. Vlad is an incredible storyteller and you're going to love his full episode. But for me, one of my favourite aspects of his entrepreneurial journey. Is the fact that both he and his brother (who is also his co-founder) are refugees from Russia and who grew up in the Shadows of Silicon Valley. Having immigrated to the US only days before the collapse of the Soviet Union, Vlad knows quite a bit about starting over from scratch. And aside from overcoming many personal struggles as he adapted his life to try and fit in within the United States. It also took him and his brother four separate tries to get their now two-billion-dollar company up and running. Vlad’s story is so incredibly relatable because the startup story for many companies is not one continuous thread, sometimes it has many starts and stops and Vlad was no different. In this episode, you'll hear: Vlad shares how he was born in the USSR and his parents took the massive risk to move him and his siblings to America in 1991. He shares what it was like growing up in American from the age of 9 and how he struggled with his identity and he tried to hide that he was from Russia. When Vlad was looking to go to college his parents said he should do a computer course like his brother. He did this for one term then dropped out to go to art school to do 3D animation as he aspired to work at Pixar. While he was at college Vlad had his first entrepreneurial venture. Vlad was using Quickdot to chat with his friends but the app crashed. So picked up a book on programming and started writing a clone of Quickdot but developed it and started ChatterFox. Here he fell in love with programming. Vlad shares how he first came up with the idea for Webflow when he was an intern at a design agency. He accidentally saw how the company was charging their clients hundreds of thousands of dollars while Vlad was getting paid $7 an hour. This sparked his entrepreneurial flair and he wanted to fix the problem he saw and make it better for everyone involved. Vlad shares how he pushed back starting Webflow for 6 years and experienced many ups and downs with this. He almost gave up until one day he randomly receives a trademark certificate for Webflow, that he applied for it over 5 years ago. He took this as a sign to keep going. How he went viral on Hacker News. In less than 24 hours it was the number 1 post and went viral on Twitter. Vlad shares the posting on hacker news drove over 20,000 sign ups. When Webflow launched only 30 people out of the 20,000 paid to use the software. Vlad shares that with those first 30 customers they started a group chat, to hear direct complaints, suggestions and requests they were making. How they think Webflow hasn’t even scratched the surface yet of what’s to come for the website and with their Series B round completed they are on to developing Webflow. Resources from this episode Join Grindology: https://grindology.com/ ExpressVPN: Get 3 Months Free → https://www.expressvpn.com/startupstory Get Emails: https://app.getemails.com/referrals/newaccount?ref=R18HWW5 The Startup Story Inner Circle: https://www.thestartupstory.co/vip The Startup Story on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/thestartupstory The Startup Story is now on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/jamesmckinney The Startup Story on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thestartupstory Webflow Website: https://webflow.com/ Webflow Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/webflow/ Webflow Twitter: https://twitter.com/webflow Webflow Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/webflow/ Bret Victor, Investing On Principle: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PUv66718DII Share the podcast The Startup Story community has been so incredible in sharing our podcast with others, and we thank you! We do have more stories to tell and more people to reach. So please keep sharing!

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31 Aug 2021

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Fourth time Lucky with Vlad Magdalin (Webflow)

Startup Grind

Vlad Magdalin is the Founder & CEO at Webflow. the startup that allows you to build better business websites, faster, without coding. To date, Vlad has raised over $73m with Webflow from some dear friends of the show including Accel, Ron @ Rainfall, Brianne @ Work Life, Benjamin Ling and Y Combinator to name a few. Prior to founding Webflow, Vlad was a Senior Software Engineer @ Intuit. Before Intuit, Vlad co-founded Chatterfox, a web application allowing people to stay in touch with groups offriends, family, or co-workers. (Interviewed by StartupGrind's Chris Joannou).


28 Aug 2021

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🏅12. Vlad Magdalin (Webflow.com)

The Usual SaaS-pects with Ch Daniel

Vlad's bio, courtesy of MakerPad: Vlad Magdalin is the founder and CEO of Webflow, a company that is working on empowering designers and entrepreneurs to design, build, and launch websites and applications without having to learn how to code. Webflow has grown to be the platform at the very heart of the no-code movement. You can start building on Webflow at https://webflow.com/ —— Links Reddit SaaS: https://www.reddit.com/r/saas My Twitter: https://twitter.com/chddaniel My product: https://Simple.ink/

1hr 22mins

8 Jul 2021

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Vlad Magdalin, Co-Founder and CEO of Webflow

Version One with Maurice Cherry

Webflow empowers designers worldwide to build professional, custom websites in a completely visual canvas with no code. Companies including Dell, Upwork, Zendesk, and Rakuten depend on Webflow to help their marketing and design teams create production-ready, easy-to-maintain websites.To get a sense of how Webflow came to be, you have to know about its CEO and co-founder Vlad Magdalin. In this episode of Version One, we talk with Vlad and learn how his life and early career as a designer helped influence the creation of this revolutionary platform.========We want to know what you think about our new podcasts, so we've put together a survey to get your feedback!Visit codesandbox.io/podsurvey to take the survey. It should only take a few minutes, and your input will really help us. We would love to hear from you! Thank you!

18 May 2021

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SaaStr 438: Webflow CEO Vlad Magdalin on Building an Enduring Company, One Hard Lesson at a Time

The Official SaaStr Podcast: SaaS | Founders | Investors

Webflow, a no-code website builder, doubled its customer base last year, pushing the company's valuation to $2.1 billion. Webflow CEO Vlad Magdalin openly shares the struggles and triumphs they endured along the way to their success. Video + blog post: https://www.saastr.com/webflow-ceo-vlad-magdalin-on-building-a-four-billion-dollar-company/


22 Mar 2021

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Empowering Your Team to Lead Fulfilling Lives with Vlad Magdalin, CEO of Webflow


In episode #10, Vlad Magdalin shares a template to run effective and inclusive company-wide meetings - as well as some great tips to make the hybrid remote model work for your company. We also discuss Webflow’s dual mission - and the biggest dilemma that Vlad faced as he scaled the team. Vlad is the CEO of Webflow, a software company empowering people to create websites without the need to code. Tune in to hear all about Vlad’s leadership journey and the lessons learned along the way!


23 Jul 2020

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Vlad Magdalin — The 15 Year Journey To Building Webflow and Creating the NoCode Category

Conscious Creators — Make A Life Through Your Art Without Selling Your Soul

“A lot of human fulfillment comes from belonging and purpose and connection, and things that can’t be quantified or bought with money.” –Vlad Magdalin Welcome to the Conscious Creators Show; where through intimate and insightful interviews with authors, actors, musicians, entrepreneurs and other podcasters, you'll learn tools and tactics to 10x your creativity and strategies to grow and monetize your audience. Vlad Magdalin is the founder and CEO of Webflow, a company that is working on empowering designers and entrepreneurs to design, build, and launch websites and applications without having to learn how to code. In a past life, he studied to become a 3D animator with dreams of working at Pixar, but happened to fall in love with the power of programming for the web midway through art school. Most days, you can find him on Twitter yelling into the cloud about how NoCode is going to change the world. At home, he’s outnumbered by two unstoppable daughters and an amazing wife, who constantly remind him that there's so much more to life than growing the business bottom line. In today’s episode of the Conscious Creator podcast, Vlad Magdalin, co-founder and CEO of Webflow, speaks with host Sachit Gupta about his experience slowly building Webflow over more than a decade. Listen to find out what was driving Vlad to stay dedicated to his idea while overcoming obstacle after obstacle. Learn how Vlad’s experience as an immigrant has impacted his worldview, how he has evolved through the long journey of launching Webflow, and more. Episode Highlights:  Vlad immigrated to the US from Russia with his family when he was 9 years old. Vlad began learning simple graphic design techniques while helping his dad with a Russian Yellowpages business that began for the Russian immigrant community in Sacramento. He learned self-reliance during his teenage years, helping his parents with odd jobs. Vlad was never interested in the tedious, science and math driven aspects of computer science, but loved the creativity and possibilities of what you could create. Vlad had the idea for Webflow when he was in college, bought the domain with his father’s help, and began furiously coding. Webflow fell to the wayside when he got married, but after a while working at Intuit, Vlad picked the project back up. While at Intuit, Vlad developed an application called Brainstorm that was used internally within the company, and an executive at the company wanted him to develop it and work on it full-time as his job. Vlad tried a third time to develop and launch Webflow, but then his wife got pregnant. Very suddenly and unexpectedly, Vlad received an envelope approving his trademark for Webflow, five years after his application had been rejected, presumably because the previous trademark holder had let it expire. Creating more complex applications that don’t require code to build won’t work others out of a job, it will just free them up to be able to work on more interesting problems. The user experience is more interesting and complex than the architecture of application programming, and it is that complex problem that will probably always require human work. Vlad doesn’t recommend taking the risks he took because just because it worked out for him, it doesn’t work out for most of the people who try what he tried. It wasn’t until the first month where Webflow’s income equalled its expenses that Vlad felt they were here to stay. They pursued profitability earlier than most VC startups because they had such a hard time getting funding. Vlad hopes to always focus on the people and the team at Webflow rather than giving into purely capitalistic impulses. Just because someone finds value through using Webflow does not mean that anyone else who might have built an application is losing out on anything. 3 Key Takeaways: Having autonomy and support at his job with Intuit helped propel Vlad towards making Webflow successful. Making technology more accessible does not put anyone out of a job, but actually creates more opportunity for more people. The human impact of your work and the team you work with is the most important thing. Tweetable Quotes: “Seeing something that can be better and realizing that it’s possible, just having that unlock in your mind, just makes it so obvious that it should be a thing.” –Vlad Magdalin “Knowing how I’m doing this work and charting a path in my head for how I would create a more visual, a more natural abstraction for that same work, it just made me believe that it had to become real.” –Vlad Magdalin “There was an assumption that empowering more people to create software visually will work programmers out of a job. That’s not true at all. It’s the same assumption that was made when spreadsheets were becoming a thing.” –Vlad Magdalin “I was starting to see that every milestone feels less and less certain.” –Vlad Magdalin “To attract the best people, to make sure that they do their best work, you have to give them autonomy, you have to give them a chance to master their crafts, and there has to be a shared sense of purpose about why that work is important.” –Vlad Magdalin “A lot of human fulfillment comes from belonging and purpose and connection, and things that can’t be quantified or bought with money.” –Vlad Magdalin Resources Mentioned: Webflow Vlad Magdalin Twitter Bret Victor’s Worrydream Vlad on the Twenty Minute VC with Harry Stebbings Actions:  Subscribe to the show on Apple Podcasts or on your favorite podcast app and let us know what you think by leaving a rating and a review. Thank our guest and let them know what you thought of today’s episode — send Jane a message on Instagram! 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13 May 2020

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Episode #1: Vlad Magdalin - How Webflow is reinventing the website.


Vlad Magdalin is the founder and CEO of Webflow, a company that is working on empowering designers and entrepreneurs to design, build, and launch websites and applications without having to learn how to code. Webflow has grown to be the platform at the very heart of the no-code movement and in this conversation, Ben and Vlad talk about the marketplace, the potential and about all things building and creating online. You can find all the details and links mentioned in this interview at Makerpad.co/podcast and you can start building on Webflow at webflow.comFull transcript here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1SqMvKqIuEof0r6o9CnURzf8KPGXWS03EOMHF5UuCFzw


21 Apr 2020

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45: Vlad Magdalin, Founder and CEO of Webflow

Square One: Conversations with the Best in Business

No code is a trend that has powered much of the internet since the days of Dreamweaver. However, in 2020, "no code" is making a come back at a stronger pace than ever before. The world operates on code, but only every 1 in 400 understand it; imagine if only every 1 in 400 people could write - the world would be an incredibly different place. This week we were joined by Vlad Magdalin, Founder and CEO of Webflow - one of the pioneers of the "no code" movement. Vlad recently raised $72M from Accel Partners to scale his vision into reality. We touched on a number of topics in this conversation - dealing with rejection in the early days, the irrationality to keep going when things looked bleak, how he grew to $20M ARR with limited outside financing, why he raised a monster round from Accel and why he believes this is the inflection point for "no code." At the end of the discussion, we finished out by talking about gratitude - Vlad came to the US as a refugee from Russia at 9; gratitude has shaped his outlook on privilege and the real priorities in life. This conversation was a ton of fun - a lot of the folks we have on the podcast are winning in an objectively massive way. Vlad is a genuinely good guy and it's awesome to see him specifically win. 


5 Mar 2020