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5 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Brett Moore. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Brett Moore, often where they are interviewed.

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5 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Brett Moore. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Brett Moore, often where they are interviewed.

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Living the Dream - With guest Brett Moore

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Episode #3:  Starting in the industry at the age of 20 years old.  Brett Moore brings enthusiasm that is contagious.  It makes sense that he has built a powerhouse that spans across the country.  Hear some golden nuggets of how you can too!

Brett made the entrepreneurial leap in college, founding a company that catered to the unexpected needs of nightclub attendees.  He then transitioned to the financial service sector where he received training from his older brother in the art of financial planning.

Brett founded Appreciation Financial's San Diego operations in 2010 with his wife Mercedes after seeing many teachers overlooked by the financial service industry or worse, sold volatile, high-risk products they didn't need or understand.  He has made it his life's work to provide a safe place for teachers to get easy to understand long-term financial planning so they can make sound investments.

Brett studied business and finance at Cal Poly Pomona and has his eye on expanding Appreciation Financial to more cities in the Southern California region.  By his side is his wife, recently promoted to Area Vice President, making the business of serving teachers truly a family affair in the Moore household.

Contact Brett:
Website:  www.appreciationfinancial.com 
Email:  bmoore@appreciationfinancial.com

Jun 17 2020 · 41mins
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What SME Legal Clients Need & Want with guest, Brett Moore

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Move beyond providing transactional technical legal advice to really thinking deeply about meeting the long term needs of clients is the advice from NAB's Customer Executive for Professional Services, Brett Moore.

Earlier this year, NAB published the Legal Services Industry report, which had some findings many legal firms will find surprising. So host, Graham Seldon, invited Brett to be a guest on A Legal High to discuss the report with our audience.

Nov 14 2019 · 19mins

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Episode 099: An Aussie Faith Journey from Charismatic to Episcopal with Brett Moore

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Australian Brett Moore is an International lawyer who shares his journey of being involved with the Christian Charismatic movement, leaving the legal world for a time to attend Fuller Seminary, and eventually finding his faith land in the Episcopal (Anglican) Church. Along the way Brett opens up about his own experiences of being a victim as a young boy in the sex abuse scandals rocking the Church recently. Go Beyond the Pale with Brett Moore

Episode Index:

1:00 - (Intro) Steve and Tammy answer a listener’s questions

24:48 - Conversation with Brett begins

30:28 - More flexible theologically getting older

38:10 - Entering and (mostly) leaving Charismatic Christianity

54:40- Good and Bad ways of relating to God

1:14:05 - Church Life in '90s Hong Kong 

1:31:20 - Trying to balance Bible scripture and experience

1:53:25 - Brett opens up about his own experiences being abused as a child in the church

Sep 22 2019 · 2hr 9mins
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Jason Kesler & Brett Moore of Terrapin Station Exotics

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Episode 31 we're joined by Jason Kesler and Brett Moore of TSE where they talk all things Diamondback Terrapin! SUBSCRIBE via Soundcloud, iTunes, Google Play, or Spotify!
Mar 15 2019 · 1hr 35mins

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Mike Capodice & Brett Moore Talk TerraOrb!

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Thanks again to Mike & Brett for coming on and giving us the low down on TerraOrb! Check them out below and SUBSCRIBE via Soundcloud, iTunes, Google Play, or Spotify!

Mar 08 2019 · 1hr 30mins