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Watchmen by Alan Moore, Dave Gibbons, and John Higgins


Commercially successful and critically lauded, the P.U.L.C.H. Watchmen episode has been called "the moment podcasting grew up." The award-winning episode sees hosts Nic "Without the K" Riley and Joyce "Joyce" Kittenplan joined by comic writer Robin "R.E." Parrish in a tour-de-force that deconstructs the very figure of the podcaster. With a portfolio of adaptations and spin-offs set to release shortly, there's no better time to listen to the most influential work in podcasting. Find Robin's work at https://reparrishcomics.com.

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21 Oct 2022

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Ep. 130 | Action Films with John Higgins

The Vialucci Podcast - UNcensored Conversations

Our resident movie expert John Higgins returns to talk with Charles and Theo about all things Action FilmsYou can now get in touch with the show...team@podcastworld.orgwww.Vialucci.com@vialuccimediaThis show is Part of the PodcastWorld.org networkAudio & Visual Production by Kerem Isik

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13 Jul 2022

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John Higgins Refs Freshman AAU Game, Ranks Coach's Tantrum As Top 5 All-Time

KXnO The Morning Rush

John Higgins Refs Freshman AAU Game, Ranks Coach's Tantrum As Top 5 All-Time


18 May 2022

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Ep 81 | Focus On Today | John Higgins

On The Lime

Will and Kayla chat with John Higgins, President/CEO of Bluegrass Supply Chain, about growing his business from a software solution, how the supply chain impacts our day-to-day lives, and the future of logistics. For more info on our guest visit bluegrass-scs.com Find out more about Sublime Media Group at sublimemediagroup.com


15 Mar 2022

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Episode 66: Energy Drinks: How Significant is the Risk? - Dr. John Higgins

The ALL ME® Podcast

The ALL ME® Podcast Energy Drinks: How Significant is the Risk- Dr. John Higgins At some point in your day, have you had that feeling like you need a pick me up to get through the day. Some people start every morning with a cup of coffee. Others feel the need to grab an energy drink to get a boost to get through their diet. BUT, could that energy drink be causing more damage to your body, especially your heart, than you realize. In 2020, the energy drink industry generated $57 million dollars in revenue and that is expected to grow by 7-9% in the next 4-5 years. We are now seeing middle school children consuming energy drinks in addition to young athletes using these prior to high intensity exercise which can pose a significant risk.   During our interview we talk about the potential risk of mixing caffeine, taurine, and other stimulants like guarana seed extract and panax ginseng. These ingredients also see an increase in utilization when combined with glucose (i.e. sugar). In this episode, we speak with Dr. John Higgins, Sports Cardiologist, to discuss his research outcomes on the impact energy drinks have on the cardiovascular system in healthy individuals. Dr. Higgins will discuss what ingredients are in these drinks, which ones may be posing a risk, what did his research determine on cardiovascular health and would he recommend consumers drink them? About Dr. Higgins John Higgins, MD, MBA, MPHIL, FACC, FACP, FAHA, FACSM, FASNC, FSGC is a Professor of Medicine at the McGovern Medical School at the University of Texas. He is also a Senior Cardiologist at Lyndon B. Johnson General Hospital and Director of Exercise Physiology at Memorial Hermann Institute for Sports Medicine and Human Performance. He is also a Sports Cardiologist with the Houston Rockets and Rice Athletics. He has appeared over 700 times on local TV and radio including CNN and ABC World News. He is the author of 3 books, 2 book chapters, 55 manuscripts, 308 web-based publications, and 16 abstracts. Energy Drinks Content and Safety: Energy Drinks: A Contemporary Issues Paper:   Some Popular Energy Shots and Their Ingredients: Are they safe and should they be used? A Literature Review: Stimulant Containing Energy Drinks: What you need to know? Energy Drink Effects on Hemodynamics and Endothelial Function in Young Adults. Cardiovascular Complications of Energy Drinks: Endothelial function acutely worse after drinking energy beverage: Follow Us: Twitter: @theTHF Instagram: @theTHF Facebook: Taylor Hooton Foundation #ALLMEPEDFREE Contact Us:  Email:  Phone: 214-449-1990 ALL ME Assembly Programs:


22 Feb 2022

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10/14/2021: Episode 44 - Staten Island Investment Sales 1H Report featuring Sean Kelly and John Higgins

Coffee & Cap Rates

President of Ariel Property Advisors Shimon Shkury conducts a discussion with Senior Director Sean Kelly and Director John HigginsDiscussions among the speakers include a reflection on the activity in the Staten Island borough from the past 6 months and insight into what drove the trends. Also, the group spoke about their outlook on what is to come in the second half of 2021. 


18 Oct 2021

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Ep. 110 | Frightfest with John Higgins

The Vialucci Podcast - UNcensored Conversations

This week our resident film critic, John Higgins, gives Andrew and Theo his report from this year's Frightfest film festival, including his top picks and favourite moments. John also provides a brief history of the festival itself, and reveals the exciting news that his burgeoning acting career may see him feature in future editions. Plus: the highs and lows of the Halloween and Friday the 13th franchises.Recorded in London's Camden Town.You can now get in touch with the show...podcast@vialucci.comwww.vialucci.com@vialuccimediaAudio & Visual Production by Lui Faulkner and Kerem Isik.This show is Part of the PodcastWorld.org network

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14 Oct 2021

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Ep. 103 | Western Films with John Higgins

The Vialucci Podcast - UNcensored Conversations

In Episode 103 of the Vialucci Podcast we welcome resident film critic John Higgins as he explores ‘The Western’ with Theo and Charles. This very interesting episode waxes inescapably philosophical as John asks ‘Is the western a genre or a historical epic?’ They cover Star Wars (Yes–Star Wars), The Wild Bunch and violence, Blazing Saddles and the history of racial representation in film, The Magnificent Seven, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and - erm, Benny Hill.Strap in for a rollercoaster episode in film theory and more.-----------------------------------------------------------THE VIALUCCI PODCAST IS PART OF THE POCASTWORLD.ORG NETWORK.www.vialucci.com@vialuccimediaAudio & Visual Production by Kerem Isik.

1hr 13mins

10 Aug 2021

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How your brand can benefit from being immersed in the esports and gaming space with John Higgins

On Top of PR with Jason Mudd

Learn how your brand can start marketing within the gaming and esports community with our guest John Higgins. John currently heads up OS Studios - a live production and creative agency that specializes in video gaming and esports. Before working in video gaming, John was an award-winning creative director recognized globally for his work in television commercials and live broadcasts.Five things you’ll learn from this episode:How your brand can benefit from being immersed in the esports and gaming spaceWhat the difference is between gaming and esportsHow to get started and connect with the gaming and esports communitiesHow to collaborate with esports and gaming content creators to reach a larger audienceThe most creative ways brands have marketed in the gaming community Quotables“Gaming is a sleeping giant.” -@JOHNJJHIGGINS“A lot of the biggest earners in gaming aren’t necessarily the best players. It’s the content creators, the people that are on Twitch.” -@JOHNJJHIGGINS“When you look at gaming you should really look at the content creation aspects and how all these games have become more social.” -@JOHNJJHIGGINS“Around 70% of all revenue in esports is sponsorship.” -@JOHNJJHIGGINSIf you enjoyed this episode, would you please share it with others and leave us a review?Guest’s contact info and resources:John Higgins on LinkedInJohn Higgins on Twitter: @JOHNJJHIGGINSOS StudiosAdditional Resources:KFCConsoleBudLight BL6 Gaming ConsoleSponsored by:On Top of PR is produced by Axia Public Relations, named by Forbes as one of America’s Best PR Agencies. Axia is an expert PR firm for national brands.On Top of PR is sponsored by ReviewMaxer, the platform for monitoring, improving, and promoting online customer reviews.Burrelles has a special offer for On Top of PR fans. Check it out at burrelles.com/ontopofpr.About your host, Jason MuddOn Top of PR host, Jason Mudd, is a trusted adviser and dynamic strategist for some of America’s most admired brands and fastest-growing companies. Since 1994, he’s worked with American Airlines, Budweiser, Dave & Buster’s, H&R Block, Hilton, HP, Miller Lite, New York Life, Pizza Hut, Southern Comfort, and Verizon. He founded Axia Public Relations in July 2002. Forbes named Axia as one of America’s Best PR Agencies.Support the show


3 Aug 2021

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John Higgins ' Scottish Canadian Culinary Star '

Scottish Chefs Podcast

John Higgins originally from Bellshill in Lanarkshire emigrated to Canada over 30 years ago after a successfull career in the UK , John became Executive Chef at the world famous King Edward Hotel, Toronto before going into education at George Brown College. He speaks with Jak about his experience working at Buckingham Palace and his move to Canada where he has become a leading culinary personality.


14 Jul 2021