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The Pressure To Be Perfect with Dr. Sasha Heinz

The Sakara Life Podcast

Have you ever found yourself saying, ‘if I do this, then I will be that?’ Dr. Sasha Heinz calls this the ‘perfection project’ that many of us experience on the never ending journey to chasing ‘happiness.’ Women especially tend to put a lid on our desires and appetite for life which disconnects us from our true wanting. In this episode, I dig deep with Dr. Heinz to reveal the root cause of this habit, how to break the cycle, and figure out what our souls are yearning for to live a more fulfilled life without judgement. As a developmental psychologist with a Masters in applied Positive Psychology, Dr. Heinz is a true expert on this topic with an extremely approachable authenticity, and telling her personal story was so powerful it brought me to tears. Join us in this candid conversation around a taboo topic that will uplift and inspire you. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


9 Mar 2021

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041 [INTERVIEW]: Can positive thinking become toxic? With positive Psychologist Dr. Sasha Heinz

MINDset Enthusiast

Check out my Instagram for more mindset stuff & behind the scenes @lydiamrandi https://www.instagram.com/lydiamrandi/?hl=fr-ca Business inquiries: lydiamrandi@yahoo.fr Dr. Sasha Heinz on Instagram @drsashaheinz https://www.instagram.com/drsashaheinz/?hl=fr-ca Her website: https://drsashaheinz.com/


25 Feb 2021

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Managing Your Mindset with Dr. Sasha Heinz

Conversations at Basecamp

Dr. Sasha Heinz joins us to discuss actionable strategies for support during uncertain times. Learn how to manage your mindset and minimize anxiety, how to shift your goals and expectations, and what internal work needs to be done to navigate these wild times in a calm and determined way. Sasha Heinz, Ph.D., MAPP, Developmental Psychologist and Life Coach, is an expert in Positive Psychology, lasting behavioral change, and the science of getting unstuck. Dr. Heinz has leveraged her academic expertise as a former faculty member at the University of Pennsylvania’s Master of Applied Positive Psychology program to give her clients the tools to change their lives for good. In her private coaching practice, she helps achievement junkies feel as good on the inside as their lives look on the outside. A graduate of Harvard University and a working mom, she’s lived life on the frontline of the battle with perfectionism. So, she can help you with that, too.


1 Aug 2020

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Creating Lasting Change with Dr. Sasha Heinz

Angels and Awakening

With so much going on in the World, many people are going through massive changes. Today our guest is giving us all kinds of tips on creating positive and lasting change. Dr. Sasha Heinz is a master at positive psychology and mindset coach.  In this episode, we chat about: What positive psychology is How willing to be open to uncomfortable feelings without resistance leads to growth Negative vs. positive experiences  Why staying in high vibration 24/7 is not realistic. Tune in to also hear Dr. Heinz talk to me about my own repeating triggers that I have challenges with, how to understand them, and how to take the steps to make changes.  Episode Resources: Dr. Heinz’s website: drsashaheinz.com Instagram: instagram.com/drsashaheinz/

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13 Jul 2020

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Dr. Sasha Heinz - Doctor of Positive Psychology

The Juliette Interviews

Dr. Sasha Heinz is a Doctor of Positive Psychology. Educated at Harvard, Columbia and the University of Pennsylvania, she believes your thoughts create your reality. I think she is right. She is my happiness coach!


2 May 2020

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Dr. Sasha Heinz - How to Be Happy, Positive Thinking + Lasting Behavioral Change

The Blonde Files Podcast

In this episode I talk to Sasha Heinz, Ph.D., MAPP, Developmental Psychologist, Life Coach  and expert in Positive Psychology, about the five components of well-being; how to live a meaningful, purposeful life; how our thoughts dictate our lives & how to steer them towards positivity; the science behind confirmation bias; and lasting behavioral change. With so many of us finding ourselves struggling with a "new normal" this is an especially relevant conversation that will help you overcome negative thinking patterns. Produced by Dear Media


22 Apr 2020

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Ep #75: Expansive Emotion, Flow, and Social Entropy with Dr. Sasha Heinz

The Art School Podcast

Join Sasha and me for a wide-ranging interview where she shares the effects of expansive and constrained emotions, the psychology behind being and remaining in a state of flow, and the profound effects that one’s creativity has on the world. She also has some beautiful thoughts about creativity being the opposite of trauma that I hope you have as much fun listening to as we did in unpacking the nuances of that concept. Get full show notes and more information here: https://www.leahcb.com/75


16 Apr 2020

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EP114: Perfectionism & Positive Emotions with Dr. Sasha Heinz

Let's Talk About It With Taylor Nolan

Taylor chats with Dr. Sasha Heinz about the struggles of perfectionism, and how difficult it can be to manage the constant need for external validation. Dr. Sasha Heinz is a development psychologist, life coach, and is an expert in positive psychology, lasting behavioral change, and the science of getting unstuck. The two apply their knowledge to work through common negative tendencies human's experience, and provide insight on how to make a lasting change. During the conversation, the two exchange personal stories on how these themes have shown up in their lives and how they've come out on the other side - and ways you can learn from their experiences!  RESOURCES Dr. Sasha Heinz's Website Dr. Sasha Heinz's Instagram 7 Fascinating Ways To Hack Your Brain To Be Less Negative According To Science


9 Apr 2020

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198: Daily Community Meetup 3/30 with Dr. Sasha Heinz

The Same 24 Hours

The Special Guest today - Dr. Sasha Heinz. During this crazy time, I am hosting DAILY community meetups online via ZOOM. You can join in on the Daily Community Meetup at www.swimbikemom.com/meet - SEE people, be a part of a COMMUNITY, talk about what's going on and be supported. You do NOT have to be ON video; but you can join (audio only) and see others, and be a part of the community.  Join the Zoom Meeting:Weekdays (M-F) (9am PST / 12pm EST) Saturday and Sunday (5pm PST / 8pm EST)You can all join and take part.Come join us. Follow me on Instagram for updates: www.instagram.com/swimbikemom Books Referenced (So Far) in the Daily Meetups:  The Daily Stoic Tools of Titans Meditations: The Philosophy Classic Stillness is the Key Switch On Your Brain Simple AbundanceThe Healthy Deviant Guest's Books / Programs / Freebies:Book by Nir Eyal - Indestractable Paper Plane YogaAnna Woods, SheStrengthBook by Pilar Gerasimo - The Healthy DeviantBook by Mike Reilly - Finding my VoiceChildren's Book by Guest, Bonnie Clark: Taste Your WordsBook by Guest, Emily Lynn Paulson: Highlight RealBook by Jen Elizabeth: Shape of a WomanBritt Frank's Bookshelf: https://www.thegreenhousekc.com/britts-bookshelf Narcissism From the Inside Out with Britt Frank / Online Course: https://narcinonclasses.teachable.com/p/full-course-narcissism-from-the-inside-out======================================== Thank you for listening to The Same 24 Hours Podcast with Meredith Atwood. Please subscribe, rate and review the podcast if you loved it - really helps others to find the show! More information Meredith and her new book, The Year of No Nonsense, is below. BUY The Year of No Nonsense:The Year of No Nonsense: How to Get Over Yourself and On With Your Life is available NOW. ======================================== Follow Meredith & the Podcast on Social: Web: http://www.swimbikemom.com Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/swimbikemom Twitter:  http://twitter.com/swimbikemom  / https://twitter.com/thesame24hours Instagram: http://instagram.com/swimbikemom / https://instagram.com/same24hourspodcast.com ======================================== Request to Join the FREE Year Of No Nonsense Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/YearOfNoNonsense/ ======================================== Want to be a guest on the Show? Have a connection you'd like to make? Email us! same24hourspodcast@gmail.com ======================================== Credits: Host, Production & Hair Pulling: Meredith Atwood Podcast Branding and Web: Moon40 Marketing Copyright 2020, All Rights Reserved, Meredith Atwood, LLC

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31 Mar 2020

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Dr. Sasha Heinz - Stop Self Sabotage and Achieve Happiness

Smart People Podcast

Dr. Sasha Heinz is a developmental psychologist and life coach. She is an expert in lasting behavioral change and the science of getting unstuck. In her private coaching practice, she helps women cultivate greater psychological flexibility and mental fitness and live a life that lines up with their values.Dr. Heinz has a Bachelor Arts from Harvard University, a Masters in Applied Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania, and a PhD in Development Psychology from Columbia University.Find out more about Dr. Sasha Heinz at her website and on Instagram!We discuss:What are most people seeking?How do we go from zero to 'what we want'?How do we avoid negativity, impostor syndrome, etc?Become a Patron!Help us grow and become a Patron today: https://www.patreon.com/smartpeoplepodcastSponsors:Honey - Get Honey for FREE at JoinHoney.com/SMART.ShipStation - Try ShipStation FREE for 60 days when you use offer code SMART. JUST visit ShipStation.com, click on the microphone at the TOP of the homepage and type in SMART.Away - For $20 off a suitcase, visit awaytravel.com/smart and use promo code SMART during checkout!Donate:Donate here to support the show!

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5 Nov 2019