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Afshin Ziafat — The Aroma of Christ (2 Corinthians 2)

T4G Podcast


24 May 2022

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Afshin Ziafat [Episode 24]


Afshin Ziafat is the lead Pastor of Providence Church Frisco. He is a PCA North parent and has spoken at many chapels for our PCA students. We discussed how to do life well when you are in college, married life and having a family. His passion is to teach the word of God as the authority and guide for life, to preach Jesus Christ as the only Savior and Redeemer of mankind, and to proclaim the love of Christ as the greatest treasure and hope in life. He and his wife, Meredith, currently reside in Frisco with their three children. You don’t want to miss this incredible episode! 


15 Mar 2022

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The Cost of Sharing Your Story – Afshin Ziafat

No Regrets Leadership Podcast

 Everyone has a story that is connected to God’s bigger story. In this podcast Afshin shares his incredible story of how as a Muslim he came to faith and had to chose between his earthly and heavenly father. He then provides very practical advice on how each one of us can share our story with others, and how we can share the gospel with those in our sphere of influence. Timestamps: 0:00 – With Afshin Ziafat 7:00 – The cost of following Christ 10:55 – The cost of sharing your story 15:15 – Principals for evangelism


1 Mar 2022

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Afshin Ziafat - A Prayer for Knowledge - Ephesians 1:15-23

Southeastern Audio Archives

Afshin Ziafat preaches the Word on Ephesians 1:15-23


2 Nov 2021

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The Cost of True Discipleship with Afshin Ziafat

True Vs. Truth Podcast

This week, Matt, Danielle, and Afshin cover:  -Growing up as a Muslim in Iran   -Moving to the US during a time of anti-Iranian prejudice   -Having numerous encounters with Christianity growing up  -Being disowned by his family when he changed his faith  -Encouraging new Christians to remain loyal to God no matter the cost 


26 Aug 2021

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How Do You Know That God Has Called You to Preach? (With Guest Pastor Afshin Ziafat)

Verse By Verse Preaching Podcast

Raised Muslim and abandoned by his family upon conversion there is nobody better to discuss the calling of the Christian Preacher than Pastor Afshin Ziafat. Join in on this conversation about the calling to preach.


15 Jan 2021

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COM Missions Night with Afshin Ziafat & Tim Devane

COM Resources - CO Minneapolis

Afshin Ziafat shares his story of being raised in Islam but coming to faith in Christianity and explains what the true will of God is for our life and how we can follow it. Tim Devane shares how we can and should practically give our lives away for Christ for the lost wherever we may be; in the United States or abroad.

14 Nov 2020

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Explanation & Process (With Guest Pastor Afshin Ziafat)

Verse By Verse Preaching Podcast

How do we get better at the explanation component of sermon preparation? Join me in the conversation with Pastor Afshin Ziafat as we talk about explanation and sermon preparation. 


2 Oct 2020

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Afshin Ziafat – Texas pastor, on the price he paid to follow Christ coming from a Muslim background.

His People interviews by Pilgrim Radio

7/21/2020 - Afshin ZiafatTexas pastor, on the price he paid to follow Christ coming from a Muslim background.


22 Jul 2020

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Afshin Ziafat on the Cost in His Life of Following Christ

Ministry Wives Podcast


10 Sep 2019