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050 - Following Your Intuition, Staying Consistent, & Cultivating In-Person Relationships with Chelsea B Foster (and Special Interviewer Monica Woodhams)

Burnout-Proof Your Biz Podcast

Following Your Intuition, Staying Consistent, & Cultivating In-Person Relationships with Chelsea B Foster (and Special Interviewer Monica Woodhams)   It's episode 50!!!!! And today we are turning the tables on Chelsea and interviewing her. Special Guest Interviewer, Monica Woodhams, is here to dig deep into Chelsea's winding journey to running a business and living a life she loves.     Want to be on the show? Email podcast@chelseabfoster.com with your ideas.     Read more at www.burnoutproofyourbiz.comWANT TO REDISCOVER YOUR EXCITEMENT FOR YOUR BUSINESS & LEARN TO FOLLOW YOUR INTUITION? Let’s work together! In my coaching & consulting sessions I help small business owners find love for their services again, create systems and processes that allow them to work smarter, not harder, and live the freedom lifestyle they’ve been dreaming of since they were teenagers. https://www.chelseabfoster.com/coaching-lead-captureConnect with Chelsea Instagram: @chelseabfoster Website: www.chelseabfoster.com The Empowered Boss Lab: www.theempoweredbosslab.com  Book your Private Strategy Session: www.chelseabfoster.com/strategysession (use code PODCASTLISTENER to get $50 off your first session) Book a Free Consultation to learn more about coaching services: https://www.chelseabfoster.com/coaching-lead-capture Meet the Burnout-Proof Your Biz Team: Editor & PR Manager - Monica Woodhams (Instagram: @monicawoodhams ) Graphics & Show Notes - Kelly McElroy (Instagram: @starcastlestudio)  --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/chelseabfoster/support


21 Feb 2019

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33 The Magick Of Story Telling With Monica Woodhams

Alchemy Of Affluence Podcast

Everyone's story is meant to be told... Here's how you can start sharing yours in a way that feels powerful, authentic and profitable! Meditation Bundle Sponsor the podcast Links from this episode

1hr 8mins

20 Feb 2019

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Social Media Tips, Influencer Lifestyle and Dream Jobs with Monica Woodhams

Fit Fierce and Fabulous Podcast

What is your dream job, this is one question all of us answered at one point in our adult life. For Monica, at a very young age of 12, she knew what she wanted. She wanted to be a buyer at Neiman Marcus. Little did she know, that she is up for more than that. Today, I chat with Monica Woodhams, founder of Confessions Media, and podcast host of Influencer Girl Lifestyle Podcast and How to Pretend to Like Sports Podcast. You will hear her story on how she got her dream job and realized that it is not her long-term happiness. She will share how she found out that what she wanted is to help other people tell their story on their platforms. Also, she will share what it means to be an influencer at this time. Finally, she disproves the negative image of online influencers and looks at a positive side of things. Get the energy to be able to take on what you want and excited to take on this day to be fit, fierce and fabulous! Things We Talk About: Monica’s big move. How she went from having a dream job to becoming an online influencer Listen to how Monica was able to free herself from guilt  when she made a career change Her long journey of finding what she is destined to do The definition of online influencer according to Monica The Good, The Bad and The Ugly; how online influencers are seen by many people The critical role of storytelling when sharing your content in the influencer space Lifestyle tips from Monica on how she balances her life without burning out Connect with Monica Woodhams: http://www.monicawoodhams.com/ Check Out Our Sponsor: Go to BurstOralCare.Com to get your Burst Sonic Toothbrush Today and with the burst subscription program, you’ll get a new replacement head every three months for just $6 each!  If you use my code at checkout, FFF you’ll also get 10% off your order! That’s https://www.burstoralcare.com/ with code FFF for 10% off!  Don’t miss out on this special offer!  Great gift idea too! Website : http://fitfiercefabulouspodcast.com || http://www.courtneyvioletbentley.com Join the Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/fitfiercefabulouspodcast/ Hashtag: #FFFPodcast Social Media: @courtneybentley_ || @Fitfiercefabulouspodcast


10 Dec 2018

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Game-changing Strategies for Influencers! With Monica Woodhams & Bel

Predictable Profit for Influencers

If you are an influencer and want to amp up your revenue, or want to be an influencer and need a strategy, this conversation is for you! PR consultant and podcast expert, Monica Woodhams and Supercrush Social's founder, Annabel Linquist talk about the best strategies to making money as an influencer, how to get legit brand collaborations, and why you need a podcast!


1 Nov 2018

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019 - Using PR to Become an Expert and Grow Your Audience with Monica Woodhams

Burnout-Proof Your Biz Podcast

Using PR to Become an Expert and Grow Your Audience with Monica Woodhams Monica Woodhams is the owner of 45 Fairmount, LLC where she helps female entrepreneurs and influences establish their expertise beyond their immediate network by getting them booked on podcasts. In addition to producing two podcasts of her own - Influencer Girl Lifestyle and How to Pretend to Like Sports - Monica shares her expertise in her self-study course, Influencer Girl Lifestyle Success School Self Study, and does all the behind the scenes work for publishing and pitching podcasts for her clients.   In this episode, Monica shares all about what PR (public relations) actually is, why it's essential to ANY business, and how to leverage it to become an expert and grow your audience.   Read more and download your permission slip at www.burnoutproofyourbiz.comConnect with Monica Website: https://www.confessionsmediaco.com/ Instagram: @monicawoodhams https://www.instagram.com/monicawoodhams Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/therootedbizbabe/ Influencer Girl Lifestyle Podcast on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/influencer-girl-lifestyle-podcast/id1336549772?mt=2 How to Pretend to Like Sports Podcast on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/how-to-pretend-to-like-sports/id1436654039Connect with Chelsea Instagram: @chelseabfoster (https://www.instagram.com/chelseabfoster) Website: www.chelseabfoster.com NOW OPEN! The Empowered Boss Lab Academy: www.theempoweredbosslab.com Click on Academy --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/chelseabfoster/support

1hr 1min

16 Oct 2018

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Why YOU Should Start a Podcast Right Now Monica Woodhams // Ep. 35

The Dream Achieve Podcast

Monica Woodhams believes that in today’s social media landscape, it’s time for brands and business owners to focus their strategies beyond posting on social media. A podcast interview establishes expertise faster and has a longer lifespan than a social media post, making it a non-negotiable when it comes to increasing brand awareness and building long-term content. This chat with the podcast queen discusses: tell Monica's story of how she transitioned from a job in fashion to becoming a full-time podcaster and manager why you don't need a big following to have a podcast why business owners should include podcasts into their strategy tips for launching your podcast how to get over the fears of FINALLY starting a podcast! Follow Monica! Instagram: http://instagram.com/monicawoodhams Website: http://confessionsmediaco.com Podcasts: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/influencer-girl-lifestyle-podcast/id1336549772?mt=2 https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/how-to-pretend-to-like-sports/id1436654039


5 Oct 2018

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The Freedom Babe Podcast

In episode 2 of The Freedom Babe Podcast, Kelly chats with Monica Woodhams, Publicist about: why publicity is so important when you're building a brand or business the power of podcasting  the freedom to say yes to whatever feels good And SO much more! CONNECT WITH MONICAINSTAGRAM: @monicawoodhams + @influencergirllifestyle WEBSITE | FACEBOOK | TWITTER FOR MORE THINGS FREEDOM BABE If you're ready to create your own #FreedomBabe lifestyle, grab my Freedom Foundations Bundle where I teach you the 3 freedom foundations and how to use them to create more time, financial and career freedom in your life! Grab the bundle here for $27: http://freedomfoundationsbundle.pagedemo.co/ WEBSITE | INSTAGRAM | FACEBOOK


17 Jul 2018

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5: Up Leveling your PR game and Finding Fulfillment with Monica Woodhams

Fiercely Unstoppable

I had so much fun with this interview! You all will LOVE Monica as a guest on this podcast! We go over all things PR, finding a platform that makes you feel confident, quantum leaping, feeling fulfilled, and so much more! Monica works with influencers and business owners to launch and grow their business in the digital and podcast space, giving them exposure to new audiences beyond social media. She helps her clients gain exposure to new audiences by sharing their stories through podcasting, unveiling the raw stories that go beyond the Instagram filters. Monica believes that in today’s social media landscape, it’s time for brands to focus their strategies beyond posting on Social Media. A podcast interview establishes expertise faster and has a longer lifespan than a social media post, making it a non-negotiable when it comes to increasing brand awareness and building long term content. You can read more about that here. She is also the Founder of The Influencer Girl Lifestyle Podcast which is all about connecting entrepreneurs, influencers, and experts who are making an impact all across the globe. Past guests include ; Sarah Herron - Founder of SheLift, Erika Stoleman - Founder of FashionLush , Sarah Tripp - Founder of Sassy Red Lipstick, Christine Lakin - Actress (known for Step by Step and Hollywood Darlings) and Director, Jamie Schmidt - Founder of Schmidt Naturals and many more.  ———- In this episode we talked about: -Playing small in social media! -Why podcasting is amazing! -Burnout and how to get unstuck! -Feeling fulfilled and not settling! -Stop waiting and just do it! -Finding a platform that makes you feel confident! -Manifestation and alignment! -All things PR! -Quantum leaping -Finding yourself and stretching your comfort zone Questions: -Tell us who you are and how you got to where you are today! -What gave you the motivation to say enough is enough, I’m going to do something different? -How did you transition from blogging to podcasting? Any ‘ah-ha’ moments? -Can you touch more on this transformation in your business? -What have you seen shift in your business since you transitioned to podcasting?  -Since this podcast is all about stepping into your fiercely unstoppable self, can you tell us about a time that you had to over come an obstacle that truly made you feel victorious? -What do you think is the worst advice you were ever given?  -What is something that most people don’t actually know about you? -How did you incorporate your first loves with what you are doing now? -What is your biggest advice or tips when it comes to PR and getting yourself on podcasts and things?  -What is your why?  -How do you think your life has changed since stepping into your most confident self? -What does quantum leaping mean for you? -What is the most exciting thing going on in your life right now? -Where can people find you? Favorite Quotes: “Everything is a preparation for that thing that is going to catapult you!” “Step into the person you are meant to be in every roll in your life!”  “You can’t create something for the sake of creating something”  “Just because it is monetize-able doesn’t mean you have to monetize it!” “Share your message so others can share theirs!”  “You can’t hit your next level unless you step out of your comfort zone”  Connect with Monica! Website: MonicaWoodhams.com IG:@monicawoodhams Membership: http://monicawoodhams.com/influencer-girl-membership


3 Jul 2018

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#6 Influencing, Bullying and Cord Cutting with Monica Woodhams

The Glow Life Podcast

Monica Woodhams is an Influencer Consultant and the Founder of 45F Studio Podcast Network, where she hosts podcasts for influencers. She has always loved technology and lifestyle, and being an influencer was the perfect mesh of both worlds. The power of podcasting has become especially important to her as a way for her to share the powerful and amazing conversations she has with others.   IN TODAY'S EPISODE, WE CHAT ABOUT How stepping into the blogger role helped her grow her confidence Overcoming bullying and how forgiveness can help How she uses cord cutting and tapping to let go The Solar Plexus chakra and how you can shine your light Moving to a different city and how that can change your life And so much more!   You can find the full show notes here:www.martinafink.com/podcast/6


19 Jun 2018

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187: Becoming a Wellness Guinea Pig with Monica Woodhams of 45 Fairmount

The Strategy Hour Podcast: Online Business | Blogging | Productivity - with Think Creative Collective

Today on the show we welcome Monica Woodhams. Monica is a Success Coach & Lifestyle Expert with over half a decade of experience in the blogging industry. She assists influencers and creative entrepreneurs in conquering the work-life balance needed for success and is also the host of the Influencer Lifestyle Podcast. Today we speak with Monica about health and success and how the two go hand in hand. As business owners, and especially as women business owners, we have a tendency to want to accomplish great things. Taking care of yourself, mentally and physically, is not something that you can just check off your list and it’s done. It is an ongoing practice and because of this, we tend not to prioritize it because the benefits are not immediate.


9 Mar 2018