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070: "Darkness Retreat - Ein Trip ganz ohne Substanz" mit Steli Efti & Sofian Oweideh

JOURNEYS - die Reise zu Dir Selbst

Ich möchte euch mit den Gästen auf dem Podcast möglichst viele unterschiedliche Einblicke in Werkzeuge geben, die uns besser mit uns Selbst verbinden können. Psychedelika sind für mich persönlich dabei extrem starke Wegbegleiter in meinem Leben geworden und die unglaubliche Kraft von Pflanzenmedizin wie beispielsweise durch Psilocybin können Menschen auf unseren Retreats in den Niederlanden legal erfahren. Für mich selbst hat es Jahre an Selbstexperimenten und eigener Recherche gebraucht bis ich "bereit" war, effizient mit diesen Werkzeugen zu arbeiten und viele von euch werden das eigene innere Calling dazu spüren, wenn es so weit ist. Für Menschen, die noch zu großen Respekt vor der Arbeit mit Psychedelika haben, aber dennoch mit dem im Unterbewusstsein versteckten Material arbeiten wollen, gibt es heute eine weitere Folge zu einer Methode, die ganz ohne Psychedelika auskommt. Totale Finsternis. Steli Efti war 5 Tage in einem Darkness Retreat komplett isoliert und von der Außenwelt abgeschottet. Einzig und allein mit sich Selbst und seinem Verstand in kompletter Dunkelheit und Stille. Laut Steli war es die krasseste Erfahrung, die er bisher sammeln durfte. Ein Trip ganz ohne Substanz. Viel Spaß beim Trip Report zu seiner Zeit in der grenzenlosen Leere der Dunkelheit und den Lektionen und Weisheiten aus der Stille. --------------------------------------- Ich freue mich wenn ihr eine positive Bewertung da lasst und den Podcast mit Freunden teilt. Um jede Woche die neuesten Folgen und Updates per Mail zu erhalten, melde dich gerne beim Newsletter an. --------------------------------------- Link zu Steli's Company Close: https://close.com/ --------------------------------------- Hier findest du mehr über mich Retreats & Newsletter: https://psychedelische-retreats.com Coaching: https://www.alexanderfaubel.com Instagram: @alex_faubel @psychedelische_retreats

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31 May 2022

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Dunkel-Retreat, versteckte Ängste & der gegenwärtige Augenblick mit Steli Efti & Alexander Faubel

The Sofian Oweideh Podcast

In der heutigen Folge sprechen Alex und ich mit Steli über seine Erfahrung im Darkretreat. Steli befand sich 5 Tage im Dunkeln, um auf eine tiefe Reise nach innen zu gehen. Was er dort erlebt hat und wieso er fast abgebrochen hätte, ist Teil der heutigen Folge. Viel Spass mit der Folge All the best Sofian Steli: Twitter: https://twitter.com/Steli Mail: steli@close.com Alex: Instagram Essentia: https://www.instagram.com/psychedelische_retreats/ Homepage: https://psychedelische-retreats.com/ Sofian: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sofianoweideh/ 

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12 May 2022

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Gott, Innerer Frieden & Urvertrauen mit Steli Efti

The Sofian Oweideh Podcast

In der heutigen Folge spreche ich mit Steli über Gott, Innerer Frieden & Urvertrauen. Steli hatte auf seinem Schweigeretreat eine außergewöhnliche Erfahrung, die er mit uns teilt in diesem Podcast. Außerdem reden wir beide über unseren Bezug zu Gott.  Viel Spass mit der Folge. Hier findest du mehr über Steli und mich: Steli: Twitter: https://twitter.com/Steli Mail: steli@close.com Sofian: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sofianoweideh/  Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/elOveArmin Liebe Grüße Sofian


20 Feb 2022

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Rewind: Close.com’s Steli Efti on balancing competition and collaboration in sales

Inside Intercom

We revisit our conversation with Steli Efti. This episode is a must listen for any sales leaders looking to understand how to build a team who can maintain healthy competition while embracing the spirit of collaboration.See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.


6 May 2021

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RWL 099 - 3 simple steps to close more sales, and why hearing the word ‘NO’ can help you to get to ‘YES’ w/ CEO Close, Steli Efti

Remote Work Life Podcast

And On Today’s Episode …  IMHO Steli is one of the leading speakers out there right now! If you’re looking for an inspiring, invigorating and captivating coaching session then I’m pleased to say we have it right here.  Like it or not, deep down, you know that selling yourself is the key to unlock your next opportunity. Well, fortunately for you this Remote CEO and sales Hero will share expertise that helped him secure million dollar backing (to launch and scale his business) to help you sell yourself better.  So I urge you to subscribe and listen up, because this killer coaching session will help you strike a chord in meetings, interviews networking events or wherever! About the podcast and community  Welcome to the Remote Work Life Podcast, where real-world remote work CEOs and leaders talk about how they hire, network, collaborate and thrive. Join me and more than 5000 followers in customer success, marketing, product and engineering to learn skills you need to work online from anywhere. I am your Host, Alex Wilson-Campbell - I’m Interview Coach and Tech Recruiter on a mission to help you gain clarity and direction in your career AND uncover hidden jobs through one-to-one and group coaching.   👉Please sign up and subscribe so you don’t miss an episode: Stitcher  Google Podcast iTunes Spotify Visit the website and say hi > 60 Guests so far including Steli Efti CEO Close.com, Nick Francis CEO, Help Scout, Sarah Park President Meet Edgar, Darcy Boles, Head Of Employee Experience, Tax Jar, Michelle Dale, CEO Virtual Miss Friday About the Host After 9 years working remotely, I started to set up and record conversations with CEOs of leading remote companies to understand their culture, how they hire and develop their teams. > 50 high-level conversations later.. … I realized that the recordings can help you to understand how to navigate your career so I created the Remote Work Life Podcast to share what I learned. When combined with >10 years of hiring and coaching (1000s of sales, marketing, engineering and strategy pros to secure new jobs) I’m positioned to help you if you’re feeling stuck or isolated. Get Coaching And Exclusive Video Content To Boost Your Career Remote Work Life Video On Demand  ✅ Get on-demand video content for remote professionals to continue their professional development and enhance soft/employability skills Remote Work Life School [BETA] (coming soon) is an online classroom for customer success, marketing, product and engineering talent to continue their learning and gain post-employment support ABOUT YOUR TEACHERS: Online lessons and fireside chats are given by real-world remote work leaders, future of work experts & coaches including Nick Francis, CEO Help Scout Laurel Farrer, Co-Founder Distribute Consulting Andy Tryba, CEO Crossover Pilar Orti, Founder Virtual Not Distant Darcy Boles, Dir Of Culture & Innovation TaxJar Steli Efti, CEO - Close Elaine Pofeldt, Freelance Writer Sarah Park, President Meet Edgar Alina Vandenberghe, Co-Founder Chili Piper Derek Andersen, CEO Startup Grind Michelle Dale, CEO Virtual Miss Friday YOU'LL LEARN HOW TO: get clarity on your career direction master online and in-person job interviews find unadvertised or hidden jobs use LinkedIn to network with hiring managers thrive in a remote work culture stay connected and develop and support your remote teammates tend to your physical and mental health needs  Register to join the waitlist 👉https://remoteworklife.io ✅ Get An Interview Coach I run daily interview strategy calls to help you get ready Want to know how to ace your next job interview or generate more interviews even during uncertain times …? I run daily 1-2-1 sessions to discuss your interview preparation or help you to understand why you’re struggling to get any response from your various job applications. Book a live strategy call today and I'll share a simple strategy that’s currently helping sales, marketing, engineering and engineering professionals to get the job they want. Registration is on a first-come-first-served basis so book your one-time strategy call today >> https://calendly.com/alex-/intros Let’s connect: I want to create a global community of tech and marketing remote workers so we can stay connected and help each other out.  So please connect and say hello, especially if you’re in London 💂‍. ✅Join the Facebook community  ✅On LinkedIn ✅On Instagram ✅On YouTube Help me on my mission: to change underrepresentation in tech I’m concerned about underrepresentation in the tech sector. For example, women who are woefully underrepresented makeup only 23% of the UK workforce.  Only 5% of leadership roles are held by women.   The podcast will provide a medium to fight underrepresentation and help businesses build a diverse workforce by leveraging the growing remote work life pool of tech and marketing experts…read more about the mission  I want to contribute to solving the problem of underrepresentation in tech by 1) helping companies to build a diverse and experienced engineering and marketing team and 2) increasing awareness of the issue.  This is something that I cannot do alone and I’d appreciate your support by joining my employer partner program; I’d then assist in promoting your dedication to fighting this important cause. ✅Join the Facebook community  ✅On LinkedIn ✅On Instagram ✅On YouTube 👉Please sign up and subscribe so you don’t miss an episode: Stitcher  Google Podcast iTunes Spotify Visit the website and say hi


28 Mar 2021

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Let's Answer Some Sales Questions with Steli Efti

MicroConf On Air

The inimitable Steli Efti has been a leader in the startup and SaaS sales landscape for years. Check out this live Q+A focused on sales processes. - Any tips on how I can use to my advantage the fact that I am a client as well as a co-founder in marketing, sales or during onboarding calls? 2- I have had extensive success in Marketing & Sales in the Sports & leisure industry selling an in-person Service in the B2C world. Any tips on how to translate those skills into the SaaS and B2B world? - If you were to start a CRM system today from scratch, how would you try to launch and build it up in todays world? From Max Sinclair a big fan and user of Close - How do you know when to put a fork in a cold outreach campaign? - Any advice for selling to non-technical industries when your domain expertise is in tech & not their field? - What are the best sales books? http://microconfonair.com https://microconf.com MicroConf Connect ➡️ http://microconfconnect.com Twitter ➡️ https://twitter.com/MicroConf E-mail ➡️ support@microconf.com MicroConf 2021 Headline Partners Stripe https://stripe.com Twitter ➡️ https://twitter.com/Stripe Hey https://hey.com Twitter ➡️ https://twitter.com/hey


4 Feb 2021

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Steli Efti, CEO and Co-Founder of Close.io

The Remote Show

In this first episode of 2021, we’re excited to share our conversation with Steli Efti. Steli is a longstanding remote work advocate, and the team at Close has been fully remote for six years with 40 people in 13 different countries. Close is a leading sales automation CRM for inside sales teams. We talk about many things in this conversation, but the most important insights we get into are the details of leading a company through a crisis and how Steli and the management team responded and supported their co-workers. We are fortunate to be able to chat with leaders across many companies, but Close is certainly one of the companies that many of our many job seekers are always excited to work for and learn from. Chatting with Steli, it is clear that the team at Close took the right approach, didn’t make panic decisions and navigated thoughtfully. We dive into transparency, content production, leadership and much more. Steli’s recommended reading: “Wherever You Go, There You Are” from Jon Kabat-Zinn Close is hiring on WWR! Find them here: https://weworkremotely.com/company/close. We couldn’t recommend Close highly enough. They’re culture is based on these fundamental values:🏡 Build a house you want to live in🥇 Strive for greatness💪 Discipline equals freedom🚫 No BS🤝 Invest in each otherThanks so much for listening! 


30 Jan 2021

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Coffee&Closers - Elastic Sales feat. Steli Efti


Join us as Close.com [a CRM ACTUALLY built for Sales Performers] CEO, Steli Efti graces our Coffee&Closers stage in the new year to learn how to consistently earn the trust of your prospects. Steli’s story is incredible, sacrificing everything to leave his home overseas & go all in on this art/science we call Sales. He has dedicated his entire life to sharing his superpower, establishing trust with any/all prospects, partners, employees, that he meets. You do NOT want to miss this one as we head into a brand new sales year. Steli has been featured in Forbes, TechCrunch, Hubspot, is a 3x best seller & one of the few CEO’s at his level that still sell daily. In our opinion nobody puts out more Quality, Tactical, Tangible, REAL sales content than Steli on a daily basis & we are honored to share his knowledge with our Closers Community.--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/coffee--closers/support


12 Jan 2021

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MicroConf Refresh Episode 14: How to Build a Solo SaaS Sales Machine - Steli Efti

MicroConf On Air

Steli Efti (Close) talks at MicroConf 2015 on how to build your own SaaS sales machine if you don't have piles of money from venture capitalists lying around. In this video, you're going to learn the core principles of selling, how to write emails that get opened, why 90% of success is in the follow-up, and more. Check out Steli’s MicroConf speakers page for more talks ➡️ https://microconf.com/speakers/steli-... https://microconf.com MicroConf 2015 #microconf #microconf2015 MicroConf Connect → http://microconfconnect.com Twitter → https://twitter.com/MicroConf E-mail → support@microconf.com MicroConf 2020 Headline Partners ► Stripe https://stripe.com Twitter → https://twitter.com/Stripe ► Basecamp https://basecamp.com Twitter → https://twitter.com/Basecamp


13 Oct 2020

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Episode 498 | Selling During a Pandemic with Steli Efti

Startups For the Rest of Us

This week Rob talks with Steli Efti about selling during a pandemic. They also talk about how to set yourself up for success as a founder during a possible recession and how to adjust your sales process. You don't want to shy away from sales, but you also don't want to be tone-deaf to the current state of the world. Steli is one of the world's experts in startup sales and B2B sales. He runs a successful app called Close.com. He has written a number of ebooks on the topic of sales, and he has been a recognized expert for over a decade.The finer points of the episode: 4:15 - Two big sales trends that Steli has noticed during the COVID-19 crisis 9:09 - The main thing you can do for your business right now 13:55 - How to approach a sales conversation while being sensitive to the current circumstances 16:33 - How Close.com managed to increase their revenue and grow through 2020 25:00 - How Steli sees his sales process looking after COVID-19 30:25 - Best practices for...Read more... » Click the icon below to listen.


26 May 2020